one female wrestler prepares to paddle another

This photo was taken from an actual wrestling match, in which the two contestants vied to retrieve a paddle that was hanging from a pole next to the ring. The "rules" for this particular match specified that the first one to retrieve the pretty pink paddle got to apply it to her opponent's rear end. Here we see the winner about to enjoy the fruits of her victory, while the loser obligingly bends over (not far enough!) and the referee looks on to make sure the rules are scrupulously enforced. Of course the "no hitting below the belt" rule was never meant to outlaw paddling an opponent's behind, so the ref will let the the victor take a really good swing with that (probably cardboard) paddle. And to think that some people still say pro wrestling isn't really a sport!

Not that we're complaining, exactly, but this kind of thing is all too clearly calculated (by the promoters) to appeal to some relatively common but rather unsophisticated male fantasies, namely, the catfight and the female/female (F/F) spanking. This isn't really the place to go into it, but we've never cared that much for F/F spanking. At its best, it's good, light-hearted fun; at its worst, it's the B&D version of the obligatory lesbian scene in straight porn, appealing to the passive voyeur who would rather watch than be an active participant, the closet submissive who secretly imagines himself dominated by a female figure, the insecure male who lacks the confidence to undertake the real-life conquest of a female. Our preference for viewing M/F spanking is based on our conviction that nature intends for men to dominate women (in the sexual, not political, sense), and our concomitant strict M/F orientation in our personal life. Since we're always going to picture ourselves in the dominant role, and since we're confident in our masculinity, it's easier for us to identify with a male top than a female one, and derive vicarious satisfaction from viewing a M/F spanking.

Somewhere out on the net we've seen a video of a male wrestler spanking a female one. While we don't consider inter-gender wrestling to be very sporting since the contestants will never be equally matched, we must admit that this spanking, inept though it was, held a greater appeal for us than the F/F one above. To repeat, it is the most natural kind of spanking there is, or ever can be.

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