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a young couple experiments with their first spanking

Art by anon4170. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/21/2014 (click to double-size).

This is Romantic Spanking Month at CSR (Feb. 2014), and the time for romance is when you're young. Therefore, let's see a young couple, in all their innocence and inexperience, try their first spanking together (how romantic!).

They seem to be doing fairly well with the basics - the OTK positioning isn't bad, and the boy is all set to apply the spanks where needed. Also, they're both playing their roles properly, the boy telling the girl "I have to do this" and the girl replying "I'm sorry" (possibly helping to purge some real feelings of guilt). From their individual thought balloons that both of them have wanted this for some time, and also that they haven't really confided this mutual desire to each other, the boy being tempted by the girl's shapely backside and the girl thinking "Finally!". This is a fairly accurate depiction of the way young people really do behave, and in fact in many cases the spanking desire will tragically not be expressed until later in life (note that it hasn't been openly expressed here). Luckily, they chose to do a little "role-playing," and consequently they may discover their partner likes spanking and decide to explore further.

The art is by anon4170, and our notes indicate it came from Anime OTK Communal Gallery. We haven't seen too much else from this artist except for a rather nice wood paddling. We hope he or she will become more active in the future.

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