girl paddled in kneeling position by woman

© Julius Zimmerman. posted by the Web-Ed on 01/29/2010

We've seen many examples of Julius Zimmerman's work over in the Doc Cylon Section. Over there, Doctor Cylon typically took advantage of the bent-over positions the subjects were in to add spanking animations. However, Zimmerman has produced some drawings that already have the spanking built-in, and we'll look at a couple of them now. First of all, we have this nice F/F paddling.

The paddle is realistic in size and shape, and the positioning good - kneeling on hands and knees, though not really traditional, is nevertheless a good paddling position, and the paddler's hands and feet are right about where they should be (a slight improvement could be realized by stepping a little forward with the right foot and inward with the left). The spankee's back is well arched and her bottom turned up. The only things we would change would be to place some protective padding under the spankee's knees (not too important in a cartoon), and to bare her bottom (we've never liked the "wedgie" effect - panties should be all the way up or all the way down).

Zimmerman entitled this piece "Detained", though we don't know for sure what kind of detention he intended to represent. Because there are a book and an apple on the desk, it's probable that this is a fantasy high-school detention, and it must be at a strict school since swats are given during detention instead of in place of it.

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