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Here's another examples of art inspired by Bernie Lettick's classic cover for the September 1975 issue of National Lampoon. This time the artist is Julius Zimmerman and his subject is a fairy schoogirl so diminutive she must be paddled with a ruler! At that, the ruler is still too wide for a proper paddle, although the swat she receives is still highly effective, lifting her up on her toes and even into the air!

Zimmerman lost the argyle socks, but the plaid skirt and "F - See Me" on the student's paper are obviously taken from the NL cover. He couldn't resist his usual oversized boobs, which are a part of the humor. The fairy-student's expression is just perfect: with eyes closed and mouth open, she really feels that swat! A satisfying stroke from Zimmerman which we found on The Spanking Blog.

national lampoon spanking cover

The classic spanking cover from the September 1975 "Back to College" issue of National Lampoon. Art by Bernie Lettick. © NL Communications (click to go to the complete page).

zimmerman fairy schoolgirl spanking after national lampoon's cover

A bad student receives a skirt-up, panties-down paddling with a ruler from her teacher, which will give her a good incentive to do better next time. Art by Julius Zimmerman. Posted by the Web-Ed on 9/12/2014.

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