Zimmerman Schoolgirl Punished

zimmerman drawing of grown-up schoolgirl about to get the ruler

Artwork © Julius Zimmerman.

We have seen many examples of Julius Zimmerman's work in this and other galleries. Many of these feature women in spankable positions, often with no actual spanking in progress except where added by Dr. Cylon. In this case, entitled "Punish", Zimmerman gives us a subject who by her expression shows she has clearly engineered her own punishment, which is about to take place. This adult "schoolgirl" has received low marks on her report card, and now willingly bends over to receive her swats.

Zimmerman give us excellent positioning, with the spankee's hands on her knees and head up, arching her back nicely. The only things we would change are (1) the bosom, which has been ridiculously oversized for (we assume) humorous purposes, like the old "Little Annie Fanny" strip in Playboy; (2) the ruler, which we would exchange for a wooden paddle; and (3) the thong, which we would replace with white panties (taken down, of course) - we hate thongs!

Would any teen-age girls actually try this? Some women have confessed to us of having fantasized about being paddled by a good-looking male teacher when they were in school (where corporal punishment took place), but to our knowledge, none of them went so far as to actually try to provoke a paddling. Such boldness is not characteristic of the female. However, we have heard of males who deliberately tried to goad a female teacher into paddling them - an interesting display of a common difference between male and female psychology.

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