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When trying to devise a spanking cartoon involving familiar characters, you naturally try to use the known personalities you're given. Thus when Bawdy Bard turned his attention to The Simpsons, what must have struck him were Marge's lusty desires and Homer's thick-headedness, for we see both on display here as Marge conspires at her own spanking by getting a pair of novelty dice which always come up "Spank Wife". Homer never does understand that all six sides of each die are identical! Notice that "loaded" dice would not have made such a good gag because they're hard to explain with a picture only and because they wouldn't have shown up Homer's low intelligence.

Kevin Karstens renders Homer and Marge with good expressions and with fidelity to their models. The OTK position is done quite well here, and although there's a bit of light bondage, it's nothing too extreme for these characters.

marge gets some special dice that require homer to take her over his knee

Characters © Fox. Art by Kevin Karstens from an idea by Bawdy Bard. Posted by the Web-Ed on 02/15/2013

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