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Re: A Walk in the Park

Postby overbarrel49 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:54 pm

web-ed wrote:I don't know about anyone else, Phil, but if you're curious, my method is to save your latest picture to a folder which contains only the particular story of which it is a part. Then before writing any comments, I bring up the picture with one of my photo-viewers so that (a) I can view it full-sized to get all the details or full-screen to get the effect of the whole, and (b) I can quickly go back and forth through as much of the series as I feel I need to.

hi web-ed,

that's a very interesting method. that would explain how you can inspect and analyze the pics so closely and then make those well thought out comments i mentioned in reply to your latest comments on "Alternate Proposal" :D . i didn't think very many folks were going back and looking at all or part of the toon again once they had seen the pics but i'm glad their are some. like i said, i find it very satisfying to go back through them :D . thanks, phil

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