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Postby willjohn » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:25 pm

daneldorado wrote:Web-ed wrote:

Looks like you, Butch, and Phil would agree with me, though, and I think Dan will approve also when he sees it.

Right you are, Web-ed. Without getting into any political arguments, I believe most Americans -- including Miss Fonda herself -- believe it was a mistake for her to visit Hanoi when she did, and sticking up for their side against us. She has apologized, so we should let the matter drop... and enjoy the cartoon with Jane being spanked by the Duke.


I doubt that Wayne would have even won a fight with Jane Fonda. The way he threw a punch anybody could avoid it. Jane would probably made him cry by reminding him he did not enlist to fight in World War II while her father served in the Navy.

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