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Spankingf Fiction

Postby dmsherwood53 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:25 am

Hi this about my fiction dmsherwood53 if you liked it email me @ & I'll attach a couple of longer pieces

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Re: Spankingf Fiction -sample story

Postby dmsherwood53 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:55 am

Firstly I can’t stand behind all the details of this story I’ve told it so many times. To impress guys in a Bar to titillate a lady I was trying to get to try a play spanking to gross out my sister. Oh the central facts are true the scent of lily-of-the-valley perfume the resiliant bounce/wobble of bum-flesh under the crack of my palm the smell of those damn gallois cigarettes. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
I had fallen on my feet after 3-4 years of bumming around after failing my way through Secondry Education (years later, 15 years, I got my Degree but that’s another story) not a job I could boast to my mother about behiid the counter at a dirty book shp as we called it back then on the edge of the slums in a big city I deliberately do not name. Very tame stuff by todays standard no erect male members no gay stuff at all that would have got us closed down the same afternoon despite the backhanders the owner paid the local cops to turn a blind eye god selection for the time though & relevant to this story a half dozen 16 mm reels of stag party stuff strictkly under the counter for discriminating customers mostly mld (todays standard) spanking stuff –The New Girl at the Convent The Brat Nextdoor. They were the only thing in the shop that was definately illegal but hell we were men in our twenties who didn’t really believe that tommorrow ever comes. The POINT is this stuff wasn’t something we could winge about to the guy on the beat..
Our customers were a mixed lot we got whores from the local 42 St couple of block down their john’s rather trying to impress them. Their money was a good as anyone elses as far as I was comncerned. The usual grubby mac brigade. More problematic ,as we say nowadays was what pased for the local smart set Teen and preteens of the local drug barons and their hangers on. Our place had become a cool place to hang out . They had money but they weren’t worth the trouble they brought more fightrs among that crowd than anyone else. But I wasn’t the owner and you didn’t say NO to these people Daddy Might get cross .A trash-casn through the window would be the Mildess for of sanction. But Yeah your ahead of me I Prime quality Asshole did just that.
They weren’tbad kids once you set aside their general my-shit-don’t-stint attitude and the fact that they had never done a days graft in a lifetime with exceptions. Prime was (lets call them) the Lee twins) within spitting distance of 15 dressed identically in tailored outfits with attitude dripping off them. Treated me as the hired help. Managed to keep my hands off them (suicide anit my style) they spent a lot which helped. Until crunch time came around .There was a party they wanted some of the rauchiest film reels as entertianment . If the cops had raided I could have done 10 years as an “A Corrupter of Minors’ Daddy wouldn’t have put up Big Bucks to keep my ass out of the slammer. No way. Was firm. Big Mistake Nobody much was in the habit of saying NO to these girls. Shouldn’t have said ADULTS ONLY . 14 – 15 has a lot of pride and I made them look bad in front of those they hung-ouit with..
Me I thought I’d been fair but firm. Went off rather well I thought.. Next day there was a stand off between 2 studs in the magasine rack nasty but nobody actually pulled a knife so... Got back behimd the counter and there was something obvious by its abscence the films and our pair of daddys darlings. Got to say they had balls for a bunch of dressed to the nines schoolgirls they must have walked out with a pile of prime quality porn walking couple of feet behind my turned back to reach the door . Would n’t have risked it myself. But admiration and a desire to clap them affecttionately on the back wqasn’t in my mind. For one thing the filmsd were coming out of my wages. For another it was a rough district wimps wee stepped onand I had volentired for Loser of the Year.

They couldn’t resist coming in regular after that. Titbits about what a grat party it had been uttered to be overheard
They knew I knew I knew they knew ..Two out of three of us found it very funny .In a democracy that’s supposded to make it OK. One of the Prostitutes could write Japenese characters. I got a piece of white card lettered by her in Red



Dunno what I expected contrite shame maybe. Nah the Japanese adolescent giggle is a very irritating noise. Plus one of them bent over in front of the other while her twin pantomined spanking the seat of her dress. The weighted hunk of wood we kept undeer the cash register was in my hand in an instant what the hell I meant to do with it dunno. They scarpered like frightened school girls which was all they were really . Lucky for both of us.Making them lose their cool was the only victory I got.It wasn’t enough s
There are various fantasy versions of what I did about it. THE DIRTY HARRY or direct action gambit. Wait until they dared to show their faces around my shop again. Drag then screaming by their hair into the back warehouse. Cut their clothes from them bum-baste until I couldn’t raise my Hand in anger and dump them squalling like scauldeed cats in front of their Father’s House. Then there’s the MODESTY BLAISE Gambit dress up in jet-black overalls blackup and a quick grab-&snatch at closing time round the back of the Local disco onto a bit of waste ground on to the fanny-warming & as previous. Then there’s the CLEVER BUGGER Gambit were I use my noggin and find out some dread secret of the pair blackmail them into bending over and apply corporal sanction & as previous . Other even more juvenile occured to me over the next 2 days as I did the slow burn. All had the same defect I would have ended up seriously dead. Their father’s People never mess with Proffessionals. What the Hell I’d of done dunno probably some half assed version of option one followed by leaving town with no forwarding address. Couple of thousand worth of stock and a soft job for an afternoon as THE PUNISHER (junior grade). I’d likely have done it though Orientals aren’t the only people to hate to lose face.

The Truth is a lot more banal their pert little hineys almost literally fell into my lap
But more of that in final part of our exciting saga


Monday morning the heavy boys moved in. OK OK there was only one and he was hardly Swarzanheger seedy disc bouncer past his prime but the girls father strong arm was behind him. It wouldn’t have been safe to take a rain check.
   As Heinlein says somewhere some times in your life you catch up on your regrets. I was ready to do the most crawly apologia thius man had ever seen. I had actually DONE anything just thought about it but did think that would get me anywhere.
     To cut to the chase we arrived at a gym and low class boxing dive that the Big Boss owned and for some reason it was deserted .Bad sign.
     I was hustled into a back room and confronted with Daddy and his little darlings. Scared shitless to be honest. Wasn’t given a chance to speak. Daddy pronounced that he had found certain of my wares in the girls bedroom and they had confessed that they had stolen them.Was this true? ‘Tell the truth and shame the Devil ‘ My old mother usta say. Bet she’d never been in a fix like this. But it seemed safer to agree to be agreeable so I did. This was a shame on the family Papa pontificated and he’d be grateful if I let the story die in this room. I’d off agreed to anything. But now we come to sett things straight. You have threatened to spank my daughters? Well Yeah but I didn’t MEAN… You are not up to the task? Well I suppose … Ok Chan take them  down to locker room C
      Party of me and sullen Teen taken down endless rickady staircases into your bog-standard mens locker room with cast concrete walls and you know lockers.
      Door clangs shut behind
Slence of the grave
Ok girls do we do things the easy ......
Your put in a cliche situation you start acting like a stuffed shirt.I guess
The 2 girls stared at me with withering teen scorn four eyes eye balling me under black bags daring me to make the first move ;then a flicker of light and shadow and they were gone  into the shadows of the dimly lit room. In a fair race over a track who knows I was in fair shape in those days but so were they-who-must-be-spanked but who was playing fair? We were in a locker room with the door barred from outside, maybe 15’ by 20’ not counting the space taken up by the lockers. Zig and zag bluff and counter bluff your opponent out which way your gonna dodge. It was repeat  russian-roulette with me as the croupier and no way to opt out of the game. 2 minutes their luck held and a got nothing but handfull of empty air. But as I said if you win you gotta play again when the house wins it wins.
      Suddenly my left hand was fumbling with strands of shoulder length hair as a reward for one of my clumsy lunges. Head jerks back but rewarded by nothing more than self-agonisinmg. I screw hand into a solid grip bowing girl towards me in a half-crouch not an ideal bend over posture but it'’l do . Right hand swoops down fanny-wards to whallop back of skirt unmistakable resilience of female rump rewarding me with what I’d been fantasying with this last half week.
       Never turn your back in a fight. I got teen girl on my back (her sister). Apparently sisterhood was powerful even in those days but again it wasn’t a fair fight I’m a big man 6’ 2” and in those days worked out (nowadays with my Simpson beer gut who knows) I could have knocked out the girls with a couple of punches each but was still leary of their father this was a tanning a smack-bot fest. A bloody nose I could talk my way out of. A tooth I dunno. So I was in a half-assed way fighting according to my notion of the Marquis of Queensbury against 2 opponents who were going full out for blood. Still you do what you can.
      I shoved the spankee before me away and off her feet swung the whildcat clumsily choke-holding me around to my front into a clinch against my chest –a frenzied parody of a mothers cuddle pinning her arms locked against my chest while with the other hand I unbuttoned her trousers and yanked them down to her knees to hobble the manaid. That done I plied the palm of my free hand against her panties-got in a good dozen before sister #1 got a-kicking my shins. Switch partner chase #1 down bend her double over a bench apply sanction to buttocks; with a spare leg temporally hold off #2 for the necessary minute
       Not quite a Mexican stand off the girls were being spanked but in slo-mo bursts of Correction Maternal punctuated by time-out for amateur wrestling and chasing down flourescent corridors,. I’ve said a standoff was a lose for the girl in that sese it was true but now we were in the end-game soto speak anything less than a total victory for me spelled me as a wimp. Wimps got trodden on in Papa’s world.
        I just caried on carrying on seeaching dfor an out. Rpoe I could have used rope but that was locked away. Couple of garbage containes caught my eye. Loops of metal  welded to the wall holding platic bags full of kibble the odd and ends of rebuse for the gym. No concious plan but the next turn of the merry-go-round when I had my hands full of swearing sweating girl –flesh (#2 the one I’d got the trousers off didn’t spank but upended and slid her head fist into the garbage conttainer. Could have been designed for the job wrists were pinned by her own weight and the metal loop she couldn’t get leverage to get out and her ass and legs stuck up in the air like an exotic wine-cork extractor. The English have a word gob-struck for when your so taken aback you can’t take anything in. Sister #1 was in that state. She didn’t know what-the-hell had happened to her honerable sibling & for a critical minute just stood there. When I grabbed her she erupted like a banshee and gave me the only black eye I took that night but without her sister to run blockage for her it was 100 pounds againdt close to 150 pounds .No contest. Made a  pair of the 2 of them side by side yanked the trews off #1 too match.
        Took a minute to get my breath and smoke half a cigarette )filthy habit) & then well I did the buisiness .bared the ass off sister RHS (blue panties with little cartoon toons) and spanked until my hand hurt. Took a breather to massage feeling back into my hand and gave equal whackage to sister LHS (green spots on a white background ,I suppose evwen twins like to make some guesture of individuality ,funny what you rember still can bring back tyo me the small of that room Lily of the valley scent from the girls and  men’s sweat.
Finished the fanny warming and notised Daddy had entered the room was smoking one of those black cigaretees the French Intelectuals are into gallaise. Looking perfectly calm as tho buying his morning paper
Took my cue from him .We shook hands.He handed me the cost of the Films and I made my own way back to the shop.
Trouble. I expected it. There were enuf tough studs in the neighbourhood who were willing to rough up a guy for the price of a feel in a back alley and the girls had the bucks if it came to that. But no the Word had gone down.Nothing had happened. Anybody acting on a contrary notion would cop big trouble.
The girls stopped coming around them and their gang. Missed their money didn’t miss the tention the hastle . Maybe twice I saw them going into a car or thru a window in a top quality deparment shop. Chill looks Ignoring me out of existence. I didn’t push it and presume on our little intimate encounter.
Life went on

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Re: Spankingf Fiction_second_spanking_sampler

Postby dmsherwood53 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:01 pm

A Japenese Scene
Old Man apparently frail is sweeping leafs. Girl gang someof them in leather jackets with the typical
(for Japanese youth) red and orange streak marks in their hair. Move in on him mockng jeer couple shoves.
Man rears back starts wielding broom like kendo staff whacks girls on head and shoulders but mainly their
corduroy covered fannies. Corrals them into a tight bunch while shouting at them in excited Japanese.
Crowd mainly store holders from the area gather crowd the girl clump. Verbal abuse on both sides.
Suddenly a couple of kimono clad woman wrestle one of the girls prone over a nearby seat and start
unbuckling her jeans. Idea spreads and over tables sitting on stone steps even the sweepers upended
bucket a dozen or so olive colored buns taste the Polluted sub-tropical Tokyo sunlight but a bad sun-tan is
not what these girls have to fear. Big Peasant Bolster Bums small petite geisha flower blossom derriere's
of femme wanna-be'slithe muscular asses of of those who knew the wearysome tedium of training
all treated with equal-handed no-nonsence shall we say palmed off in the same way ;a regular spankfest.
Pic Pak Sound of hands hitting cheeks fill the square.A tussel of hands & buttocks of punative blowsand
clenched mustles..Calloused hands hands soft and manicured old hands middle aged hands.Glancing stinging
blows Centred thunking home blows resolve-crumbling plied with gusto.
Shrill yelps of feminine pain&outrage curses threats and resolves of payback.
On one side joyfull,methodical,wrateful on the other angushed,stoical,afrunted.Pic Pak.
A 20 minutes hands eternity of painfulll humiliation ends
As slowely hands becomes tired and sore and rears pinked colonized by deep throbbing ache.
As parental anger fades to stolid satisfaction of revenge catharted
as youthful arrogance is tested by pain.
Then the crowd disperses Then the crowd disperses.
Girls where they've been dropped like rag-dolls sniff smooth back tangled hair affect
desperate faux-cool pull up corduroy or leather jeans inch by inch over wound-tender flesh.
Their time of involuntary mooning over. Moons no rather a throbbing sun trailing behind them(Why
doesn’t the cloth smoke char) a private clawing beast at their nates.
Slink off with a desperate attempt at pose waggling their hips across the plaza.
Fragments of teeth-clenched-bravado under-cut by involuntary agonised flinches at a touch,
pain stopped breath, as puffy rump-flesh abrades. Rubbing themselves covertly, being awfully stiff upper lip
(and stiff legged) about it. As dishonour is accepted or revengefully denied

Old Man finishes his sweeping chortling with secret glee

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Re: Spankingf Fiction

Postby dmsherwood53 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:13 am

This I don't guarantee to be trouts a sort of Friend of a Friend Story
Worse its a Friend of a Friend of a Friend story.
Someone I knew years ago also into S & M told me that someone told his sister that his Brother-in-Law said it had happened to him when he was travelling in the East, (i think Hong Kong) as a young Man. So cinema vérité this ain't it has as much provenance as the latest National Inquirer piece.
So on with the story: such as it is:

This happened End of the 40's 48-49. War was being forgotten Western travellers were no longer a novelty
but the East was still not Westernized Life in the Poorer parts of town was still -keep the Cops out of it.
You'll have to Bribe your way out if your Fool enough not to-Settle things Yourself matter.
Guy was saving money by staying in a Chinese Hotel Good food but threadbare sheets and being treated
with a combination of deference and distaste as a 'Foreign Devil'. Guy was not supposed to be in the hotel at
the time otherwise the story would not have happened. Believe it was matter of being horizontally friendly
with a bar girl who also had a room there but this has nothing to do with the story.
Anyway apres sex the guy was towelling himself off after a makeshift shower with a piece of rubber hose
and a cold tap in an upstairs washroom. There was a jammed broken shutter couple of slats missing in the corner
such that you could if you crouched down and squinted get a partial view of the yard below otherwise blocked
off by high walls and the back of the building which happened to have only one window boarded up and the main
gates of the yard and one heavy door from the main kitchens both being barable from the outside.
In short it was with the one loophole of the upstairs washroom as private a place as you could get in that
cheek-by-jowl part of town
Noise of the main gates being opened aroused pardonable curiousity. Guy peeks. Group of young girls
who do the scutwork around the hotel manhandling girl 2-3 years older than themselves on the cusp of Adulthood
maybe 19 and others driving a rabble of young girls and boys & when i say young here i mean young maybe 6-8.
Older girls is dressed a cut above the rest faded silk outfit in this district it passed for genteel.
Blue pyjama outfit girl doesn't go quietly is stronger than any one of those dragging here but they mobbed
her. Much gutter language and threats.
Older woman (the cook)- with aura of authority- appears from inside house and bars door from outside on
command the main gates are barred too. Effectively a pocket universe has been set up.
Anger faces down anger sour anger v shrill outrage. Elder woman's patience exhausted harsh words of
command uttered blue trousers wrestled down posed over dusty barrel bare nates tasting the early afternoon
Spanked surprisingly unruffled takes reasonable chiding tone with Spanker using respectful ending to word
conspicuously absent before Older woman apparently mollified until impasse is rerached.
Another bark of command and the young girl drag the urchins over their knees as the older girl begins to be
spanked. Surprised gasp from 19 year old, she apparently expected to win the argument much more stoically
than an European girl would ;the caddies wail and shriek like well like spanked kids.
Continue for a good twenty minutes until exhaustion forbids. Parties depart out of the gate they came in from
ruffled and tearstained. Cook gives alook around to check that the whole process has been unobserved and
re-enters the house.
Guy realises he has been witness to a private event of some sort and is in danger of making some very touchy
people lose face and felling a mixture of cold fear and arousal- blue pyjama girl had a very pretty ass-sneaks
Well what the hell was going on. By the standards of a court we will never know. Guy was curious tho
& rich by the piss-poor standards of the district. He ,very cautiously greased some palms and asked some
very indirect questions.
The explanation that satisfied him-the truth at this stage is as unknowable as what Cleopatra
had for birthday breakfast on her 15th Birthday. Is that the girl in blue was the top dog in a kid's
pickpocket and casual thieves ring – the urchins being the common soldiers 7 she had been being a nuisance
above the tolerable level of petty theft expected. & the solider citizen's had got together and arranged
vigilante justice. Ironically the gang were not driven out of business
-0nobody expected them to starve but agreed to restrict themselves to foreigner in future-
as I said previously who cares for foreign devils.
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Re: Spankingf Fiction

Postby » Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:22 am

GOOD Stories 8-) Love the one about the Japanese girl gang get spanked 8-) but I wish they was wearing those school girls out fit and after being turn over the lap their skirts would be pulled up revealing cute round asses incase in tight white panties!! Very Good stories hope to read more 8-) 8-) :D :D

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Re: Spankingf Fiction

Postby dmsherwood53 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:30 am

Yeah I'm into Japanese girls spanking-wise along with princess. Maybe its to do with calm cool brokenhumilatyed more spanking stories email me at giving me your e-address
If you want

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Re: Spanking Fiction

Postby web-ed » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:34 pm

Thanks so much for sharing these with us! And anyone who wants to see more by D. M. Sherwood can always check out Memoirs of an Assistant Principal, the story of how interplanetary female hard cases are spanked into good behavior :lol: .

Oh, by the way, DM - unless you block other CSR Board users from your email address from your User Control Panel, they can email you by clicking the little "Contact:" icon underneath your name at the right side of the post. They will get a dropdown choice of sending a PM or sending an email. This will work for all users (except, as noted above, for those who block access to their email address from their User Control Panel).
-- Web-Ed

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Re: Spankingf Fiction

Postby dmsherwood53 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:39 am


I’ve always been a Tomboy. Still am to be Honest but for an Adult there are socially acceptable ways to act it out, amateur sports or backpacking into the wilderness. .
For gangling 13 year old girl-child in the early 50’s in provincial Canada ....
There was none of that you stayed home and developed a rich fantasy life with your rag-dolls (Barbie came later).
Call it throwback to rebel-blood (My family came from South Carolina) I’d always figgered the rules were for the other guy. I hung out with gangs of boys 3-4 years younger than myself (and a couple of years matter at that age) from the wrong part of town and by the standards of the time ran wild. Pretty tame stuff compared with what goes down in Harlem nowadays. We didn’t pack Uzi’s and we didn’t do Dope. We didn’t even steal. OK OK fruit from the market. What did we do? Had a hell of a lot of Fun. Mocking respectable folk general trespassing. And a little mild vandalism but that is too get ahead of my story.
Nowadays we’d have a social worker apiece then we were examples to be thundered at from the pulpit. Brats to be made to toe the line. That was the theory anyway in practise it was always the other gangs that copped it; that got rounded up by the police. We seemed to have charmed lives. We took our diplomatic immunity for granted of course. Except for the once which is this story the one time we faced the consequences of our actions by the standards of the time.
It was the late Fall the time of the 1st serious snow of the year. We played nice for a day or two –tobogganing and snow-fights – for such as us it was bond to get old.
I got to put my hand up it was my idea. Seriously I didn’t mean any harm thoughtless but who isn’t at that age.
It happened at Junction 57 a traffic bottleneck a real screw-up in town planning (fixed finally in ’63 by pulling down Old Sanderson’s Petrol Station. Anyway as was the traffic had to slow down to a crawl and jack-knife through call it 100 Deg. Gave us a stationary target. We stationed ourselves across the way were a snowbank gave us plentiful snow AKA ammunition. As the cars ground their way through the contraction we stuck with shock and awe. Pelted their windscreens with 20 30 snowballs. Instant white out. Grind to a halt exit from vehicle of solid citizen waving of fist in the air Curses scraping clean with mucho snow going up shirtsleeves. Convulsions of Laughter on our behalf Subtle as a Pie in your Face but in those days you made your own fun.
Kiddies our age don’t tire of a joke that soon we ambushed maybe 8 car. By then the snow supply was beginning to be exhausted I was about to shout ’Lets call it a Day’ when a peal of a Car appeared it would have been a sin to let it go. An Army Car not one of the grubby jeeps one saw around town but an officer’s car sleek and gleaming Under my diection we used our boots and sticks to smash up a patch of ice. Bad mistake. Through the Air flew about 30 lbs. of black ice. That might have done the job in itself the clincher was the 3 or 4 fish sized stones unnoticed embedded. This was before toughened windscreens. Crunch the whole windscreen shattered almost atomised.
If we’d taken to our heels we MIGHT have got away with it. No Probably not. But we’d have had a chance. No we just stood there poleaxed excited and shocked.
Gleaming doors shot open 3 men in dungarees jumped out lead by a red headed Lieutenant.
WE scarpered. We knew the city every back street . But we were amateurs facing Proffesionals . It was glorious fun while it lasted. Dashing down mean streets .Hair-breath escapes but it ended as was predictble 12 out of 16 of us corralled into a backyard behind an abandoned Chinese resterant.
Spank parade hadn’t been drilled into these Men but they showed initiative . One Guy kept us from scarpering while the other two worked their way through the boys bare asses shiningg in the moon that had just come out yelps and gasp making the rats run for cover. The Lieutenant just stod back and watched while I tried to look as though I’s just wandered out here in a late night jaunt.
Didn’t take 15 minutes and pretty thorough spankmanship at that.. Boys clustered one side of the yard hauling up pants rubbing and snipping while I tried my best butter-wouldn’t-melt smile on the Lieutenant.
" Well Young Man ",he said ,stripping off his belt ,Leadership comes with a price . You prepared to pay it"


"Well Young Man ", he said stripping off his belt, Leadership
comes with a price. You prepared to pay it"
> Gave him a `What the fuck look a few of the guys were together
enough to gwarf. Inspected my street-urchin looks intensely in the
moonlight grabbed & pulled my baseball cap off revealing my girlie
curls. Stopped him dead, obvious brought up to be (condescendingly)
KIND TO YOUNG LADIES AND DUMB ANIMALS ` Having none of that I didn't
want to be spanked but my rep was on the line. Being of the distaff
persuasion were 2 strikes against me taking all he could hand out and
like a regular guy was just the only game in town. So I fixed him
with my most insolent grin oozed attitude and drawled "Frightened I
might be too much for you to handle Big Man?
> He flushed and ground out since your mother aint here I guess it
fall to me to teach you some respect
> I felt weak at the knees guess I'd really believed I was going to
get off a spank virgin despite all. I could tell he was nervous .Did
that make things better? Couldn't see how. Needed all my sympathy for
me and my poor fanny.
> Keep the initiative. I shucked my jeans and yanked down my
panties. Gave me a cheap thrill to parade bare-add before an audience
but mostly I was scared. Snowflakes bit my bare butt the cold bit but
I figgered a moment or two and that wouldn't be a problem.
> He threw away his belt and sat on an old beer barrel Gestured to
me went over his lap in a flummox of arms and legs seemed too have 3
of each shoulders landed awkwardly on his knees glasses knocked
sideways scowled them straight swiggled myself into a more stable
posture let tit squashed squinted up at the upsie-downsy world of the
OTK aware most of all of my ass weaving about with a an,
imaginary, `spank me spank me ` sign on it. Felt acid in my mouth.
No!! Don't vomit! That would be Gross. I'd never live it down.
> 1st spank landed upper right quadrant bit with electric sting
but `well this is being spanked I can handle this'. Peppered slaps
bring the whole of the buttocks a warm aching; presence but nothing I
can't handle gritted teeth thought beautiful thought and waited for
my humiliation to end.
> Have you ever played the dumb-shit game where you have to sit on
a metal central heating unit first one to jump off a wimp? . My poor
fanny began to feel like I'd got into a game with tougher kids than
me. Feeling of insufferable warm pains at first superficial stabbing
deeper and deeper dragging the' focus of one's thought to obsess on
them. Pangs biting more and more unignorably real building to a
creshando were one would die if one didn't yell out.
> Then suddenly it was over I was kneeling in the snow taking great
shuddering breaths fighting an urge to babble a song of contrition.
At the back I felt as though I'd been skinned and dipped in boiling
water but a minute or two that faded into an inflamed bruised feel
like a pair oversized boils
> `Brave little thing' I heard him murmur to his sergeant as the
troop shrugged on their jacket and trudged off back to their car
Waited until his back was turned and gave him the finger and stared
daggers at his retreating back. Doesn't really work when your
standing there with a pink fanny goosebumping in the Chill with your
jeans crumpled around your calves but give it the old college try..
> The moral of our little tale `Trust The Marines to Get to the
Bottom of a problem? Its a great Life if you don't Weaken? dunno that
it has one except maybe `Life can be a real pain in the ass'. We
watched out for the next month or two sure. Scattered when we saw
someone with an army uniform. But no way did it reform us. It was a
matter for boastful tales for those who weren't there. Impractical
ideas of revenge. My rep had survived couple of the cuter of the guys
thought I'd been cool. We went on as before only that bit more
careful we knew we weren't invulnerable any longer.
> Year or two later I discovered guys and religion (yes both
together another story) the guys got straight jobs or drifted into
petty crime. Another gang took our place in the town pecking order.
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Re: Spankingf Fiction

Postby » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:32 am

Good story!! like how it take you to a era when spanking was the norm1 8-)

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