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Drunken Yodeling and Paddling

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three women get swats and two rub their bottoms

"Ouch - that smarts!" Three women get well-placed swats on their ample derrieres at the Hofbrauhaus and do quite a bit of rubbing afterward, something we always like to see.

Time for another bar paddling, this one apparently part of a birthday celebration. It's actually a triple-paddling in which three women each take a good swat, and best of all, two of them engage in simultaneous after-the-swat rubbing - it's good to know it smarts! The bending-over position is so-so, but the rubbing is excellent. Whoever uploaded this video to YouTube entitled it "Drunken Yodeling and Spanking" but CSR readers will probably be glad to know we edited the yodeling out, leaving only the spanking! After all, this isn't Chicago Yodeling Review.

[If you can see this text, ActiveX controls are not enabled or you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer. Click here to download the Windows Media Player version of the video.]

You can use the player at left if you have Internet Explorer with ActiveX Controls enabled, or download the Windows Media (WMV) version here. Because of the darkness and rather low quality of this video, we didn't bother to make an MPEG-2 version since we didn't think anyone would want to burn it to DVD later. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

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