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christie rubs after getting a swat

A spanked employee feels the effects of the first swat.

We lost track of this one for a while, but when we found it again recently we were determined to bring it to the attention of our readers. This is a most remarkable item: a real-life disciplinary paddling in the workplace! The last time we heard about one of these things it was a woman being paddled with a "for sale" sign - who promptly sued her employer and won as soon as the sting had subsided.

The workplace here looks like a small repair shop. As the clip opens, Scott, who appears to be the owner, is telling Christie to bend over for swats with a homemade paddle. Her understandable resistance appears to be based on the fact that three other guys are standing around watching, and one of them is actually filming the whole thing! Scott doesn't seem to understand that most women are very self-conscious and don't really want a camera focused on their bottoms, especially while a paddle is being applied. Nor do they much care to have a bunch of guys staring at them while they're bending over for swats. Our advice is that if you're going to paddle your female employees, which will definitely leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit, you really should do it privately. Christie would probably have been satisfied with that as at no time does she suggest that she's innocent or that she doesn't deserve to be punished.

christie rubs after getting a swat

After three swats, the spankee needs to do some rubbing!

The two of them go around in circles for a while, which we have edited out. In scene 2, Scott is holding Christie against a counter. She's not really bending over, and she's still protesting, but she's not struggling in the least, which suggests once again that she's o.k. with getting paddled if she doesn't have to be publicly humiliated also. Another guy then applies two swats, which leaves Christie rubbing, before he and Scott switch places so that Scott can apply the coup de grāce, after which Christie rubs some more.

Because the spankee isn't well bent over, this isn't a great paddling as such, but as a real-life example of true corporal discipline, it is quite remarkable. If it had been truly non-consensual we probably wouldn't have posted it, but as we indicated, Christie seems to agree that she deserves swats, even if she would have preferred a less-public venue in which to receive them. Her offense, by the way, seems to have been to make off with the money that was to have been used to buy a (lunchtime?) pizza.

One final interesting note: while trying to convince Christie to bend over, Scott makes the amazing claim that "we don't ever have any girls buck like this" - in other words, other female employees just bend over for swats when told to do so! We can't help wondering what part of the country this took place in that apparently has such old-fashioned attitudes (and can we move there?).

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