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The Whys of Spanking - Introduction

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man giving woman otk spanking with ping-pong paddle

A young woman is turned OTK to get her seat warmed with a ping-pong paddle. More fun than playing table tennis, we guarantee you! But why? This series of articles will explain everything.

Why are some people into spanking? (As used here, the term “spanking” is to be understood as applying to safe, sane, and consensual adult spanking only, and to such similar disciplinary forms of behavior as paddling, caning, etc.). This question has been asked since at least the beginning of the modern era of psychology by investigators such as Sigmund Freud and Richard Krafft-Ebing, and some interesting theories have been propounded, but a completely satisfactory explanation of this and related fetishes has not, in my view, yet been put forward. Certainly this form of behavior itself goes back much further than any attempt to understand it, with the ancient Romans almost openly indulging in S & M (sadism and masochism) practices including spanking, and probably has existed to some extent across most or all cultures, being unfortunately not very well documented in most of them.

It seems that at a minimum any theory should attempt to answer the following questions:

  1. Are spankos just born that way, or does something happen that makes them turn to spanking?
  2. How much of adult spanking is connected to sexuality? Exactly what is the connection between sex and spanking?
  3. Why do many women want to be spanked beforehand and derive satisfaction afterward, yet during the spanking itself wish it weren't happening?
  4. Why do most women wish to be spanked ("Sub") rather than give the spanking ("Top")?
  5. Why is it that a larger proportion of men than women in the spanking scene exhibit “switchable” fantasies and behavior? For that matter, why are there any switches at all?
  6. What is responsible for the great variety in both fantasies and observed behavior? That is, why are there so many different styles of spanking (from the rather sensual to strict and punitive) involving scenarios, implements, positions, and methods? Do they represent different desires or are they individualistic variations of the same basic desires?
  7. Why is discipline so prominent, that is, why do so many spankings involve at least a flavoring of discipline, even between lovers?

In our study we will find it necessary to make many distinctions and we will have to expend a lot of effort, but in the end we will find the answers to all these questions and more, and some of them will be rather surprising. We will begin by trying to understand exactly why spanking is enjoyed in so many different settings (birthdays, fraternity, sorority, and bar paddlings, the various erotic contexts, etc.), showing what what this enjoyment means psychologically. We will then discover there are two broad categories of people who enjoy spanking, the Natural Spanko and the Learned Spanko, and explain how each develops. We will see, to the surprise of many, that even the "natural" spanko is not simply born that way, and explain how they come into being. We will consider all six basic orientations, Male Top, Male Switch, Male Sub, Female Top, Female Switch, and Female Sub, although our emphasis will be on Male Top spanks Female Sub because in a sense that will be explained and justified as we go along, this is the most "natural" circumstance (to the extent that spanking or any other paraphilia can be considered natural). Finally, we will explain why the same people sometimes seek out different kinds of spankings, and why spanking has "branched out" into so many different sub-types (standard OTK, school-style paddlings or canings, various implements and fantasies, etc.). We will see that the despite the myriad of variations, an atomistic view of an almost infinite variety of spanking desires is incorrect, and that in reality there are relatively few basic categories into which they may be placed.

The explanations developed here are the product of years of thought and investigation. Introspection might have sufficed for divining the origin of the male Top, but to aid with the other orientations I read personal accounts and conducted informal interviews at spanking parties or in the normal course of business in running Chicago Spanking Review. These methods were vital in understanding the more obscure orientations.

This work is intended to provide fresh insight and fertile ground for further investigation by professionals interested in this area of research, but since I expect my principal audience to be my fellow spankos, most of whom are laymen, a relatively informal approach has been followed, as devoid of psychological jargon as possible. Little will be said about M/M and F/F spankings, but much of the findings laid down here will be applicable to them and will provide the interested student with a good foundation on which to study them should he desire to do so.

(Chicago, April 2014)

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