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Enter any combination of the following fields to search the data base: TITLE (e.g. "Saint"), PUBLISHER (e.g. "DC"), PERSONNEL (e.g. "Superman"), START YEAR (e.g. "1955"), END YEAR (e.g. "1960"), and TYPE (e.g. M/F). Partial field names are o.k. - use as much as you know while leaving out anything you're not sure about. Leaving any field names blank is also o.k. This search is not case sensitive.

Hint: for most people, except those who are already very knowledgeable about comics, searching by "PERSONNEL" is generally more useful than searching by "TITLE" or "PUBLISHER". An exception would be if you suspected there was a spanking in a particular strip (e.g. "Mandrake") but couldn't remember if Mandrake was actually the one who gave the spanking.

Here are some examples that show how this works:

  1. Putting "Super" or "super" in the PERSONNEL box will retrieve every spanking that either Superman or Supergirl (or both) were involved in. If you also check "F/M" you will get Supergirl spanking the alien brats, but not Lois Lane (or anyone else) spanking Supergirl.
  2. Putting "batman" in TITLE will only produce spankings that occurred in Batman - you would not get any spankings that might have occurred in Detective or The Brave and the Bold (where the famous Marcia Monroe spanking took place).
  3. As mentioned above, it's better to put in too little than too much - "Legends" or "stargrazers" in the TITLE box will find the spankings in Legends of the Stargrazers, but if you misremember the title as "Legends of the Startrekkers," you'll wind up with nothing because there's no such title.
  4. START YEAR and END YEAR are inclusive, so using the examples above of 1955 and 1960 will return everything meeting the other criteria from the beginning of 1955 to the end of 1960.
  5. Entering nothing into any text box and leaving TYPE checked as "ANY" will result in the entire data base being displayed.
  6. The "Query successful" message indicates only that MySQL did not encounter any problems, and will be issued even if no rows were found matching the search criteria. The number of rows returned will be indicated at the end of the result table. If MySQL does have a problem (error message) that doesn't clear itself up within a short time, contact the Web-Ed.

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