doc cylon julius zimmerman beach bawl

posted by the Web-Ed on 10/16/2009

Once again, Julius Zimmerman provides Doctor Cylon with fertile ground for his animation imagination. On her toes and well bent over, this young lady receives a stroke with an unusal-looking paddle, leaving behind two perfectly even areas of red which fade just in time to be renewed by the next swat! We have mentioned before Zimmerman's love of large bosoms - in this case, he took it to an extreme which borders on self-parody, but his positioning of the subject (to receive the paddle) could not have been better - and Doc Cylon certainly knew what to do once he saw that!

11/19/2010 Update: Here are two later versions. In the left, the hand follows a L-L-R-R spanking pattern, while in the right that most dreaded implement, the wooden spoon, beats the standard L-R-L-R tattoo on her bottom. Doctor Cylon reversed this one, so the two together form a pleasingly symmetrical pair, like two bookends.

doc cylon julius zimmerman beach bawl doc cylon julius zimmerman beach bawl
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