kammen after-spanking colorization by doctor cylon

posted by the Web-Ed on 02/05/2010

"Naruto spanks too hard!" complains our spankee, after Doctor Cylon finished with the colorization and caption. Because we don't follow manga, we don't know anything about Kishimoto's Naruto, but it looks to us like he got the spanking just right.

02/19/2010 Update: Lucas informs us that is not from Naruto, but actually from an old manga/anime from the 70s, Kekko Kamen (Splendid Mask), created by the prolific manga artist Go Nagai. Kekko Kamen is a superheroine who apparently finds a standard costume too restrictive, and goes into battle clad as shown here. If nothing else, this tactic should succeed in distracting her opponents, although it would seem to leave her vulnerable to a classic Japanese counterattack known as The Quick and Glorious Spank.

kammen after-spanking colorization by doctor cylon

Here is a later, alternate version with a wooden spoon added, as well as a new "Doctor Cylon" logo for 2010.

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