A Patty OTK Spanking

another brat spanked, by patty

Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/23/2010.

Here are two more drawings from Patty. In the first, Doctor Cylon adds the colors to what is an excellent example of the OTK position. The spankee is properly placed just as would be done in a real-life spanking, with her right arm secured (which is necessary if she tries to block the spanks with it). Her slacks have been positioned in a way that interferes with any possible kicking she might do, increasing her helplessness, and her panties have been lowered in a most attractive fashion (always take them down to mid-thigh or lower with no "baggy pants" effect) revealing her bare bottom.

another brat spanked, by patty

The second one complements the first, although as far as we know Patty did not design them as a set - most obviously, this is a different couple - but we really like the post-spanking hug and always give one right after any kind of spanking. You really want to make sure your spankee knows that you care about her, whether you're involved with her or just acting as friend and disciplinarian (or even just spanking her for fun). Dr. Cylon's restrained use of color perfectly complements Patty's simple, almost rustic style.

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