Penelope's Paddlings

penelope pitstop spanking

It's been a long time since Penelope Pitstop first appeared in the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Wacky Races. It will also be a long time before Penelope forgets her treatment at the hands of Doctor Cylon, four examples of which we see here.

First, Doc Cylon changed the background on an original drawing, added the red bottom and caption, and produced "Poor Penelope".

penelope pitstop spanking

Next, the good Doctor follows up the spanking by sending Penelope to her room. Penelope has some choice words for him - "You Bastard!" - which she wisely keeps to herself. If she had used such bad language out loud, he might have had to use a ruler on her, as we see below.

penelope pitstop spanking

Finally, when that ruler breaks (which it often does when Doc Cylon lays it on), there's only one thing to do: get a paddle!

penelope pitstop spanking

Then set that paddle in motion with a nice animation. No doubt Penelope would agree on its effectiveness!

sue storm spanking

11/12/2010 Update: We never noticed the resemblance between Penelope Pitstop and Susan Storm, but Doctor Cylon did, adding the proper uniform (from the waist up, anyway) and some blushing cheeks. That's one very cute bottom, now that we think of it, which is probably why Doc Cylon thought it was worthwhile to offer so many variations on this drawing.

sue storm spanking

Here's yet another variation with Penelope as Sue Storm, "Doctor Cylon's Spanked Celebrity for October".

Here are two more. Click on the image at left to triple-size.

sue storm spanking sue storm spanking

sue storm spanked with animated hairbrush dr. cylon sue storm after spanking by dr. cylon

12/16/2016 Update: We last updated this page back in 2010, and it's obvious that Doctor Cylon never lost interest in this particular drawing, for since then he has done four more versions which we'll see now.

Left: this may be a refinement of the 2010 update (above), for once again blushing buttocks indicate that Sue Storm has had a recent taste of the ruler.

Right: and here's how they got that way: Dr. Cylon applies the ruler with enough firmness to break it!

sue storm spanked with animated hairbrush dr. cylon penelope pitstop paddled by dr. cylon

Left: the animated hairbrush is applied...

Right: with obviously effective results! Sue (or Penelope) is not too pleased, but in reality she'll be much the better for having received the spanking treatment.

A fine drawing with an exceptionally spankable bottom, and fine versions from Doctor Cylon!

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