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people holding paddles at teh lone star spanking party People holding paddles is usually a sign that spanking fun will soon be had. (Photo taken at the Lone Star Spanking Party, year unknown).

We do offer free event advertising in The Chicago Spanking Review, although we didn't really keep up with it the last couple of years (2015-2017). But because spanking social events remain of vital importance, especially for younger spankos, we're trying to get this page up to date and give it a minor facelift.

If you would like to see your event listed on this page, send an e-mail to the web-ed.

June ? (2017) To Be Announced -- Texas All-State Spanking Party in Dallas.

July ? To Be Announced -- Crimson Moon 3-day Summer Bash!

May 18 - 22, 2017 -- Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston, Texas.

? 2017 -- Shadow Lane

October ? To Be Announced -- Crimson Moon Halloween party.

Jan. 14, Feb. 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, Sept. 9, Oct. 14, Nov. 11, Dec. 9 GD2 NEWCOMERS' SOCIAL 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Galleria Domain Two (GD2) Chicago, Illinois RSVP preferred but not required* Open to All 21+ FREE *************** You do NOT need to be a member of GD2 to attend. GD's Newcomers' Socials are FREE and open to everyone 21+. *************** GD2's socials have become one of the best and busiest places to meet and mingle with diverse members of our communities and to meet new friends, play partners, and more. The Newcomers' Socials draw attendees from all over Chicago's BDSM and alternative lifestyle communities, including practitioners of BDSM, fetishists, members of Leather communities, polyamorists, members of the next generation, some of GD2's 180+ active members, and others. We provide an exceptional, no pressure environment for socializing and welcome everyone, whether you are completely new, curious about what a BDSM club is like, or have years of experience. Come join us! *************** For more information about GD2, including a calendar of upcoming activities, socials, and educational events, please visit

The Web-Ed's non-review of GD2: I say non-review because you can't really review a B & D club the way you can a book, movie, or play, and besides, I'm not a member and so have never spent an evening at play there. But I did attend the 6/14/2008 social, and I can share my impressions of the facilities I saw and the people I met.

First, the people: everyone I met was very friendly, and the atmosphere was one of openness and tolerance. Certainly no one is going to frown on any kind of spanking, paddling, caning, etc. that you might wish to engage in. The hosts are Carol and Colt, who have obviously devoted a great deal of time and effort to the club, as evidenced by the impressive physical facilities and careful selection of equipment. There appear to be approximately 200 members, with the number attending on any particular evening difficult to predict. The club is open Friday and Saturday evenings from 08:00 P.M. to 03:00 A.M., with the larger crowds appearing on Saturdays.

There are three main play rooms designed to offer different moods (very open, more laid back, and semi-private). The rooms are spacious, well-equipped, and very attractive. I don't know if Carol did the decorating, but whoever it was should consider a career in interior design. Each room had a great variety of equipment (the semi-private one was of necessity somewhat smaller). Now, since I'm only into spanking and not the other myriad forms of B & D, I'm not sure I can remember all that I saw, but there were crosses, exam tables, cages, rope bondage and suspension gear (even a cage that could be hoisted up in the air!) and probably some stuff I couldn't figure out. I note in particular that each room had its own spanking bench, one of which was of a design I had never seen before.

Now for the hardest question: should a spankophile join the club? I would say that if your interests extend beyond spanking, the answer is yes. If you're like me, and don't really see the point of bondage except as an adjunct to spanking (e.g., tying someone to a spanking horse for a good paddling or caning), it's a more difficult call. While women would probably have no problem finding men to spank them (since there could be non-spanko men willing to give it a try in addition to the usual male Tops), a man (whether Top, Bottom, or Switch) might very well not be able to find enough women to play with to make it worth his time and effort. Something I've learned through many years of experience is that for males, it's difficult to find suitable play-partners, even at a spanking party. This certainly isn't the fault of anyone at GD2, it's just the way the spanking world is. For that reason, I won't be joining anytime soon myself, but I would certainly recommend to anyone else at least attending a Newcomers' Social before making that decision. Some kind of trial membership is available, by the way, but I don't have the details.

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