Web-Ed’s note:  the following story has been subjected to minimal editing. True to the spirit of the strip, Carrie here is portrayed as an innocent victim of lecherous intentions, but the author adds an unexpected twist and the villian receives his due justice.   We added one of Doc Cylon’s own “Carrie” illustrations based on an original drawing of Don Lawrence.  For more about the “Carrie” comic strip, see this page from our Comics Gallery.  To see more of Doctor Cylon’s take on “Carrie”, visit his gallery here.   


Based upon Don Lawrence's "Carrie" and written by
Doctor Cylon.  

     It was a warm summer day as Carrie, wearing a white bikini bottom, was sunbathing by the swimming-pool at the apartment building where she lived, unaware of the nefarious Mister Creosote, a notorious, bible-thumping Jesus-fanatic fascist, was peering through his window which overlooked the courtyard.

    "That HARLOT!" he hissed, venomously. "Someone has to teach her a lesson!"

     In no time, he made his way to the pool and burst-onto the scene!

     "Scarlet woman, prepare for thy comeuppance!" he roared as he rolled-up his right sleeve.

     Stunned by the sudden intrusion, Carrie froze! To bad for her, as Mr. Creosote did not.

     "Owwwwww! My arm!" wailed the luscious blonde as he seized her!

     "Your arm will be the least of your worries, missy, when I am finished with you!"

    With that, he piled her over his lap, face down, and proceeded to lower her bikini, revealing a most-succulent alabaster bottom.

     "Mister Creosote! What are you doing?" gasped Carrie at the whole thing.

     Her answer came as a loud, thunderous, brutal SMACK! to the softest, meatiest part of her right buttock, causing the gelatinous globe to react violently to the effect of the spank!

     "OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Carrie screamed as she felt the blood rush to her burning, stinging, gluteal orb of delight!

     Pausing momentarily, Mister Creosote admired the fiery imprint that he left on her beautiful bare bottom. Then, the spanks rained down as if from a violent storm, rapidly turning her bouncing, undulating, bucking bare bottom a crisp, hot shade of magenta, giving the appearance of a bad sunburn as the bawling, hapless girl struggled to no avail!

     "Now, that your naughty bottom has been suitably chastised, let us lovingly reconcile," stated London's greatest hypocrite as he released his hold on her and began to unzip!

     "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she screamed as she placed a knee to his groin! As he doubled over, she toppled him into the pool and made her way back inside, her reddened, bouncing, quivering, tensing then relaxing bare bottom a most erotic sight indeed.

     By the time Mr. Creosote made his way to the edge of the pool (he WAS sacked-in the vitals, after all!), he found himself assisted.

     "Thank you, lads." he stated, before realising who aided him. That's when his blood froze in its very veins!

     "Mister Cornelius C. Creosote, I must insist that you accompany us to the station!" It was two burly bobbies and a superintendent from the local constabulary.



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