We had not known that the artist Doctor Cylon wrote spanking stories until he sent this one to us.  We have performed some minor editing and added his own artwork as an illustration, although it was not originally intended for that purpose.  – Web-Ed




by Doc Cylon

     Forty-Five year-old Jessica Rabbit was sitting at the end of the bar when she set eyes on a dashing, young Latino stud who was young enough to be her son.  Being divorced and horny, and not scoring that great, she made her way to him saying, "Hello, handsome.  Come here often?"
     Horatio looked first into her eyes and then upon other goodies. As he stared upon her ample boobs, she turned-around, revealing a near-waspish waist, somewhat wide hips, and a nice, plump bottom that was voluptuous yet not fat. She walked to the jukebox, her buttocks jiggling in her jogging-shorts like two puppies wrestling in a burlap bag.

     Later, having secured her prize, she made her way out of the bar. 
     Since it was night and no one was looking, he started to knead the gorgeous cheeks of her bottom, first over her shorts, and then to insert his hand beneath the elastic waistband to feel her bare right buttock as they walked. The feel of her soft, supple bare flesh tensing and relaxing drove him wild!

     "You ARE horny, aren't you?" she cooed as he continued to rub, squeeze and knead her rump.

     After they made it into her building, she unlocked the door that led to the stairs. That's when he lowered her shorts and gazed at her fully-exposed bottom. At first, she was worried, because of her nosey neighbor, Ali Muna.  That was when she remembered that he was getting his prostate and his gall-bladder removed. So, she stepped out of the downed garment, and walked to her apartment clad only in her "T"-shirt and sneakers.

     The sight of her undulating, bouncing, jiggling cheeks got to him, for as she was unlocking her door, the quiet stillness of the corridor was shattered by a loud, vicious SMACK as he slapped the underside of her right buttock with such force that the cheek flattened, reverberated, shook and jiggled ferociously!

     "UNHH!" she grunted as she could feel her blood rushing to the stinging point of impact.

     Once inside, she removed her "T"-shirt, shoes, and turned her back towards a mirror. Sure enough, there was a blazing-hot palm-print at the sweetest part of her right fanny-cheek.

     As Horatio gazed-upon her Mons Veneris, he realized that there was no sign of any love-fleece, which excited him plenty!

     "Would you like something from the fridge?" she asked, politely.

     "Uhhhhhh, no thanks." he replied as he took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom, where he quickly lay her face-down and anchored her wrists to the small of her back!  Before she could protest or anything, he smacked her upturned bottom with fierce, open-handed spanks that were as painful as they were noisy!

     WHAP! WHACK! SPLATT! He relentlessly and mercilessly made her bare bottom bounce, jiggle, redden and burn!  “Jessica, you are such a slut, bringing home a man who is young-enough to be your son!” she thought to herself, adding, “You deserve every spank, every hit, every slap he gives you!”

     As he was continuing to spank the gorgeous red-head, he stopped suddenly, as he FINALLY realized something was wrong. Very wrong, for she was bawling like a little girl being spanked by Daddy! What's more, her bare bottom was a dusky-rose in hue!

     Holding her close to him, he said, "Ohhhhhhhh! Darling! I am so sorry for......." as she shushed him, sobbing, "I-i-i-i-it's alright! (snif) I kinda needed a good cry, anyhow!" adding, "Now, to tend to you!" as she undid his jeans, lowered them, and discovered that he was rather well-endowed!

     She then proceeded to fellate him as never before! He then reciprocated as he began to show his prowess with cunnilingus as they went-into a classic "Sixty-Nine"!  Then, they proceeded  to enjoy the most-intensive carnality possible! It was so intense that they fell-asleep with him deeply-imbedded within her.

     As Horatio awoke, he gazed-upon the naked lady laying next to him, and rolled her onto her tummy to reveal her bruised and blistered bottom to his view. Sure, he liked to spank, but not to THIS extent! In fact, he felt himself a heel!

     After they showered, Jessica said, "I'm going to fix breakfast. Are you hungry?"

     "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah!" Horatio responded.

     As she prepared the food, she was clad in only an apron and a chef's hat.

     "Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Horatio exclaimed!

     "What?" responded Jessica.

     "You are just as beautiful now as you were last night!" he replied, truthfully.

     "Oh, Horatio, that's so sweet!" she said as she kissed him.

     After breakfast, since neither had a damn thing to do, they hung-out by the pool. That's when Horatio noticed that she was holding a bottle of massage-oil.

     "I was wondering...... If you can promise me that you won't spank me again, would you use this oil and give me a 'Fanny-Rub'? It still hurts!" she stated, adding, "And it probably will for a week!"

   When she rolled onto her tummy, he gingerly lowered her bikini-panties and began with the massage. As he massaged her battered bottom, he realized that it was more fun than hitting it.

     Since there was a good, soft pillow available, she placed it under her sore, burning bottom as she rolled-over onto her back.

     That's when he began working her full breasts over, feeling the soft, weighty flesh. As he ran his tongue from nipple to nipple, he got her hot again, as well as himself.

     Soon, they were within the arms of passion once more, and they delivered quite a show! However, everyone was discreet to the point that, if there were an audience, there was no sign of one.

     What started as a one night stand ended-up with a long, fruitful relationship.

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