The Gal He Left Behind

By Helena

Web-Ed's note: Here is another story by our friend Helena, set in a time and place familiar to those who have seen Western spankings in movies or on T.V. We even managed to find an appropriate illustration from a Western romance comic, Frontier Romances #1 (November 1949). Readers wary of sad endings need have no worries: despite the title, our here does not leave his girl behind - he spanks her on the behind!

It was around six o'clock on a beautiful evening as Johnny O'Hara rode his horse towards the Flynn cottage. Johnny was hoping to finally get an answer from Maggie Flynn.

Maggie was by far the prettiest gal in town. She and Johnny had been sweethearts ever since they were both kids and had been planning on getting hitched, but then Johnny had to go off to war.

It has now been 2 months since Johnny was discharged from service and although he has asked Maggie several times to marry him, she always seems to put off giving him an answer. The truth is that while Johnny was away, a young wealthy fellow named Danny Ryan moved into town and has been sweet talking Maggie and buying her all kinds of pretty things. Besides being very wealthy, Danny also recently became the town's middleweight champion fighter!

Johnny finally rode his horse up to a small cottage and hitched it up to the fence. Johnny was greeted by Maggie's grandmother.

"Good evenin' Mrs. Flynn!"

"Good evenin' Johnny!"

"Is Maggie home?"

"She's out ridin' down by the old corral!"

"By herself? You ought not be letting her ride out there alone, it's too dangerous!"

"I'm afraid Maggie doesn't pay me no mind these days. She's now 22 ya know, and very headstrong! I just can't handle the gal anymore!"

Johnny waited inside for about 20 minutes and then Maggie returned. Maggie Flynn was indeed a very beautiful young woman. Dusky eyes, one great braid of shining red hair, a crimson mouth, dimpling and shaping itself to every mood of its owner. Johnny then got the shock of his life when he realized that Maggie was wearing men's mounted trousers.

"What in the.... are you doin' wearing men's trousers Maggie?" Johnny asked.

"I wear 'em for ridin'. Danny bought 'em for me!"

Johnny was not at all used to seeing women wearing trousers, but then Maggie's figure was so graceful and shapely that she even made those men's trousers become full of imperishable life and action!

"Maggie, you shouldn't be ridin' down by the old corral all by yourself."

"Don't you tell me where or where not I can ride Johnny O'Hara! I'll ride wherever I please thank you! Danny doesn't tell me where or where not I can ride!"

"Oh Danny again."

"That's right, he wants me to marry him."

"Well I want to marry you too, and Maggie you know how much I love ya! Don't ya still love me too?" Maggie turned very soft and as she looked into Johnny's eyes, she was just about to answer, when Danny Ryan knocked on the back door to the cottage.

"You're after my gal again O'Hara?"

"She was my gal first." Johnny thought a moment and then said, "Don't ya think that it is only fair that Maggie should choose for herself?"

However, Maggie replied very mischievously, "Why don't the two of yer boys fight for me, and I'll marry the winner?"

"Fine with me." said Danny!

"That's crazy I'm not gonna fight him." replied Johnny.

"If you really want to marry me then you'll fight for me," said Maggie in a very childlike voice.

"What's the matter, you yellow Johnny?" asked Danny. Danny then added, "Come on I know just the place." and he roughly led Johnny out back, down the hill to a deep gully. The combat was a short one. It is difficult to say to exactly to what luck Johnny owed his victory over Danny. A chance blow upon the projecting chin of the middleweight, under which Danny sank to the gully's grime and remained incapable. The two men now pals climbed back to the cottage. Johnny had only a scratched chin, but one of Danny's eyes was nearly closed and his lip was bleeding.

After sitting for a spell, Danny said "You won her fair and square O'Hara" and then left the cottage and went back home.

Of course Maggie was really delighted that Johnny had won the fight because she really loves him very much and has only been flirting with Danny to make Johnny jealous, but she doesn't want to let him know that just yet. A man needs to learn his place and that a gal is going to be the skipper in a marriage, and Johnny still has a bit of a ways to go. She wants to keep him guessing for another little while before she agrees to marry him.

"So Maggie, what's your answer?" Johnny asked.

"I still don't know Johnny. I still need some more time to think about it."

Johnny then said, "I don't know what's gotten into you Maggie Flynn!" To which Maggie replied "I suppose your feelin' mighty proud of yourself 'cause you had a lucky punch, and I guess you think I'm just gonna throw myself into your arms?"

"Maggie you may be 22 years old, but you are acting like a spoiled child and maybe what you need is to be treated like one too!"

"How DARE you speak to me like that Johnny O'Hara!", and with that Maggie slapped Johnny hard across his face!

Well Mrs Flynn was sitting on the front porch of the cottage, and enjoying the beautiful evening, when all of sudden she heard a loud scream from Maggie which came from inside the cottage. Mrs. Flynn then ran inside where she was confronted with an unexpected sight. There was Johnny O'Hara sitting on a big chair in the middle of the room, and firmly holding a stuggling Maggie face down across his lap. Johnny's big and powerful right hand was firmly and repeatedly landing on the tan area of the seat of Maggie's mounted trousers (which seemed to form the perfect target).

"Johnny noooooo!" "Ouch!" "Stop it!" "Ouch!" "Let me go!" "Ouch!" "I'll get even with you for this Johnny O'Hara!" "Ouch!" "You just wait and see!" "Ouch!" "You just wait!" "Ouch!"

Johnny told her sternly "This will help you grow up a lot faster than anything else I know about".

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"Stop!" "Ouch!" "Your hurting me Johnny!" "Ouch!" "Your hurting me!" "Ouch!" "All right!" "Ouch!" "All right, I'll marry you!" "Ouch!" "I said I'll marry you!" "Ouch!" "I'll marry you Johnny!" "Ooouucch!" "Please stop Johnny!" "Oooowwwwww!" "I'll marry you, I'll marr...Boohoohoohoohoo!!!" Then at this point Johnny began to lay it on even harder and faster!

The expression on Mrs. Flynn's face quickly turned from one of shock to a great big smile and the wise old woman was even heard saying: "Now here's one marriage that's gonna be starting out on the right foot!!!" [Web-Ed's note: we strongly concur!]

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