Web-Ed's Note: Clue is a popular board game that has been around since the 1940's. The object is to uncover clues that lead to the identity of the murderer. JimC decided to base this story on the game, using the same characters but changing the murder to a spanking. The objective now is to find out who spanked whom!

This was a planned 4-part story, but only 3 parts have been written so far. Jim is going to write part 4 after the first three have been posted (which now they have). If the readers have any suggestions as to how this mystery should conclude, I'm sure Jim would be happy to hear from you. You can send him a PM through the CSR Forum. Part 4 will be added here as soon as Jim is finished with it.

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cast of characters from clue

Clue cast of characters (from l.-r.): Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Miss Blue, Mrs. White. Disclaimer: these characters are © Hasbro, and neither JimC nor Chicago Spanking Review lays any claim to any rights therein.

Clue - by JimC


Part 1

It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly a spank rang out, a cry was heard and a tear was shed. This was a job for a Spanking Detective. I was summoned to the house of one Professor Plum. I was admitted by the butler, Mr. Green. Then I was introduced to the suspects: Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White and Miss Blue. As it was a M/F spanking, I was sent (if it had been a F/M spanking another detective would have been sent).

I asked all the women if any of them had been spanked and was met by silence, so i was left with only 1 choice: I would have to recreate the spanking and see who the witnesses heard. All the suspects agreed to this form of inquiry and promised full cooperation. Professor Plum then told me a little about the suspects since it was his house. Colonel Mustard was a guest as was his niece Miss Scarlett. Miss Blue was Professor Plum's ward and had been visiting as well. Mr Green was the butler and Mrs. White was the cook.

My eyes were bought to bear on Mrs. White first as I marvelled at her. The woman was a handsome, tall black woman, 24 years old, long black hair and dark eyes (quite a contrast to her name, Blanche White). I figured that Professor Plum had been upset with a meal she had served his guests and had given her a spanking. So I had Professor Plum and Mrs. White accompany me to the kitchen. I instructed Professor Plum to sit down and take Mrs. White over his knee. There was no resistance on Mrs. White's part, so it had happened before. He raised her starched white skirt and lowered her panties. Her bottom was magnificent, very athletic-looking and firm. It was impossible to tell though if she had been recently spanked.

I had Professor Plum begin. He drew his servant in closer and stated spanking her with a tawse-like implement that he was carrying with him (he explained that as a teacher he carried this to get the attention of his students when their minds started to wander by slapping it on the desk or if needed on some co-ed's shapely posterior after class.) He did give her a good spanking and then I went to hear from the witnesses. All agreed it was not the spanking that they had heard. So it was not Professor Plum spanking Mrs. White in the kitchen with a tawse - I would have to continue my search.

End of Part 1

Part 2

Colonel Mustard was a tall man with short black hair and a well-clipped mustache. He had been in the service for many years and he carried a riding crop with him. He was a guest lecturer and had known Professor Plum for many years. His niece, Miss Scarlett, was indeed very much like her name. Rose Scarlett was 19 years old had shoulder length strawberry-blonde hair, her complexion was pink and creamy like a delicate carnation, (a delicate flower to be sure, but still a strong plant). I figured that Colonel Mustard had disciplined his niece in the past, so that was going to be my next lead to follow.

I had them follow me to the Conservatory and had the Colonel sit down. Miss Scarlett did seem to know what was coming and got over the Colonel's knee very quickly(so I was correct that she had been punished by the Colonel more than once.) She raised her skirt and I was more surprized to see her pink complexion was all over her body (she then told me she had been under the sunlamp and had been interrupted before her time was up.) Her bottom was already pink and I could not really tell if she had been spanked or not. The Colonel then raised his crop and brought it down squarely on her right bottom cheek. She grunted, but did not call out or begin to cry (another sign that she had been well trained by someone.) He gave her a full dozen swats and i went to check with the witnesses while Miss Scarlett tended to her sore and now striped bottom. All the witnesses agreed that was not the spanking that they had heard. So it was not Colonel Mustard spanking Miss Scarlett in the Conservatory with a riding crop. Another scenario had to be reenacted.

End of Part 2

Part 3

As a Spanking Detective I do have to investigate spankings to see if they were deserved or not. In the course of my investigation I do sometimes get led down the wrong path. I had in my last case 2 women spanked and I was no closer to finding out the truth than I was when I started. I decided to look around before i began my last suspected spanking scenerio. There were 8 rooms to investigate in my current case and these were just on the 1st floor as the upstairs rooms had been ruled out as to where the witnesses had said they had heard the spanking come from. I had already tried the Kitchen and the Conservatory, but there was still the Dining Room, the Library, the Study, the Den, the Pantry and the Hall. The Den was where the Sun lamp was that Miss Scarlett said she had been using. I found a connecting passage between the Library, the Study and the Conservatory. I found another connecting passageway between the Dining Room, the Kitchen and the Pantry.

There was another fact that I discovered. The Library and the Den were soundproof so those rooms were now eliminated. I found a white apron and a wooden spatula in the Pantry (which was surprizing as this was the Butler's Pantry.) I had a few questions for Professor Plum now that could help in the investigation. "Professor, do you normally discipline the servants?"

"No," he replied, "That task is normally done by Mr. Green although I do keep my hand in it on occasion."

"Your ward, Miss Blue, is 18 now and has been friends for several years with Miss Scarlett, who disciplined her when she was younger?"

"Well, Mr. Green would discipline her while I was away and she is still subject to discipline until she finishes school. In fact Miss Scarlett and my ward have had to be punished recently for curfew violations. Miss Scarlett when she stays here is subject to the same discipline as my ward, as that had been agreed upon several years ago as they had gotten in trouble when they were together one time. It was decided that they should be punished together, and since one was going to be spanked it was easier to give them both a spanking, so Mr. Green spanked them and then Colonel Mustard had a further session with his niece, and I had a further talk with my ward that night over my knee with a hairbrush."

So now I had my suspects and rooms so which should I choose? "Hmmm...?"

End of Part 3

Part 4

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