Web-Ed's Note: This is the first of a series of short shorts we will be featuring that were written by JimC. The relationship presented here is reminiscent of the old Spencer Spanking Plan. This version has been copy-edited by the Web-Ed and is used by permission.


Janelle - by JimC


"You are going to get a spanking when we get home, young lady!" It was a simple declarative sentence. One that she had heard many times from her father and on more than one occasion from her mother. The person that had issued the edict (or promise, if you will) was neither - it was her 25 year old husband, Jon. Janelle blushed faintly and nodded her acceptance. Janelle was 24 and a few weeks earlier they had made a punishment and rule book for each other. Both would be subject to spankings if the other thought that they deserved it. She had to admit that she was always pushing the boundaries and had been over Jon's lap far more than he had been over hers.

Fifteen minutes later they were home. Jon wasted no time in escorting her to the den and telling her to get ready while he went to get hairbrush. A few minutes later he found her kneeling by an armless chair, her skirt off and her pantyhose down. He sat down and a moment later she arched herself over his waiting lap. A few minutes to position his slim brunette wife properly and then tighening his arm around her waist he began to slowly and sonorously slap her bottom with the flat black wooden hairbrush.

It did not take long for Janelle to start gasping and squirming as the brush began to raise the temperture in no uncertain terms in her uncovered posterior. He finished spanking her and took her on his lap to comfort her. She nuzzled into his chest and began to think of another page that she wanted to try. It would not be long.

The End.

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