Web-Ed's Note: This is the second of a series of short shorts written by JimC. Copy-editing by the Web-Ed. Used by permission.


Kathy - by JimC


Kathy was getting married in a few hours and her husband-to-be had already promised her something when they got home - a good old-fashioned spanking. She had been told in no uncertain terms while engaged that he was going to be in charge of her discipline and that it would be spankings so it was no surprise when he said it. She had been rude to some of their guests and he was going to teach her some manners when they got home. She had been spanked on a few occasions already, so it was not like she did not know what to expect. When they got home after the ceremony and reception Ken, her husband, leaned over and whispered in her ear "Itís time for your spanking, honey." She blushed faintly, nodded, and began undressing while he went to get a hairbrush and set up a chair to use.

He returned a few minutes later and gently taking his wife by the hand, led her over to the straight-backed chair and proceeded to put her over his knee. When she was in position he tightened his grip around her waist and raised the hairbrush high in the air and brought it down with a firm steady rhythm that had her squirming and gasping with every swat. After 30 spanks she was released and taken on his lap to be cuddled. She felt loved and knew that this would not be the last time that she would be taken over his lap and given a good spanking and knew he would be fair in disciplining her.

The End.

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