Web-Ed's Note: This is the third of a series of short shorts written by JimC. Copy-editing by the Web-Ed. Used by permission.


The Masked Lady - by JimC


"You may have caught me Super Villain Type, but I will stop your nefarious plot."

"My dear Masked Lady in Pink, you will be too busy worrying about what is happening to you to stop me."

"Do your worst then Super Villain Type!"

"I shall Masked Lady in Pink I shall." And with that he took her over his knee "Not even your vaunted super- powers can save you from my super-powered hairbrush." he said as he began to spank the beautiful super-heroine with the fetching pink mask framing her pretty long brown hair. She began to kick her long pink-booted legs and gasp with every spank that he delivered to her upturned bottom. She was trying not to give him the satisfaction that he had indeed found a way to worry her and stop her. He continued to spank until an alarm sounded and he suddenly stopped. " I took too long in dealing with you, Masked Lady In Pink and I have missed my deadline."

"See, Super Villain Type Goodness always triumphs over evil even if it is painful to the super- heroine."

"Curses - foiled by Masked Lady in Pink again," he ranted as he released her. Julie got up from her husbands lap and while rubbing her blazing bottom said "Next time we play this game, Jim Masked Lady in Pink will win and spank Super Villain type."

"I would not have it any other way, my dear." And off they went to tend to her stinging bottom.

The End.

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