Web-Ed's Note: That Girl was a popular sitcom on ABC in the late 60's, starring Marlo Thomas as Ann and Ted Bessell as her boyfriend, Donald. This is JimC's take on those characters.

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marlo thomas and ted bessell from That Girl

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That Girl - by JimC

Part 1

Ann was an aspiring actress and had just gotten a part in a commercial. In it she gets spanked and the director has told her to practice not only learning her lines, but to be aware of the action happening to and around her. He stresses that she should practice saying her lines while she is getting spanked as that is the way the commercial will be shot. The commercial is for men's shirts and the magazine ad had been a big success, so now they were going to do a parody of the ad as the ad. Her lines are about how good the shirts are, but her final line is "But don't take my word for it, after all, look at the position i'm in." The camera then is supposed to pan out and show that she was over a man's knee getting spanked in an expensive black formal dress wearing elbow length white gloves with pearls around her neck.

At home Ann began to think who she should rehearse this scene with. Her neighbor Judy was out of town and it should probally be a man as it would be an actor she would be working with. She thought about several of her actor friends, but they were busy with their own projects and could not help her. She then thought about asking her father as he had supported her ambition to be an actress, but she dismissed that idea as she was a grown woman and could not ask her father to give her a spanking (she also remembered it had not been that many years ago that she had been over his paternal knee and having the back of a black old-fashioned hairbrush applied very vigorously and painfully to her upturned and very bare bottom and he might think if she was in that position he might give her a real one and that would defeat the purpose of the rehearsing anyway. That left her boyfriend, Donald to rehearse with her. Ann was just 21 with shoulder length black hair and was about 5'5". Donald was 23 with brown hair and was almost 6' tall and worked as a writer for a magazine in the city. He had helped her with many problems that she had encountered and while she did call him her boyfriend, they had not been intimate and they did date others and had not talked about their relationship as long term even though seperatly they did think that the other was going to be their future mate. But they had careers and ambitions to think of first and there was time for the future later. They were supposed to have a date that night, but they would have to cancel that so that Ann could rehearse her part.

End of Part 1


Donald knocked on Ann's door for their date. When he came in he noticed that she was not dressed to go out, so it must be that they were doing something else. Ah... such are the joys of dating an actress he thought to himself. "Donald, We can't go out tonight as i need you to help me rehearse for my part."

"Sure, honey; What do you need me to do?" Ann looked away for a moment then turned back and looked straight at him and said "I need you to spank me."

"What did you just say?" he replied. Ann then repeated her request "I need you to spank me!" and then she explained what the director had told her and how much she needed his help.

"Okay, Honey what do you need me to do?" Ann gave him the script to read and she explained about the pauses and the spanking as she read her lines and did her different looks and movements. After a few minutes of this Ann decided that they had better practice the spanking part now. Donald sat back on the couch where they had been sitting and grabbing a throw pillow put it over his lap and looked at Ann. Ann gulped as since they had not been intimate and this was going to be a very intimate moment she heitated for just a moment then climbed over his lap. She was pleased that he had done the gentlemanly thing and made her comfortable by putting the pillow where he did. Ann was wearing a pair of dark slacks and she did not know how this position had shaped her bottom. Donald was glad he had put the pillow there as it did hide the surge in his manhood when he felt her weight over his lap. They both hesitated a moment then the professional in Ann took over and she directed Donald to begin spanking her. He raised his arm and delivered a mighty pat to her upturned bottom.

"That's fine Donald, but it may have to be a little harder." The next spank was too hard and so he spanked her about 10 times with different degrees of force and then Ann had decided on one. For the next hour they rehearsed with Donald finally getting the pauses, spaces between spanks and hardnes of spanks just right. After the hour Ann decided that she was ready and called a stop to the rehearsal and got up off of his lap. They talked for just a few minutes and then Donald kissed her good night and departed.

As soon as the door closed behind him Ann rubbed her bottom reflexively and said to herself "I'm glad i stopped it when i did my bottom was starting to heat up and soon it would have been like a real spanking." For his part Donald had enjoyed this date very much as he had gotten to see the pretty brunette in a different position and it had been fun in spanking her bottom most of the night as well.

The next day when Ann went to the studio she found the director to be distraught. He explained that the actor that was supposed to do the scene with her had been in an accident and they would have to cancel or postpone the filming until they could cast a replacement. Ann suddenly had a great idea. She explained to the director that she had practiced with her boyfriend and he knew the scene and he could do it. He did wear the brand of shirts that they were advertising as well so the director agreed to see him and see how it turned out. She called Donald and explained her problem and he had some freedom in how he researched his articles so he would come and help her. As a writer he had joined some different unions esp. the actor's union so he could be with his actress girlfriend and the magazine liked their writers to have the different credentials so they could get interviews and insights that they might not get otherwise and it had come in handy with some stories that he had done before he had met her.

End of Part 2


While Donald was getting to the studio they took Ann to Wardrobe and got her ready just in case that they could use Donald. When Donald arrived Ann was ready she looked fabulous in this black long dress and with the elbow-length gloves and the jewelry that she was wearing she looked every bit like she was going to a film premiere or the opera. The director did like Donald and he wanted to try the scene so he had Donald sit down in this large padded chair and a stage hand put a pillow on his lap just as they had practiced the night before and Ann with no hesitation at all climbed over Donald's lap. She marvelled for a moment how secure she felt in this position then it was to work. They did some sound bites and some preliminary spanks and then they were ready. Ann delivered her lines perfectly while Donald spanked her and they were able to finish it faster than expected. The director was pleased and Donald kissed Ann goodbye and went back to work while Ann got back into her street clothes.

When she came out of Wardrobe the director was waiting for her. He was happy on many levels. 1st he was happy that she had followed his instructions about preparing for the role, then he was also pleased that she had been quick to offer a solution to the problem and by her preperation with Donald they actually did not need the extra rehearsal time or to keep the studio set for more than was needed. So he offered her a role in an off-Broadway show that he was producing and directing. Ann was happy about these developments and went home with thoughts of how secure that she had felt while over Donald's lap and having her bottom spanked. During the night she woke up with several dreams about being spanked by Donald. At first she was startled by these feelings and as the night wore on she actually found that she wanted another spanking from Donald (one of a more intimate nature). That night when Donald arrived she kissed him warmly and thanked him for being there for her and then had him sit down and began by talking about a particular subject. "You know Donald i felt a great deal of security while being over your lap and began to wonder how you would punish me if i was naughty."

Donald looked closely at Ann to see if she was pulling his leg and then answered back "What exactly are you asking for, Ann?" She replied "A spanking, a real spanking. Please spank me Donald." Donald could not believe his luck and thought about how far he could go with this request.

"Okay Honey, but you have to understand it will hurt, you will cry and it will be with you over my knee on your bare bottom. Understand?"

"I agree to your terms." With that Donald took his jacket off and began to roll his sleeves up. Sitting down on the couch again he patted his lap in silent invitation. Ann took the cue and pulled her white pants and panties down and almost glided over Donald's waiting lap for the 3rd time in as many days. A few minutes to position her and hold her close abd he began the spanking. The spanking was much harder and soon the pretty brunette was sobbing softly and kicking her legs, but not making any effort to escape the flurry of spanks that were raining down on her bottom. Suddenly it was over and Donald helped her up off his lap and then had her sit on his lap to cuddle and comfort her. She sighed and said "You know i was right."

"About what Honey?"

"That it was unseemly for a grown woman to ask her father for a spanking, but there is nothing wrong with asking your boyfriend to give you a spanking. Thank you, Donald that was a great spanking that you gave me." And it wasn't over yet as he had her stand up and led her to the bedroom for some more intimate pursuits after a spanking and maybe later another spanking Ann hoped. Donald had the same plans in mind.

End of part 3


Ann felt the bed move as Donald leaned over her and whispered in her ear, "Ann, Honey, wake up it is time for another spanking!"

"It's too early in the morning for a spanking," she groused, but she got up, padded around the bed to where Donald was sitting, kissed him and got over his lap and giving him an enticing bottom wiggle was ready for another spanking. Donald looked at the lush beauty over his knee and was very proud of his girlfriend at the moment. Ann for her part was more aware of her surroundings for her 4th spanking in as many days. She felt Donald's manhood surge beneath her belly; her legs felt his muscles in his thighs; her waist was encircled lovingly but firmly by his left arm and she felt secure in her position over his knee even though she knew in a few minutes her bottom would became very red and warm. She glanced back over her shoulder and watched as Donald positioned her a little more and then after caressing her bottom for a few moments lifted his right arm slowly in the air and delivered a stinging spank to her very bare bottom.

Ann was completely nude as was Donald. Ann focused on a picture above her bed as she felt the smacks and heard her own gasps and his exertions as well. It was not as hard as the spanking the night before, but it did feel like it might be awhile before she could sit properly. Donald spanked her slowly letting his hand linger over her bottom every few moments just to feel the silkiness and see how much heat her bottom might be generating as he did not want her to be too uncomfortable when he made love to her after the spanking and before he had to go back to his place to get ready for work. He spanked until her bottom was warm and rosy and then took her on his lap to comfort her. They made love and Ann marveled at the tingles that her bottom felt when she first sat down someplace.

Later that morning a messenger deliver a script for the play that she was going to in from the director of her spanking commercial. As she read through it she smiled wryly and thought to herself, "well it looks like Donald is going to have to rehearse with me again; I just hope my bottom can take it!" At dinner that night Ann became engaged and was told that she would be a spanked fiancée, a freshly spanked bride and an oft-spanked wife. She would not have it any other way.

Through their years together Donald changed careers as he became a writer of erotic spanking stories and Ann continued her professional life with the director who found his niche in recreating mainstream movies off Broadway that contained spankings...ahh...such are the joys of an aspiring actress.

The End.

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