The Last Temptation of Supergirl

By John Feer


Supergirl is subjected to all manner of indignities, including being paddled by her own alter-ego, Linda Danvers!


Dedicated to Mr. X, Nergd, Homer Vargas, and a host of others.

NOTICE: If you are under 18 or easily offended by literary portrayals of sexuality, then please leave post-haste. This story is intended for mature adults and is not suitable for children.

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Supergirl drawn by Jim Mooney starfire from adventure #407 Supergirl and Mary Marvel drawn by Ed Benes
Supergirl - our heroine, as drawn by Jim Mooney in her silver-age mini-skirted costume. Linda Lee Danvers - Kara's alter-ego, as drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger Supergirl and Guest Star Mary Marvel - as drawn by Ed Benes.
starfire from adventure #407

"Each swat of the paddle caused Supergirl to grunt and shudder with renewed bliss. She hadn't had a spanking like this since her youth in lost Argo City!"

Characters © DC Comics Inc. Copy edited by the Web-Ed.

This story originally appeared on, and is reprinted by permission of the author.

Starfire - our story's villainess, drawn by Mike Sekowsky. (Not to be confused with the Teen Titans heroine of the same name).

Chapter 1

Linda Danvers (AKA Supergirl) was pregnant. All of Stanhope College knew it, her parents were horrified by it, Superman was still not speaking to her...knocked up like a mare in April. To facilitate the transition to single motherhood Mr and Mrs Danvers bought their wayward daughter a nice cottage off campus so she could swell in peace.

Well of course, it's okay for Linda Danvers co-ed to be knocked up, but if her Alter Ego Supergirl started flying around town with a big babymound they'd be all kinds of controversy. For one thing her good-girl image would take a beating...something that caused cousin Kara to giggle with an "if-they-only-knew feeling" upon occasion.

Fortunately preggers super heroines are a rarity, thus many of Supergirl's contemporaries would drop by to chat and admire her huge round tummy. The Amazon sisters Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were frankly envious of Linda's condition...another thing that made our heroine giggle upon occasion.

"If Steve Trevor only knew how desperate Diana is to have a baby of her own" though the Kryptonian Cutie.

Her tummy was SUCH a prime attraction that Supergirl was able after long negotiations to convince Mary Marvel to take over her superheroinely duties in and around Stanhope and Midvale. Thus the Girl of Steel's pregnancy was kept a secret from the public.

As for the Father well, Linda Danvers had perfected a ditzy don't-quite-know-WHO-the-father-is act that left the vague impression that she was drunk at the Midvale Drive In and let some young swain have his way with her. The truth of the paternity was another one of those if-they-only-knew-factoids that made Linda giggle. The fact was that EVERYTHING made Supergirl giggle, pregnancy truly agreed with her, she was blissful happy eating right getting exercise...her invulnerable body had nary a stretch mark. Kara was even psyched when her belly expanded to such ridiculous proportions that it became apparent she was carrying triplets.

At six months she had the sleek firm belly of a woman in her final weeks, being superhuman, Kara put her time to good use lovingly constructing a nursery with three little cribs and building a breast pump capable of keeping up with her abundant flow of milk. This was no joke as she was already spontaneously lactating-the consequences of her hormone sturge amplified by her super metabolism.

The only fly in the ointment was a recent rash of armed robberies that commenced with the theft of a valuable artifact from the Stanhope Museum by armed masked women! They had purloined one of the oldest occult talismans ever recovered, the pendant of Brone, literally a fetish object favored by Neolithic Shaman. What was worse they had followed up this crime with a series of after-hours bank jobs virtually on a weekly basis. The murky security cam videos showed a disciplined pair of thieves in cowls and fetching black tights.

The press had dubbed them the "Gold Dust Twins of Crime".

Linda however discerned a darker motive, for example it had gone almost un-commented upon that both girls were consulting a schedule strapped to their gloved wrists. This indicated that they were being trained and instructed by someone else, an unseen mastermind blithely staging crimes practically under Supergirl's pert little nose! Alas Mary Marvel chose this week to go on her first mission with the Justice League so there were few hero options that Kara could call in.

It was almost like she was being taunted....

It also irked Kara that ever since she'd dropped out of sight when she started showin', the press hadn't commented on her disappearance! "I NEVER get the press cousin Kal-El gets - it's unfair!" thought the Girl of Steel. Days passed and the two-chick crime wave rolled inexorably on, Mary Marvel didn't put in an appearance leading Supergirl to think her Justice League commitments could drag on for weeks. The Girl of Steel grew uncharacterically impatient, "they could loot the whole town before Mary gets back!" Finally she decided to discreetly suit up and see if she could quietly track the crooks back to their hide out. She could then tip off the police and go back to breeding in peace. Picking out the right costume proved a chore, most of her later versions weren't compatible with her fertile pregnant figure. Finally Supergirl dug out her old blue long-sleeved minidress which with an adjustment of the belt became a sort of caped pregnancy shift.

Supergirl proved quite a sight in that old outfit with her babymound insolently poking out...fascinated, our heroine primped in front of her full length mirror for almost 15 minutes before flying off to Midvale. "Great Krypton I was MADE to have babies" exulted the Heroine.

Under the cover of darkness no-one would notice that Supergirl had a bun in the oven...or three buns for that matter. Simple deduction indicated to the blonde blockbuster, that the Midvale Savings Bank would probably been next on the robbers list. Up until now they'd concentrated on big state-wide banks, but now with the police alerted, undoubtedly the crooks would change their tactics. Lightly the Girl of Steel landed on a rooftop across the street from her proposed target.

She waited SOMETHING was bound to happen!

Hours passed, Supergirl sat on the roof edge, dangled her perfect legs, and ran through some likely baby-names. She was hungry but decided that pizza delivery might not be able to handle the demands of a preggers kryptonian woman.

That thought made her giggle.

A car pulled up across the street, being all of 3am it looked routinely suspicious, a quick scan with her x-ray vision revealed that the car was unmanned guided by a complex servo-mechanism. Which is when Supergirl heard a crump sound from inside the bank-a bomb had gone off! An alarm rang steadily in Kara's super-ears.

Suddenly two masked girls burst through the front doors laden with sacks of money they piled into the back seat of the car which pealed out and headed down the street. "Clever" murmured Supergirl who took to the skies in a leisurely pursuit "A robot car obliterates the need to train a getaway driver-less stress for the two burglars!"

The robo-car sped out of town towards a secluded portion of the Stanhope campus, predicably the police didn't give chase owing to the speed of the crime.

"This has all the hallmarks of a real master...Luthor? Catwoman?" thought Supergirl glad to have interrupted her nesting for a real professional. She soared a good distance tracking their course with her super-vision confident that her precautions were working.

Fifteen miles out of town the car came to an abrupt halt, the two burglesses tumbled out and into an abandoned observatory on the edge of the Stanhope Campus. the observatory had been a prime acquisition in 1914, but the advent of radio telescopy had rendered it obsolete, chronic problems with the annual fund had prevented its demolition. Kara landed a short distance away and gave the facility a thorough x-raying but this is where her luck turned bad, the underground levels of the observatory comprised a series of lead lined film vaults thus blocking our heroine's scans!

"This is a problem" thought Supergirl, "They could be anywhere down there, I could be sending the police into a trap-ohhh, whatever happened to a nice run-down shack outside of town!?"

She dithered for a few moments and finally decided to bust in ascertain the crooks exact location and THEN Tip off the police.

Confidently the Blonde Blockbuster strode over to observatory entrance, she was gratified to note the crooks hadn't even locked the front door. If her normally keens wits hadn't been dulled by proverbial "mommy-dopiness" Supergirl MIGHT'VE suspected a trap...alas for her she walked right up and quietly started down the metal spiral staircase.

The lower levels were unlit (as usual) and Supergirl crept around with exaggerated discretion hoping to get her info early and then clear out. "If the underworld ever found out about my condition I'd become a laughingstock". A long dark hallway loomed in front of Supergirl sealed off by a lead-line door at the end, her superhearing could detect faint voices from behind it but our heroine wanted to get closer to listen in detail.

Confidently Supergirl strode down the hallway oblivious to the gaudy looking welcome-map that sat in front of the door. Sidling up close Kara bent one delicate ear to the door and was rewarded with the usual post-crime banter indulged by crooks. She began making a mental note of the exact location of the underground hide-a-way when suddenly a powerful updraft of air issued from the formerly innocent welcome mat! Supergirl's skirt was tossed wa-ay up over her hips and threatened to expose her babymound! Reacting instinctively Our heroine gave off a peeping shriek of embarrassment and tried futilely to get her flapping mini under control. The updraft kept up it's work occupying Kara whilst unbeknownst to her the door had quietly opened up to reveal the leathercatsuited figure of Starfire the Maid of Might's greatest foe!

The diamond eyepatched evildoer was wearing strange necklace around her neck that glowed green...the shameless-she devil gave a nasty chuckle at the heroine's predicament.

Supergirl glanced up in shock, both her and Starfire took one long look at one another and howled "Yikes!" in unison. Starfire was appalled to see her favorite victim in an advanced maternal state, and Supergirl was just plain appalled to be wrestling with her skirt under the gaze of her Number one foe!

The villianess regained her composure first though, and ruthlessly leaned forward taking the heroine in her arms and KISSING Supergirl hard on the lips!

The Girl of Steel was shocked! quite literally, a melting heat shot through her lovely body, the liplock lingered and the Heroine's arms felt heavy she could FEEL the weight of her stomach suddenly!

Their lips broke, Starfire favored her nemesis with a smirk "feeling ever so sleep-ee Supergirl?"

Her head was spinning in the most delicious way"I-uh...feel weak" groaned the Maid of Might...her perfect legs buckled underneath her & the floor rushed up! Or it would have if she hadn't been caught by Minya and Mothra Starfire's twin bankbusting henchgirls. Our heroine snoozed quietly while being held up by Starfire's tiny gang.

"I told you the updraft device would work better than any alarm, if it's one thing I know it's my favorite kryptonian here."

The villainess looked over Supergirl appraisingly, "Oh lord she just HAD to get knocked up, that rules out the rack, the spankerium...even the dildo-bed..what fun can we have now?"

"Yeah it's a ticklish situation" opined Mothra.

"Mothra YOU are a genius!" exclaimed Starfire...

"I am?"

"YES! Strap Supergirl to the special hospital gurney at a nice safe 45 degree angle and...carefully remove her boots!"

Chapter 2

Slowly Supergirl awoke to the usual situation, she was strapped down and every effort to burst her bonds met with failure. Her boots were missing but otherwise she was unharmed. Our heroine sighed..."so much for discretion" she thought. She was planted on a gurney tilted at an angle inside Starfire's torture chamber a place that Supergirl knew well, as every time the villainess temporarily deprived the heroine of her powers she ended up here for days on end.

Involuntarily She smiled-not that she ENJOYED that sort of thing!

The door flew open and in minced Starfire eager to begin the games!

"HAH! Supergirl pregnancy has dulled your concentration otherwise you'd a known the Brone artifact has a deleterious effect on extra-terrestrials!"

"Why you-..." snarled Supergirl who ALWAYS played her part well pulling and yanking at her restraints.

"Temper-temper Kara, the effect is sadly temporary but lets not think of the future my love...!" Starfire bent over her captive and kissed her hard on the lips..."Ghod this blonde is just too much FUN" enthused the evildoer.

"Where are my boots Starfire?!" fired back the heroine.

Funny thing about being much b&d stuff we can't do even if you were super which you aren't for the moment".

"Can't whip you"

"Can't toss you on the rack"

"The dildo-bed is out"

"and that big stomach of your makes over-the-knee spanking less than what to do?"

All through-out this soliloquy Starfire circled the gurney lazily and sat down right next to Kara's two exposed feet.

Absently mindedly she began drumming her long fingers on Supergirl's bare soles.

"What to do hmmm" she muttered.

The Girl of Steel TRIED to stiffle her giggles but over the course of five minutes they started leaking out in yips and snorts.

Starfire pretended mock amazement "Why-why-why Supergirl isn't TICKLISH? Is she?"

"I don't believe it!" by way of proof Starfire started working both feet at once...much weakened by magicks and pregnancy Supergirl howled with laughter!

"Wha-ha-ha-haHAHA! Sto-op !" whined Kara...

"You are right this is silly for an international super-crook like me to be tickling you like this...I should make use of a FEATHER to do a proper job!"

And with that Starfire produced a long fresh ostrich plume and brushed it repeatedly all over Kara's scrunched up toes!

Supergirl giggled uncontrollably as Starfire caressed her bare feet with the feather. "You supercilious superheroines are all pushovers once I take to tickling you! "snarled the villainess happily-this was more like it!.

It was all too true-all her life Supergirl had been appallingly ticklish! A problem she thought she'd never have to face once she gained superpowers-but now helpless in the clutches of Starfire her worst nemesis our heroine knew authentic erotic fear!

Worse, the Girl of Steel had tiny well groomed white feet each pedicured toenail daintily painted red. "Oh God, all you heroine chicks act so tough but you're all really powder-puff femme's underneath"-chided Starfire. And with that she started fingering Supergirl's exposed white arches "it just gets better and better!" thought Starfire.

"Hee-hee s-s-stop! You'll never get away with this!" gasped the powerless Girl of Steel. Already her loins were sopping wet if she couldn't get free soon she'd climax and be at Starfire's mercy for sure!

Starfire leans over and whispers into the maid of might's ear " Ooh poor lil' Supiegirrl...all knocked up and pregnant does your husband know you're out fighting crime in your third trimester?"

Supergirl blushed in shock and twisted her head away from Starfire's taunts tugging at her bonds with renewed futility.

"How often does a girl get the chance to tickle the pregnant tummy of the world's mightiest female?

Supergirl's shocked features dissolved immediately into peals of feminine giggles as her tormentor began lightly fingering her round stomach. Already she could feel herself rising on that soft pink cloud of sexual exaltation.

"Ha-hah-ha please sto-o-o-p" whined the blonde blockbuster but she was building towards a climax even as her fast weakening flesh was teased and tormented.

"Who's your mistress?" crooned Starfire "Telll meee..." as she circled her fingers on the soles of her victim's tiny feet.

"N-n-never! Gha-ha-ha-ha ooh sto-o-p!"

Starfire sat back a bit nonplused "This knocked up crime buster is proving a chore" she thought, "I better vary my tactics or I'll be here all night!"

"Now what...color panties do you suppose a sweet innocent super heroine like you actually wears under that utterly impractical skirt...? "

"Starfire No!" squeaked the Maid of Might but the vampy villainess was undeterred she rolled up Supergirl's blue skirt and savagely tugged off her precious panties!

"Blue? Oh Supergirl you are such a Barbie Doll! Only cheerleaders wear matching panties...God forbid someone should look up that miniskirt of your's and glimpse anything!"

"Jesus Christ Sweetie, how do you prevent it from puffing up when you land?"

Supergirl sniffled and shed a tear of pure embarrassment her agony turned to laughter as Starfire once again started tickling her feet. A gushy submissive feeling was surging up her spinal cord and battering her brain, Supergirl's distended belly felt s-o-o tender to the touch if Starfire tickled her there she'd cum for sure!

Starfire laid off her vellication momentarily allowing our heroine to catch a shuddery breath. Slowly a satanic smile creased her cruel features...y-e-e-s-s I wonder she thought.

Starfire pulled up Supergirl's blue skirt with a violent jerk-she was shocked to discover that the girl of steel regularly shaved her pubic hair-she was completely bare!!!

"What do we have here? "crooned the bossy bitch," a shaved pussy-I don't believe it!?! Our Li'l Supergirl shaves her pubic hair"!

Whispering in the mortified heroines ear Starfire smirked "I'll bet that husband of yours just insisted didn't he? Did you also promise to love, honor, AND OBEY?"

The knocked up Maid Of Might only wept in response "If she only knew!?" she thought miserably. With great deliberation Starfire rolled up the hem of the maid of steel's ( laughably short) skirt and gazed rapturously upon her bare teenybopper vagina...In for a penny in for a pound she murmured and began slowly caressing it with the ostrich feather.

Supergirl inhaled sharply, screwed her eyes shut, and bit her lip-"no-no I can't give in I'm a superheroine I can't let her dominate me this way!" she thought.

Languidly the feather stroked her slit, involuntarily the helpless girl of steel bucked her hips trying to escape the gentle torment. Starfire would have none of that, with more vigor she parted Supergirl's lower lips and began tickling the moist folds of womanhood within. Supergirl began thrashing, giggling and crying all at the same time "wha-hoo hah hah hah! Starfire Plea-a-ase!"

" Oh No Supergirl I'm going to tickle you until you beg for mercy!" Suddenly the laughter took on a huskier more plaintive note Supergirl could feel her resistance draining away with every brush of that awful dear feather.

With her other hand Starfire began carefully fingering the Maid of Might's maternal stomach while squeezing and stimulating her clitoris-on cue Supergirl's blue eyes batted wide open and her mouth formed a silent "O" of pure erotic surprise! Faster and faster Starfire worked over the hampered heroine's round stomach and raw pubes giving her victim no time to recover. not that Supergirl really wanted to resist unconsciously she was bucking her hips to meet her feathery dominator while her round belly rose and fell with each new attack from Starfire's magic digits.

"Oh-no,no nooo-I can't be enjoying this! "

But of course she was a happy prisoner of that slick weak feeling presaged a truly Olympian climax. Starfire, sensing her quarry was approaching the moment of truth motioned abruptly for Minya to bring over the fabled "Bitch Buster" an electronic vibrating anal dildo so effective it was device # 2 on the Superheroines wanted list! As our gal from Krypton sweats and squirms Minya delicately inserts the seven inch marvel into her exposed anus.

"No-please not back there I've never had any....whoop heah ha-ha-ha-ha!" Starfire dug her fingers extra-deeply into Supergirl's exposed feet to forestall any tedious pleas. The dildo slid inside our heroine's exposed anus without any resistance. Finally Minya activated the dildo via remote control.

The effect was almost instantaneous Supergirl moaned piteously as her anal virginity was vanquished - she actually shed a tear at the loss of her "backdoor maidenhead ( like all "good" girls Supergirl was saving herself for someone special). The anal vibrator's action was causing her head to swim robbing her of what little strength she had left. With her super-captive rapidly becoming a moaning sweating pregnant mass of pure female eroticism Starfire allowed her self a small smile of triumph "she always was a closet pushover" thought the villainess.

Just as Starfire's tickle torment was reaching it's crescendo, Supergirl felt her wits spiral away and her whole body wrapped in a warm submissive sensation and with a panting sigh she surrendered to the sweet fire that emanated from her much manipulated cleft.

"Eeeeeeaaaaaauuuuughhhh!" Howled Supergirl engulfed at last by the most brain battering orgasm of her career!

And what was worse the caped crimefightress was helplessly multi-orgasmic-Starfire took advantage of her buxom foes overflowing sexuality by leaning in and giving Supergirl a relentless tongue lashing as shattering climax after climax swept through the conquered superheroine.

Drained of power and resistance the pregnant powerhouse made an appealing bondagette nonetheless . As Supergirl languished in a daze, Starfire leaned over and whispered "C,mon baby-doll who's your mistress?".

"Y-You are"...Supergirl sniffed

"You are...what?" murmured the victorious vixen ominously

"You are my mistress Starfire!" sobbed the humiliated Heroine.

"YES! at last she submits!" Starfire exuberantly french kissed a shocked Supergirl ( who found herself enjoying the discreet attention after her ordeal).

Minya, Mothra, untie our guest and see that she's made "at home" I'll rejoin you shortly!

Starfire fairly floated out of the room with happiness.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile the two musclebound henchgirls unbound the exhausted captive loosely handcuffed her, attached a leather slave collar around her delicate swan like neck and lead our heroine down the hall to the guest quarters.

The "guest quarters" was a well appointed room dominated by a

huge canopied bed. A sizable high chair completed the luxurious furnishings. Mothra and Minya lead their captive over to the chair uncuffing her and gesturing her to climb up onto the seat.

no-way I'm NOT getting locked into THAT thing! Supergirl brattily asserted. The henchgirls sighed collectively ( why do all costumed superwomen have to be so damn obstreperous? thought the mesomorphic duo) and matter of factly forced the struggling Superheroine up into the chair. Mothra recuffed Supergirl's wrists to the arm rests while Minya snapped the tray into place with a leering flourish.

Supergirl continued to struggle prettily if futilely, she tugged at her cuffs, kicked her too shapely bare legs, thrust out her milk heavy breasts, before finally subsiding into a school girl pout. All this amused and aroused M&M greatly "hey Supergirl better behave yourself or we'll put a pacifier in your mouth!" laughed Minya.

Meanwhile, Mothra wheeled an overladen breakfast cart over to Supergirl's high chair and began loading her tray up with a vast breakfast assortment. Minya added insult to injury by tying a big terry cloth bib around the Girl of Steel's neck.

Our heroine might have been outraged by this latest humiliation however the temporary loss of her super powers as well as Starfire's tickle torment had left the maid of might well...ravenously hungry! Being six months pregnant only complicated matters "I may be a crimefighter but I'm still eating for four" reflected Supergirl ruefully.

The two henchgirls started spoon feeding their captive hot oatmeal with brown sugar alternating with sips of herbal tea. The Girl Of Steel ate every bite without demure. She even favored her captors with a big submissive "all done" smile when she had finished off the last bagel and cream cheese!

Mothra, leaned over the tray and favored Supergirl with a sisterly peck on the cheek I wish I was pregnant she whispered...Minya and I would make great mommies...but what man could tame us? I-I stammered Supergirl her thought unfinished as Mothra put two fingers up to the heroines perfect lips and intoned Shhhh... Don't speak...

"For that fact Supergirl who tamed you? I mean yeah Starfire tickled the shit out of you but who enticed you into bed eh?" Minya smirked and started getting Supergirl out of the high chair. Our heroine was gently let down, Mothra tugged on her slave collar and led the cowed captive off to the bathroom. It was an ornate second-empire affair with multiple mirrors and a huge bath tub-Supergirl was impressed with the decor. Okay "Maid Of Might" strip! barked Minya.

huh what here? stammered the shocked pregnant powerhouse-that's right take it all off now!! bellowed the gorgeous musclegirl. Embarrassment welled up inside Supergirl as she meekly complied, first the cape was detached and she loosened her belt letting her improbably short blue skirt drop to the floor. Shyly she turns away from her two leering captors while she works her blue "S" blouse over her maternal stomach.

"Don't mind us Supergirl the view's just fine from behind" sniped Mothra.

"Yeah sweetie how do you keep that ass of your's so trim?" Our heroine blushed beet red as she released her lace nursing bra allowing her milk enlarged breasts to audibly slosh free. Demurely Supergirl tried to cover up her naked bust with one hand whilst inadequately trying to shield her venus mound with the other. The whole effect was to make the pregnant heroine look forlorn and alittle helpless-the two henchgirls sighed in wordless appreciation.

But only for a moment, "O.K. Supergirl time to go potty!" leered Minya, "plop that succulent ass of yours down on that ornate toilet AND START WHIZZING!! "thundered the henchgirl dominatrix.

"I-I-won't I refuse to be toilet trained by a matched set of beefcake bitches!" snarled the maid of steel (could that be me talking the once sweet innocent co-ed mused inwardly...Starfire is having an unpleasant effect on me!).

Supergirl thrust out her huge nursing breasts and stood her ground gorgeous gams spread wide...M&M shrugged and tackled their captive pushing her down onto the toilet with an audible plop.

Still the blonde blockbuster struggled determined not to yield in such a embarrassing matter. Mothra was obliged to pin our heroine's arms to her sides whilst Minya attached extra long cuffs that ran chains from their captives wrists to eyelets implanted in the tile floor. Mothra, sat back and wiped the sweat from her brow as Supergirl vainly squirmed in her new bondage.

"Start running the water for her bath, that might loosen up her bladder" ordered the pumped powerhouse. Minya complied immediately, while her cohort shifted around to Supergirl's front. Experimentally she took up one of the captive's tiny feet in her hand-and started tickling remorselessly!

"Ye-ow-wha-ha-ha-ha nooo stop" wailed the defeated superheroine.

"Minya over here-grab her other foot we'll have her pee-ing in no time!"

"Not so tough now are you bitch!" bellowed Minya while happily fingering Supergirl's other foot.

Thrash though she might Supergirl could not escape the agony of the twins tickling torment. Minya was even carefully inserting her devilish fingers between Supergirl's bare toes tickling the soft untouched sensitive flesh therein. Her vagina felt like it had been filled with hot melted butter and all her earlier defiance vanished as her poor toes were once again worked over.

Laughing and crying simultaneously Supergirl felt her bladder give a lurch-great krypton she really did have to pee!

Sensing their victim had to go M&M both reached out with one free hand ( the other kept up it's assault) and gently pressed on Supergirl's lower abdomen.

Mothra snarled "now-make-some-wee-wee-for Mommy!!"

With a sob that but poorly masked a petite orgasm Supergirl began uncontrollably urinating weeping most piteously the whole time. Starfire's two cronies laid off their tickling and savored the sight of a defeated Girl of Steel.

"Is our little super-girl gonna obey orders now?" smirked Mothra

yes snuffled the powerless avenger

"But are you gonna be a good little girl?" Because if you give us any more trouble I put you in a diaper! snarled Minya

"I-I'll be a good little girl" said Supergirl with downcast eyes.

Once Supergirl was done she was ordered to her feet where Minya wordlessly wiped down the captive's vagina with some toilet paper. With a sharp swat on Supergirl's pert ass she ordered Kara into the huge bath tub. Humbled-she stepped into the tub, Minya elected to gently pull the girl of steel's hair back into a ponytail tying the luxuriant blonde tresses off with an elastic band. To facilitate the bathing process the twin tormentor's elected to strip out of their matching Emma Peel leather playsuits. The maid of might couldn't help but stare at their twin busty beauty.

Once settled into the warm water Supergirl became unusually submissive quietly acquiescing as the twin cronies soaped up her shapely curves. She sighed dreamily as Mothra soaped her huge mom-to-be breasts. Minya meanwhile was washing down Supergirl's defenseless womanhood-our heroine was even so thoughtful as to spread her long legs...wide.

"When are you due?" queried Minya

Three more months.

"Three months? Girl friend you are huge for only six months along" smiled Mothra.

"Yeah, isn't it great?" murmured the maid of might

All three enjoyed an intimate feminine giggle together.

Supergirl leaned her head and shoulders back into Mothra's lap while Minya renewed her wash cloth invasion of their captive's shaved snatch. Hooking her legs gently over the shoulders of the girl of steel Mothra managed to passively pin Supergirl in place. Our heroine barely demurred as she slowly surrendered to the incessant rubbing down below. Abruptly Minya shifted her wash action from Supergirl's defenseless pussy to her huge round stomach. As compensation she ran two expert finger's into the caped crimefightress's womanhood and began massaging her aroused clitoris.

Oooooooooh moaned Supergirl in inarticulate appreciation, Mothra leaned forward and planted a lingering french kiss on the ruby red lips of the captured heroine. Of course Supergirl responded and the two played a languid game of tongue tag whilst Minya lashed at Supergirl's love button.

"This is too nice" thought the superheroine, "these girl's really know a woman's weak spot!" She put up no resistance and came with a demure little moan.

Supergirl favored her captor's with a blissful smile and asked "anything I can do for you girls?"

Chapter 4

Mothra carefully untangled herself from Supergirl's shoulders and sat herself down next to her sister at the tubs edge-wordlessly she pointed to their two exposed pussies...our heroine got the hint.

Leaning in Supergirl shly rolled out her tongue and started licking Mothra's exposed pussy. She was also obliged to reach over to Minya and start massaging the henchbabe's open womanhood.

"Oh God you slave Bitch!!" moaned Mothra as their captives ministration's took hold.

"Fuck yes", agreed Minya.

Our heroine kept up her "service" for several minutes before the beefcake bitches both came simultaneously with loud groans.

Strangely Supergirl found herself enjoying this aspect of her servitude. By way of thanks Minya hauled Supergirl up out of the water and favored her with another french kiss that put the heroine in a sweet daze. She hardly noticed as Mothra gave her a vigorous drying off ( highlighted by a slow methodical rub-down of the crotch area) before wrapping their prize up in a big pink towel.

"Don't we look nice?"..cooed Minya patronizingly

"Oh yes thank you'am" replied the girl of steel meekly.

Supes is learning her lesson's well so far thought Minya but Starfire's got big plans for her yet!

Perfunctorily Mothra re-attached Supergirl's leather slave collar, cuffs, and leg irons.

"Ooh Mothra...I'll be good I don't need to chain me" cringed the once mighty caped crimebuster.

The duo paid her no mind and marched her out of the bathroom wordlessly.

Down the hall padded Supergirl flanked by her two guards. Eventually they came to an imposing oaken door which lead to an elaborate dungeon setup. Supergirl was astonished and unhappy to note the proliferation of racks, chains, whips, clamps, feathers, cages and other implements of ecstasy-er-torture. The captive was lead over to a huge X-frame where Minya began unlocking a formidable array of leather cuffs and chains.

Supergirl once again balked at the inevitable and began struggling with Mothra-I" won't be put up in that thing! I demand wha-hee hee hee no gasp stop!" Predictably the musclegirl had responded to Supergirl's latest futile resistance with a new round of tickling this time on the ribcage.

This caused our heroines cute little knees to buckle in the most adorable fashion leaving her gasping and giggling on all fours. Fruitlessly the heroine writhed on the floor her round stomach jiggling from excessive laughter.

Abruptly, Mothra stood up and snarled "Are you gonna be a good girl now?"

"Yes,yes please no more" breathed the conquered heroine.

Just to be sure Mothra gave Supergirl a stinging slap on the buttocks...which served only to send a queer little pleasant sensation tripping up the girl of steel's spine.

She smiled despite her obvious humiliation.

She gave them no more trouble and allowed herself to be chained to the X-frame.

Once they had the Girl of Steel thoroughly secured both girls favored her with a condescending pat on the tummy-Minya even gave our heroine a quick peck on the lips.

"What happens next?" Asked Kara.

"Starfire methodically turns you into her sex-slave" replied Mothra.

"Oh..." our heroine tried her Kryptonian best to conceal her vague excitement at this prospect.

And with that M & M departed out of the dungeon leaving their captive pregnant, gorgeous and well strapped to a Saint Andrew's Cross.

Supergirl tested her bonds as usual they were inescapable..."Oh what's a girl to do?" she thought with some ruefulness "I should never have come down here...If Mary-damn-Marvel had been on the job like she promised!"

Her train of recrimination was cut off by the sudden entry of Starfire into the dungeon. the villainess was clearly dressed for the occasion in jodhpurs, polished black leather riding boots, a low cut tight blouse and a black velvet cape trimmed with feathers.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? everyones favorite Superheroine is nice and comfy?" sang Starfire patronizingly.

yeah if you like being pushed around by a pair of beefcake bitches! drawled the captive.

"Oh dear defiance-haven't you learned ANYTHING yet?" Starfire walked over to and seized the crimebuster's exposed nipples giving them a vicious twist.

Supergirl's head snapped upward as she bit her lip and fought back tears of agonized pain-being pregnant her nipples were extra-sensitive!

Manhandling the twin glands Starfire crooned :are your poor titties sensitive hmmmm?" Kara tried to stifle her agonized moans with indifferent results.

Her brutal torment had one unexpected side effect-Supergirl started to involuntarily lactate! Warm mother's milk started dripping off Supergirl's tenderized teats. Soon Starfire's fingers were slick with the fluid the Maid of Might looked down in horror, her own breasts were betraying her!

Starfire, however couldn't be happier maybe this unexpected pregnancy thing would have it's own pleasures after all!

Oh yes breathed the villainess, you lovely milk-maid I think it's lunch time!

Starfire moved her face down on a level with Supergirl's huge right breast with a pleased sigh she took the brown nipple into her mouth and began gently sucking. And Lo! The Girl of Steel's sweet mother's milk flowed into starfire's mouth she gulped it down with relish.

Our heroine was (as usual) mortified-and hopelessly turned on by this unique stimulation.

"Starfire please no anything but...thi-i-is" moaned Supergirl unconsciously the protesting heroine was thrusting her breasts forward as her vampy dominatrix slurped contentedly on the copious bounty therein.

Starfire was deaf to Supergirl's plea's.

However she did take three fingers of her free hand and rammed them up the captive's weeping vagina!

this'll keep the silly teenybopper busy thought the villianess.

The effect was immediate, the maid of might began crying from an excess of sexual stimulation Starfire's expert fingers lashed at her poor clitoris causing the heroines' crotch to grow slick with love juice. Another mind numbing orgasm threatened Supergirl's poor willpower

"No-this time I must resist" thought the oversexed heroine alas the act of nursing for the first time in her young life proved decisive for the blonde crime buster-with a cry of pure erotic forfillment every one of her nerve endings seemingly exploded with sheer orgasmic force. She thrashed mightily in her bonds as sweet climax after climax rolled through her psyche-Starfire took this moment to step back and admire her pregnant prisoner. "I do believe she's really enjoying all this "thought Starfire. in fact I think she came down her for one last tie-up at my hands mused the arch-criminal. The regimen of bondage, nursing, and the forcible invasion of her womanhood left Supergirl utterly broken she slumped in exhaustion on the Saint Andrews Cross.

in a word the all powerful Supergirl was DOMINATED!


Starfire WAS right Supergirl did love it, any kind of bondage combined with danger had always given the heroine a queer little thrill. In fact the main reason she had kept up her career of crimefighting was it afforded her opportunities for danger and bondage-which were a strong aphrodisiac to the blonde heroine.

Alas for Supergirl ( being all but indestructible) opportunities for S & M play were few, until now at least. Starfire had clearly unlocked the secret submissive portion of Supergirl's personality!

"Well my dear, I had a rich menu of delectable tortures planned for you-alas due to your current condition I can't implement a single one..."

"So what're gonna do just let me go?" whimpered the girl of steel

"Heavens to betsy no!" Laughed Starfire This Girl is really too naive by half! thought the villainess.

"Inflicting physical pain on you is out...but that doesn't rule out mental torment!

Oh YES "supergirl" I'm going to torture you psychologically!"

"Brainwashing Starfire? Thats too lame even for you!" jeered our plucky heroine.

"Nothing so crude my love I'm going to utilize my own special mixture of virtual reality imagery and sexual stimulus to effect a basic revision in your core personality!"

"Wh-what are going to do?"

Starfire leaned in and gave her knocked-up captive a long sensual french kiss it's a good token of Supergirl's loss of will power that she responded without too many qualms.

Finally their lips parted Supergirl looked a little wistful Starfire only smirked.

"Using my VR system I'm going to do your husband a bigtime favor and turn you into the ultimate submissive. A docile sexually servile cringing fawning housewife!"

"No-never!!" grunted Supergirl and with renewed vigor she twisted and struggled futilely against her bonds.

"Turns you just thinking about it doesn't it sweetheart!?" jeered the villainess.

" mean you're six months pregnant what makes you think you can fly around catching criminals in your condition? I think you're having one last fling before slipping into the housewife and mom scene..All we need to do now is chain one of your ankles to the stove and the picture is complete!"

"Don't you dare tell me you haven't fantasized about it...I'll bet all your caped crimefighter girlfriends are quietly jealous of Supergirl. You wanted this all the time, Scratch a superheroine and you'll find a housewife underneath!-thats why I think you'll be soo receptive to my eh...ministrations."

Starfire turned and yanked on a bell-cord and within moments Minya and Mothra this time garbed in identical Czarist cavalry officer uniforms jogged into the dungeon.

"Ladies-patch our captive into the VR imaging know the drill yadda,yadda,yadda."

Dismissively Starfire turned and marched over to an elaborate PC set-up..

Once bound the heroine favored her captors with a defiant set to her chin however the best line she could muster was "Starfire you'll never get away with this!"

"Supergirl by the time my device gets through to you you'll regard slacks as dangerously un-feminine and pride yourself on your cocksucking skills" said the without looking up from her monitor.

"Mine-place the e-m circlet on her head-Super girl my VR system is more advanced than any other currently available it actually projects visual-audio-tactile information onto the brain."

"So you see my dear closing those beautiful blue eyes of yours won't help.lets fire this puppy up shall we?"

"One last point Supergirl this is not a mindreading machine it simply subjects your psyche to preprogrammed stimuli-I have no direct control over the scenario. I do know you'll probably see some friends and loved ones in the course of your "adventure".

"Farewell, sweet Maid of Steel when next we meet you'll be a new woman!"

Through all this exposition Supergirl remained abnormally confident that Starfire's machine wouldn't perform to the Villainess' expectation. However the scalp under the circlet was beginning to tingle in a strange way. Supergirl's view of the dungeon began to blur slightly.

Suddenly she was no longer chained to the chair but standing up unencumbered in a long indoor hallway lined with lockers on each side.

"How did I get here?-Hey I've got my costume back!?" It was true Supergirl was fully clothed in the familiar blue minidress, cape and boots.

Maybe the whole thing was a red-kryptonite hallucination thought Kara-but then what am I doing in an abandoned School corridor?

"Well-Well-Well your first day and you're late for class already" intruded a familiar voice.

Supergirl spun around and came face to face with LInda Danvers-her own secret identity!!!

Chapter 5

The pregnant blonde gaped in endearing astonishment-Linda favored her alter-ego with a malicious smirk.

"Sweetie I think you and I should have a nice quiet girl on girl talk" said the petite brunette.

"Supergirl stared in astonishment at Linda B-but you'! "she stammered.

"Yes I am a part of you...however I'm a part you heartlessly manipulate and suppress to suit your own damn whims!! We're looking good I see, Gawd-damn Supie you are as big as a house!"

Linda circled the astonished maid of might like a farmer surveying a prize cow. "Oh I can JUST imagine the nonsense your boyfriend had to put up with before coaxing you into the sack. I'll bet you even wept after he robbed you of your virginity-oh that always looks good!"

Linda punctuated this tirade by dodging behind the heroine and swatting at Supergirl's backside. Oow! yelped the blonde Clearly her powers were still gone even in this VR-simulation. Quickly She spun around to retaliate only to find Linda had seized Supergirl's left arm in a painful wrestling hold. The heroine wimpered piteously getting the upper hand was proving a difficult assignment!

"Bitch-after all these years I'm finally going to get even with you!"

With a brutal shove Linda forces our heroine to start marching down the hallway towards an unknown destination.

"Ever since you landed on earth you've been completely insufferable Kara...every time I had a date with Dick Malverne you dreamed up some damn reason to go off on patrol and of course I had to cover for you!"

"Can you recall one High School prom I ever attended? Oh-No! The Mighty Girl Of Steel had to be chasing down Lex Luthor on those nights!!!"

"I couldn't even try out for cheerleading! Too time consuming said YOU! AND besides what if someone recognized our legs in that teeny-tiny cheerleading skirt! Could be dangerous-especially when you consider THE TEENY-SKIRT-WE-WEAR-AS-Supergirl!!! "raged Linda oblivious of her captive's look of fear and shame.

"Ghod, I looked good in that cheering uniform too" fumed Linda.

BITCH! with her free hand Linda swatted Supergirl's behind again as a means of punctuation-Kara stifled her tears and kept marching.

"I had a really nice prom dress BOTH times too"...murmured LInda as if to herself.

"Now I've got you where I want you!" said Linda snapping out of her revelry.

"You are so Goddamned inconsiderate that you never even thought of me when it came time to get pregnant! I never wanted any of this I wanted to go to college get my degree, keep a string of guys...anything but sick dreary life of a super-housewife!"

"Okay Supergirl, if its home-n-hearth you want then that's what you'll get! I am here to instruct you in the basics of womanly behavior!"

They stopped before a classroom door-Linda released her hold on the Maid of Might and motioned her to enter to enter.

Supergirl walked in to an empty first grade of the pupils desks had clearly been modified to accommodate her round stomach. A bit embarrassed our heroine sits down without a word.

Behind Linda on the blackboard were written the words "A (Super) Woman's place is in the home!"

"Okay Supergirl I'll make it easy on you, I want you to write a 1,000 word essay detailing why you agree wholeheartedly with the statement written on the board!"

Kara favored her secret identity with her best blink-and-look-stupefied expression before sputtering "Hey! I don't agree with that statement at all!"

"Oh You don't do you!"-blazed Linda "well shit girlfriend what do you think is gonna happen when you finally give birth? Didn't think of that did you? I can see lectures and essays won't enlighten you so our only hope is the direct method GET YOUR PERT ASS UP HERE Supergirl!!!!!"bellowed Linda.

Supergirl sighed and meekly walked up to her "teacher's" desk when she got there she wordlessly bent over and gripped the edge of the desk with her hands.

Wait a minute how did I know what to do? What is Starfire doing to my mind?!?

"Oooh, you pretend to be a rough-tough superheroine but I know better you cow!" snarled Linda ... "I'm so sick of your trendy modern-girl pose Kara, here's where you learns the facts of life!"

Linda had positioned herself behind her preggers alter-ego, Supergirl looked back with wide eyes as Linda had armed herself with a ping-pong paddle.

Smirking with glee while her prisoner looked plainly terrified Linda lifted up Supergirl's tiny blue skirt leaving it bunched up at her hips. Wordlessly the brunette grabbed Supergirl's cute blue panties by the hem and pulled them down revealing the heroines exquisite derriere.

"Linda-please don't spank me on my bare behind" moaned the Maid of Might pathetically.

"Not good enough I'm afraid" and with that Linda that sorely abused much neglected secret identity swung back and loudly whacked Supergirl's exposed fanny. "O-o-o-w!" howled the hapless heroine, Linda relentlessly followed up swatting a rosey tattoo on her captive's exposed behind.

this is embarrassing thought Supergirl I'm being spanked like a naughty schoolgirl! Alas for our heroine the spanking was sending a vital rush of invigorating blood to her shamed nether regions. Supergirl was in a state of reluctant arousal her pussy a warm soupy sea of love juices unconsciously she stuck her ass out further to receive the beloved punishment. Tears ( Big Supergirl's don't cry!) intermingled with her pained grunts and occasional pleas for mercy.

Linda smirked triumphantly "I'm not stopping until you cry like a baby and apologize for the way you've treated me!"

But of course Kara was having way too much fun to give in just yet! Each swat of the paddle caused Supergirl to grunt and shudder with renewed bliss. She hadn't had a spanking like this since her youth in lost Argo City! Shamelessly the heroine began undulating her body in time with the spanking.

A fact that only enraged Linda all the more, "Why you're enjoying this aren't you!?!" Needled Linda. "A superhuman ,pregnant ,female, masochist-sounds like a National Enquirer headline."..Linda leaned in as she paddled and whispered into Supergirl's ear "Wait til my auto-biography is published, Linda Danvers-Alias Supergirl! I'll tell the world what a sanctimonious kinky slut you are!"

That got our heroines attention, she began to shiver and plead

"Oh Linda you wouldn't!" cringed the Girl of Steel.

"I'll tell them about that time in the showers with Wonder Girl!"

"Linda-sob-no"...don't begged Kara.

"Better yet how about Brainiac's "laboratory" the time that you actually had to masturbate in order to win your freedom! You know that horny android videotaped the whole thing-I wonder how I can get my hands on that footage? It'll make a great adult rental!"

Supergirl lapsed into inarticulate moans and cries all carefully timed to coincide with a blow from the paddle or one of Linda's revelations.

"Oh-oh and how about that time you and Batgirl "teamed up" to catch the Joker-all you did was hole-up in Big Sur and play dominatrix games!

Not only will I tell all but I'll even include all those self-bondage pix you've got hidden away!"

"Linda Pleeeaaaase!" Moaned Supergirl piteously. But the furious Brunette had no mercy renewing the spanking that was fast that was fast turning the maid of might's ass a bright shade of red.

Tears ran down the helpless captives face, her pleas had morphed into inarticulate sobs and yet fear of Linda's anger rooted the heroine to the spot as the paddle beat a manic tattoo on Supergirl's shapely rear end.

"Are you a bad little girl?" Thundered Linda with no let up in her blows.

"Yes,yes! "gasped Kara ashamed of her capitulation.

"Yes What?" probed Linda with a brutal whack of the paddle

"Yes...M-Mistress...I-I'm a bad little girl!" wept Supergirl utterly defeated as usual.

"Does my slavey wanna get fucked?" cooed Linda with sublime condescension.

"Y-Yes Ma'am "sighed Supergirl whose mascara had run by now in a flood of tears.

"Well, now perhaps it's time to go to the locker room" mused Linda.

Suddenly the scene shifted for Supergirl and she found herself naked standing in a abandoned locker room. With futile modesty Kara tried to cover her engorged breasts and meek hairless quim but thankfully it was a losing battle for the knocked up crimebuster.

"Well, now Supergirl ah do believe it's time to saddle up!" drawled Linda who as usual was behind her prisoner naked as well except for the largest strap-on double-ended dildo that Supergirl had ever seen! Linda smiled obscenely as she adjusted her end of the sex-toy..."mmmm-this is gonna feel go-od" she opined.


This time Supergirl resorted to her ultimate secret weapon-tears! Wailing like a child Kara begged her alter-ego not to to cornhole her!

Linda sat on a convenient counter musing to herself "this has possibilities".

Ohh-poor li'l supergirl, dry those tears condescended the brunette-as proof of her good intentions she offered the heroine a kleenex.

Grateful, the teary eyed heroine dabbed at her eyes and smiled pathetically.

"You don't want to be cornholed?"

"N-no ...mistress!"

"Okay Supergirl get down on both knees and kiss my foot and then we'll see..."

Obediently the heroine dropped to her knees and took Linda's foot gently by one hand kissing her Reebok submissively.

"Are you my slave now?" queried Linda

"Oh yes Ma-am!" breathed Kara with humble downcast eyes.

"Okay now get up KEEP THOSE EYES DOWN Kara!!!"

"Turn around..."

Kara did as she was bid, this Linda was a holy terror!

Which was stupid as Linda rammed her strap-on right up Supergirl's anus!

Our Heroine let out a despairing howl..."You pro-mised!!!"

"I promised to think about it you self-righteous tramp-I thought about it and the idea REALLY appealed to me!!!".

Linda punctuated this tirade by wiggling her dildo around and letting it's ribbed counterpart saw back and forth nicely through her own needy pussy.

Supergirl couldn't believe it but she was actually enjoying this as well, Linda slapped her ass and gave a rebel-yell as she rode her alter-ego like a bucking bronco. Linda was even nice enough to let the Maid of Steel's hands slip surreptitiously down to play with her pussy.

The brunette finally snapped out of her revelry to see her captive frigging herself with dedication through-out the cornholing.

This wouldn't do....

"Oh Kara Zor-El WHAT am I gonna do with you? You've been spanked humiliated ass-reamed and lord knows what are simply too damn kinky by half!"

"Time to take this to another level" said Linda.


This time Supergirl found herself barefoot, still pregnant and chained to a stove(in her own home no less!) a complex dinner of lasagna and a Caesar salad was threatening to overwhelm the conquered kryptonian. Not that Linda Danvers cared she was out in the living room guzzling a beer and puffing on a cigarette.

Supergirl HATED it when she smoked inside!

And the kitchen was sizzling hot...Supergirl though wasn't sweating at all. However she was getting fed up.

Linda sauntered in with a horrific sneer on her lovely face..."say babe you gonna get dinner on the table by sunrise?"

She gave Kara's milk laden right teat a hard little squeeze by way of emphasis...Supergirl had to look down and check she hardly felt it.

"Say Linda for a fine acting job on my part you sure do have a bitchy frickin' attitude!"

"Don't get testy with me Superheifer or I'll break out the dildo".

"Sounds like fun brownie...say I'm six months along but isn't Linda Danvers still a virgin?"


"No? then how come you aren't pregnant?" said Kara with a scary sweetness.

"I'm-I'm you...I think?!" Linda's head was twitching in time with her sudden stutter.

Quite literally rattled by her slave's sudden insolence Linda backed away slowly a funny static-y sound was filling the air.

"Oh gimme a break I've had enough of this crap" snarled Supergirl who reached down and snapped the chain around her ankle.

Linda started backing away with a stricken look on her face this wasn't in the program.."hey supes no hard feelings babe we had fun didn't we?"

Supergirl whipped the chain around Linda's waist and gave a savage yank which sent her doppelganger crashing to her knees.

"Her powers-they've come back but how?" thought Linda wildly.

The Girl of Steel looked down on her errant secret identity "time to take things to another level" sang the heroine.

"Start licking Bitch or I'll toss that wig of your's into the ionosphere!" howled Supergirl.

Linda afraid to disobey in the slightest gave the heroine's much abused panties a careful tug down and stuck her face under Supergirl's skirt. Her tongue shortly found the Kara's love hole and began lashing away at her engorged clit.

Supergirl relaxed and leaned back against the stove this was nice...a warm languid feeling radiated out from her pussy. Linda kept shoving the old tongue in twisting it around trying to keep the love-thing a-going.

The Maid of Might sighed contentedly and began absent mindedly rubbing her huge babymound...

"The problem with you and Starfire Linda is that you thought you could brainwash me into submissiveness...hard to do when I'm already comfortable with the submissive side of my personality!"

"Your not even good at being a dominatrix...a classroom? I've seen better scenarios on the world wide web!"

Linda mumbled a reply which sent some nice vibes through Kara's womanhood...

"you know Linda, if I can reverse our roles so easily it probably means my superpowers have returned and thus the VR device can't handle my super-keen wits.

Linda was silent her programming was seriously compromised.

"Now Lin baby I wonder if you could start singing for me down there...something sweet like "A Bicycle built for Two-NOW SING YOU TREACHEROUS SIMULACRA!!!!"

Linda her mouth still working over Supergirl's vagina, started a muffled tune that sent nice happy little pleasure clusters dancing up to Kara's brain.

"Aaaaaaaaaah that's nice Linda".

Absent mindedly Supergirl started running her fingers through Linda Danvers' brown hair-surprise-surprise her wig fell off revealing a gorgeous mane of blond.

"You know Linda I'm getting sick of your fetishwear, being such a pain you need to be naked"!

Voila' Linda Danvers became a naked blonde performing cunilingus on a very pregnant Superheroine.

"Hmmm the VR program seems to be coming apart at the seams...I wonder how Starfire is handling this?"

Linda merely kept singing down there whilst our heroine gave off with a girlish giggle "a little more vibrato Lin, and I won't fracture your virtual skull!"


Outside in what we euphemistically call "The Real World" alarm klaxons are sounding in Starfire's control room.

"Orgone energy levels are up" screamed Mothra.

"Supergirl's EEG is off the scale" barked Minya.

"She's just cumming again right?!!" begged Mothra.

"Hell no! Her powers have returned SHES WAKING UP!!!!!" wept Starfire.

"Damn that talisman-it's timing is LOUSY!!"

Supergirl's eyes batted open on the x-frame, a very slight application of her super-muscles burst all her bonds and electronic links in a shower of sparks.

Her pregnant beautiful self stepped down with a wild look in her eye "I'm ba-ack!" she sang.

"Starfire quick use the artifact to drain her strength!!!" screeched Mothra.

"I-I can't I left the necklace in my leather catsuit wailed the villainess.

Well that did it, all three girls made a undisciplined run for the door gibbering with fear.

A confidant smile creased the Girl of Steel's lovely face. she lightly arose in the air executed a graceful tumble and landed in front of the panicked trio.

She looked first at the two henchtwins..."Girls, we had fun and I won't forget either of you but the law must be upheld!"-gently Supergirl cracked their heads together with mild concussive force.

She turned to Starfire with a blissful grin...the villainess took one look at her former captive and abjectly fell to her knees.

"OH PLEASE DON"T HURT ME Supergirl!! I surrender...just do-on't hit me-ee" Starfire burst into disgusting tears.

"Darling" said our heroine "when will you learn, you can't make me any more submissive, I'm already at peace with that part of my psyche-this was fun but now it's off to the federal penitentiary for you my love".

But being a practical sort of heroine she rapped Starfire on the noggin just hard enough to knock her out. After that Supergirl went off to look for her costume and a phone to call the police.

"The cops will never believe their story about me being preggers...and if they do I'll make sure to scarf up all the videotapes they've undoubtedly made."

"It was nice seeing Starfire again-she has the best ideas!!"

Supergirl started whistling a happy tune, it was a pleasant night out all in all!


It was days later, Mary Marvel came back from space with the JLA with tales of the usual shenanigans. Supergirl was happily out in her own kitchen baking some bread for her famished colleague, she was naked except for a long blue apron emblazoned with her red and gold "S" shield.

Mary gave her pregnant pal a hard pat on the ass as Kara bent over the stove.

Our heroine straightened up with a comical whoop.

"So Kara, anything happen while I was gone?"

"No-no Mary" she replied with downcast eyes.

"I see in the papers that the police caught Starfire...she's had a nervous breakdown completely incoherent".

"Couldn't happen to a nicer woman"

"You didn't have anything to do with that did you Kara?"

"Me? poor pregnant helpless me? I've got babies to worry about!"

Mary appraised her friend intently...she rubbed Kara's big belly something that always melted the heroine just a little bit.

Gently she turned her knocked up girlfriend around and without another word quietly kissed her on the lips.

"Did you tell Kal-el yet?"

"No-oo...I'm still not sure how he'll react when he finds out Captain Marvel is the sperm donor".

"Hey it was a direct deposit! Freddy Freeman is STILL Jealous! He's had a crush on you for years!"

Both girls giggled men were so weird!

"I'll break it to Superman some point he's got to be happy that kryptonians are still breeding..."

"The kids will be half magickal in nature that'll be a plus for sure!" said Mary brightly.

"Okay Mary but listen next time YOU have to carry the babies! and Kal is gonna be the father!!" said Kara with a wicked grin.

The normally inflappable Mary blushed beet red "sure" she said in a small voice "but what about Lois Lane?"

"You just leave her to me!"

Again both girls giggled.

"Umm Mary?"

"Yes Kara?"

"You are gonna take this chain off my ankle at some point?"

"Suure I am, as soon as I get a real kiss from my favorite breeder!"

Supergirl sighed clanked over and embraced her loved, they could both feel her swollen babymound...that is what made the kiss so special.

The End


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