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A Promise Kept

By M.D.


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A young wife takes a chance with her personal safety after promising not to, and gets the spanking she deserves for it.


Web-Ed's notes: This is the latest in a series of stories by MD, who turned them over to us some time ago. We haven't posted them as quickly as we would have liked because of the time it takes us to reformat them into webpages from their original printed form, but we're determined to reprint them all eventually.

This story first appeared in The Upper Hand #35 (1994) and is reproduced here by permission of the author. © MD, all rights reserved.

This story is intended for mature adults and is not suitable for children.

"But more than anything it's important that you know I'm doing this because I love you. And I don't ever want you exposing yourself to the kind of danger you did last night."

It was Saturday morning and, as usual for that day of the week, they slept late. Past nine o’clock. Then they arose and glided slowly into their day off. Breakfast and a cup of coffee, then a second cup. They talked easily, husband-wife talk, plans for the day, things that must be done, events of the past few days. She talked about work the previous night, the gorgeous evening, the walk home.... She froze in mids entence, her hand coming to her mouth. His smile faded, the facial muscles growing stern. David and Melissa had been married for just over a year. He was in graduate school, she supported them with her late night job as a nurse at the nearby hospital. They rented an apartment a few blocks from the hospital and near the university. It was close to the center of the city and not the best of neighborhoods. Melissa’s shift ended at one in the morning and Dave was uneasy about the trip home at the late hour, after he had gone to bed. He insisted that when a ride was not available she take a cab, not walk the five dangerous blocks. She had said that it was a waste of their precious financial resources and continued to walk. They had argued, he had scolded her and made her promise to make the trip by car. But often she still walked. She was a beautiful, athletic young woman. She could take care of herself, nothing would happen!

“So you walked again,” he scolded. “I thought we had an understanding. Don’t promises mean anything to you?”

“Oh, darling,” she tried to pacify him, “it was such a beautiful evening! I just...”

“Criminals like good weather too!” He interrupted. “Muggers, robbers, rapists! In fact, it probably brings them out! I can’t believe after all we’ve talked about it that you would...”

“Oh, David, you’re such a wimp about this!” She broke in again. “Relax! I’m saving us money!” She stared back at him, at first her pretty face breaking into a smile, trying to break the tension of the moment. But then, as he did not smile back, she too became serious.

“What did I say I’d do the next time you walked home from the hospital?” He asked.

“David! You-you weren’t serious, you had to be kidding! I’m-I’m 24 years old You must have been...”

“What did I say?” He repeated the question.

“You said you’d.. .But David, you can’t really mean...”, she sputtered in broken sentences, flustered, not believing the direction of their conversation. “You said you’’d spank me! But you really didn’t mean it did you?” Her voice dropped as she spoke the last two words, no longer challenging or defiant, but questioning, pleading. Was he really going to? Spank her? He never had, never even threatened her except that one time they had argued about her walking home from work. No one had ever spanked her since she was a little girl. She could not envision her full-grown bottom being spanked by anyone’s angry hand. But now, as she looked at her husband with eyes and mouth wide open, he gave her the details. They were going out that evening with Ed and Kathy Davis. Just a casual meal, it wouldn’t be late. Her spanking would happen after they came home. She would have the day to think about it. And think about the behavior that had brought her to this situation. The rest of the day was a blur. She could concentrate only on the scene David had told her would take place at the end of it. She ran errands, did some shopping, confirmed plans for the evening with Kathy on the phone, but the image of being stretched across her husband’s knees rarely left her mind. Why hadn’t he just done it then, in the morning, gotten it over with? Two o’clock. Four o’clock. The day seemed to last forever. The tension, the knot in her stomach never seemed to leave.

At dinner with Ed and Kathy she smiled to herself, keeping the secret that she and her husband shared about what would happen when they returned home. She wondered what Kathy would think if she knew that in an hour or two Melissa would be across her husband’s lap getting the first spanking of her adult life! She wondered if Kathy’s bottom had ever felt a stinging smack from Ed’s hand. Probably not, though there were times she’d bet Kathy deserved it. And then too soon, or perhaps not soon enough, they were being dropped off by their friends, heading into their apartment. She knew their moment had come and the knot in her stomach returned. She faced her husband.

“David, I understand why...I..I know that you told me you’d spank me and I..I accept that I deserve to be. But pl..please”, she stammered as a tear trickled from her eye, “don’t be angry with me. If I need a spanking, give me one, but don’t be angry. Oh, it’s going to hurt, isn’t it?” Another tear escaped her eye.

“Come here,” he said softly. He held out his arms and she stumbled into them. “Yes, it’s going to hurt”, he continued gently. “You’re going to be spanked hard and it’s going to sting terribly, because it must. If it didn’t there would be no punishment and you agree you deserve to be, don’t you?” She nodded silently against his chest. “But more than anything it’s important that you know I’m doing this because I love you. And I don’t ever want you exposing yourself to the kind of danger you did last night.” He paused. “Are you ready?” Again she nodded tearfully against him. He led her to the sofa and then quickly, firmly, before she realized it, he was acting. Sitting in the center of the sofa, David forcefully pulled Melissa downward until her feet left the floor and she tumbled forward across his lap. He gathered her in and adjusted her until she was perfectly positioned across his knees. And then he prepared her for the spanking he had promised.

Taking the hem of Melissa’s skirt, he drew it over her waist until bare skin showed above her panties. Then he rolled back her nylons until they reached the hollows of her knees and, finally, his hand touched the waistband of her white cotton panties. She pleaded not to have them removed, but he was insistent and she reluctantly raised her hips in response to his command. Slowly he drew the panties over her hips until they joined with her nylons at her knees. Melissa shifted uneasily and embarrassed atop her husband’s lap. She was bare-bottomed in a position she had not known for many years, a position that had but one purpose! She was going to be spanked like a naughty child! And, she hated to admit it, but she deserved it, had brought it on herself with her foolish behavior. David too, found his wife’s position unique. He had, of course, viewed his wife’s beautiful bottom many times, but never from this pers pective, never upthrust across his knees. Oh yes, in a moment he would spank her, but for just a while he would enjoy the scene he had created. Soft, shapely female buttocks, undulating uneasily in anticipation of their fate. White globes, as of now unspanked, but not for long! He raised his hand.

SPANK! SPANK! His hand flattened once across the center of each buttock bringing an immedia te flush of pink to each mound. She bolted and kicked, startled by the stinging impact of the blows across her seat. “Ouch! Owww!! David it hurts!” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Again his hand landed in the same two places, then across both globes. “Owww!!” The reality of being spanked returned quickly to the beautiful young woman after so many years. It hurt! It stung! And her punishment had just begun!

Dave spanked steadily, almost rhythmically, his hard hand rising and descending upon one bottom cheek, then the other, then both. A pattern of three punishing slaps. Over and over and over again. At first she felt humbled, embarrassed, to be treated this way by her husband. To be spanked At age 24, like a misbehaving child! But as his hand landed again and again on her throbbing posterior she no longer cared about the humiliation of her treatment, the scene she presented to David. She could only feel the fire in her bottom. Oh, how it burned, how it stung! And each slap raised the fire higher and higher. When would he stop? But David was not ready to stop. Not yet. Not until he had taught his beautiful, defiant wife a thorough lesson. He loved her deeply, but she could be spoiled and disobedient. This insist ence on walking home at night was just one example. Well, it was time for darling Melissa to act responsibly and her very grown-up bottom would pay the price!

SPANK! SPANK! He slapped the summits of each reddening globe while she squirmed and struggled across his knees. She thrust her hand back to protect her burning bottom, but he easily seized her wrist with his left hand holding it against the small of her back.

SPANK! SPANK! His palm struck again, lower this time, stinging her buttocks just above the thighs as she squealed and pleaded. Dave looked down on his wife’s bare bottom as it danced atop his lap. He knew he was making his point and he was almost finished, but not until he’d made a final lasting impression on this young lady. He reached beneath the sofa cushi ons for the object he’d placed there before they left for dinner. He gently touched the wooden oblong object against Melissa’s quivering backside.

“What’s that?”, she inquired anxiously, reacting to the touch of the object, but not seeing it.

“It’s your hairbrush, darling. I’m going to make a new use of it and make sure you remember what’s happened this evening. A dozen should be sufficient.”

“Oh, David, please. I...I won’t be able to sit! Please..I'll...”

SMACK!! SMACK!! Like two lightening bolts the hairbrush exploded across her bottom.

“Ouch! Ow...Ow...Nooooo!!” The hairbrush was so much harder than his hand. She bolted and jerked in his grasp, rolling from side to side, her long hair slapping the cushions of the sofa. SMACK!! SMACK!! Oh, how it stung! She had bit her lip trying to keep the tears from coming, but now they spilled forth, running down her checks onto to the sofa. She pounded her hands against the cushions, then gripped them tightly as the hairbrush flattened the curves of her bottom.

“Are you ever going to walk home from the hospital at night again?”

“No! No! I won’t...please...I’ve learned my lesson! I won’t...” SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! The wooden object exploded again in rapid order across the crests of her quivering hillocks, then just above her thighs. Lights flashed in her brain as the fire burned in her bottom. She knew he had said a dozen, but already she’d lost count.

SMACK!! SMACK!! “Aieee!! Oh, please, no more David. I’ll be good. I’ve learned my lesson. Just...” SMACK!! SMACK!! “Aaaagh!!!”

She collapsed across his lap, tears continuing to spill down her cheeks, feeling every bit like a spoiled, naughty, punished child. But she knew she wasn’t a child. She was a grown, beautiful woman, and her spanker was her husband. A man she loved and who she knew loved her. She felt his hand on her bottom, now gently massaging and kneading her chastised flesh. Slowly she reached back and joined her hand with his, soothing her soundly spanked bottom.

As she lay across David’s knees, her behind still throbbing, but the fire slowly subsiding, she knew that a new dimension had entered their relationship. She would not want to repeat this episode anytime soon, but she knew that ultimately it would reoccur, though probably for a different reason. She turned her head looking back at him, smiling through her tears.

“I deserved that, darling”, she smiled. “You’ve dealt very masterfully with a misbehaving wife. But now I need something else a good husband should provide!”

He, of course, knew what she meant. Carrying her to their bedroom, well into the night, David did his best to help Melissa forget the first adult spanking of her life.

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