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Executive Decision

By M. D.


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A high-powered CEO must submit to a spanking from her right-hand man in order to keep him!


Web-Ed's notes: Most of us like to see the high-born or otherwise haughty female get taken down a peg with a good spanking. The OTK literature is full of such situations, and we have several examples in the Comics Galleries as well. What makes this one a little different is that it explores in slightly more depth the need of the proud, independent woman to submit, to give up control to a powerful male who then provides her with needed emotional support: "No longer would she have to present the image of always being in command, in control..."

This story is intended for mature adults and is not suitable for children. It was originally published in Devoted to Discipline #3 by Scarlett Hill Enterprises and is reprinted here by permission of the author.

He'd flown back that morning from Atlanta to make a one o'clock meeting. There was barely enough time to check the usual swarm of messages that had built up—Voice Mail, E-Mail, plain old written notes. Sometimes he wondered if it was worth going out of town, being unable to deal with the issues that arose in his absence.

There were the usual messages, the communication of business, and he noted them appropriately. Future meetings, information from subordinates, requests for decisions from them, competitive tidbits, the usual. And then the bombshell!

It was an E-Mail from Jennifer Wakefield, his boss and the company's Chief Executive Officer. She had fired their advertising agency! Their agency of twelve years! And she was informing him by E-Mail. Not after a meeting or a phone call or a personal discussion. He shook his head. E-Mail! It was always like this, she never consulted, never sought advice, she just decided. Hiring key people, firings, pricing changes, product decisions, everything! She was too much like her father, but she didn't have her father's experiences or his smarts. At least not yet.

John Davis was the Executive Vice President of SAW Industries, a position he had risen to in 23 years with the company, the only place he had ever worked. SAW stood for Stanley Andrew Wakefield, the company's founder, a human dynamo, a savvy genius who had built it into a billion dollar, multi-faceted enterprise. John had learned at Wakefield's feet, how to manage, how to negotiate, how to decide. Wakefield was tough and demanding, but also charismatic and nurturing. He had been a brilliant leader and teacher. And then he had died. All in one day, of a heart attack, at age 62. Three years ago.

And it had become John's role in life to work for Jennifer, his old boss's only child, to support and guide her as she took over the reigns of SAW Industries. It had not been easy. She ran the company in an imperial manner, rarely seeking his advice. Perhaps, he thought, it was a result of her insecurity, her unwillingness to expose her ideas to his review. Perhaps she was defensive about her lack of experience and threatened by the extensiveness of his. Or maybe because she was a spoiled brat! He always thought a few lessons in discipline from her father would have been beneficial. The old fashioned discipline from a good spanking. In any event, it wasn't fun anymore for John Davis. His talents were no longer being used. He did not need this, he had other options. There were still many good years left in his career, they would be better spent elsewhere and not be a babysitter to the boss.

He stepped into the carpeted hallway of the executive suite and headed toward the office of Jennifer Wakefield. He would resign. Today.

"Absolutely not! I refuse to even consider it", she responded when he announced his intentions.

"I'm afraid, young lady, this is something you have no control over. It's still a free country, you know."

"'re serious", she responded, her eyes flashing a mixture of concern, anger, abandonment. "You can't do this, John. I..I need you. You know that." She continued, demanding, pleading, trying to reason with her subordinate. Telling him he was throwing away his career, yet knowing privately that, with his reputation, he would have no trouble finding a comparable position elsewhere, maybe a better one. He listened sympathetically, but unmoved, explaining that their styles were too conflicting, it was time for him to try something different.

She realized his seriousness, tried to envision running SAW Industries without him, recognized the desperateness of her situation. "John", she said looking straight at him, "what do you need to stay? What do you want? More money?"

He shook his head. That was not the problem, Stanley Wakefield had always compensated him fairly, more than fairly. It was to be listened to, to let his skill and experience guide her and help the company. The company would be hers to run for a long, long time if she wanted to. But for a few years he needed to run it, through her. She would publicly lead, he would privately manage. Only the two of them would know. And another thing only the two of them would share.

"What's that?" she asked tentatively.

"I'm going to take over for your father. Be your big brother, your father, your mentor, all combined. And whenever you make solo, stupid decisions like you did today I'll do something I know your father never did, but should have."

"Wh...what's that?" Again she asked the question, a new tension edging into her voice.

"I'm going to put you over my knee, take down your panties, and spank your bottom until you won't want to sit on it. Maybe then you'll..."

"Spank me?" Her laughter filled the room, cutting him off in midsentence. "Spank me!! Oh, John", she giggled, "don't you think I'm a little bit old for that? I'm not my father's little girl anymore!"

She sure wasn't. She was beautiful, statuesque, soft brown hair coming to her shoulders. A commanding, striking figure in her business suit. And yet, he was convinced that she wasn't too old to be spanked, that she needed and deserved it. But it wasn't his decision alone. And her response had told him enough. Gently he shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave.

"John, wait!" Her mind reeled, then went into overdrive, simultaneously contemplating the audacity of his proposal. "Suppose I accept your offer?" She gulped not believing what she was saying. But she couldn't afford to let John leave. And besides, how much could it hurt? He paused, not having anticipated her response. This had all developed so fast he had not thought it through. And yet things had gone too far now for him to turn back.

"Very well", he said, "if that's the way you want it. We can start with your latest offense, firing the ad agency without consulting me! Close the door and lock it." He said authoritatively.

Petulantly, she strode to the door, a pout on her face. Damn! Why was she yielding to his command. She locked the door and forced the smile back to her face.

"Very well, Miss Wakefield, let's get this spanking started." He slowly, calmly removed his suit coat, hanging it by the door, then deliberately folded back the sleeves of his shirt. Only then did he approach.

She retreated behind her desk, then around the coffee table, but he pursued her steadily. Not quickly, just walking, but determined. And eventually he caught her. She swung her arm trying to slap him, kicked with her heels, struggled in his grasp. But he gripped her firmly with both hands on her upper arms marching her towards the sofa. He was so strong, commanding, authoritative! Suddenly she realized he was actually going to spank her. Something no one had ever dared! Why did she agree to this?

Now he was seated on the sofa and Jennifer felt herself thrust forward, upended across his knees, her hands flying forward struggling for balance. She squealed in protest, not believing this could be happening. He had been right, her father had never spanked her, nor her mother. Not at age six or sixteen, at eight or eighteen. Never! But now at age 32, as a beautiful young woman, it was going to happen! Her mind refused to accept it, but the reality of her position, face down across this man's knees, intruded. And now his hands were working, drawing the skirt of her business suit over her back and rolling back nylons until they reached her knees. She felt his hand on the waistband of her panties and recalled with horror his words of moments ago, his threat to take them down.

"Oh, noooooo! Please! I'll...I'll never be able to face you again. Pleeease!" But he ignored her plea, forcing the black lace panties over her hips and bottom until they bunched with the nylons at her knees. As John Davis had suspected from many years of observation through shorts, dresses, jeans, even swim suits, the bottom of Jennifer Wakefield was magnificent. He had first admired her pretty posterior well over a decade ago when she was a teenager, then through her twenties, and most recently in her commanding years as the company CEO. An exquisite backside! But never in his wildest imagination had he envisioned that one day he would spank it!

She struggled in his grip trying to free herself, but it was obvious to both of them that she was within his control. She might be the Chief Executive Officer of SAW Industries, but at this moment she was bare-bottomed across his knees and it was within his power to spank her as long and hard as he wished.

"Well, Miss Wakefield", he asked, a mild taunt to his voice, "it appears we're ready to fulfill the terms of our agreement. But are you sure you don't want to accept my resignation? If you do, I'll let you go without touching your bottom. But if you want me to stay, you're going to get a spanking you'll remember the rest of your life! May I have your answer, Madame President?"

Stretched across his lap, her face buried in the cushions, hair sprawled across them, Jennifer Wakefield was faced with a very important, very personal Executive Decision. She could accept the resignation of her Executive Vice President, try to run the company without him, and escape the spanking her current position so obviously dictated. Or she could retain his skill and experience and take the paddling of her young, spoiled life. Briefly the song-line flashed by her: "Oh girl, what you gonna do?" Her decision was a prudent one made in the long-term interest of SAW Industries, but sacrificing the short term comfort of her beautiful bottom.

"Go ahead, John", she said, turning to look back at him. "Give me the spanking you think I deserve." She did not have long to wait.

SPANK!! "OhLOooooo!!" she exclaimed at the first impact of his hard, flat palm in the center of her bottom. SPANK! SPANK! Oow. . .OWW. . . It stings!!" Rapidly he had struck one glorious buttock, then the other. She twisted and squirmed on his lap, shocked at the smarting impact of the blows.

"Of course it stings, young lady! he scolded. "Even a woman whose upbringing has been sadly neglected in this regard, who has avoided dozens of spankings she should have gotten, ought to know that!"

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! "Oh. pi...please! I didn't know it would hurt so." His hand exploded once across the summit of each globe, then bridged the two mounds of reddening girlflesh. She bucked and struggled involuntarily, so much so that he was forced to place her right arm behind her back.

Unfortunately for Jennifer the spanking that her Executive Vice President thought she deserved was a long and sound one. John concentrated solely on his lady boss's gorgeous bottom, never straying to her thighs or hips, spanking the quivering mounds again and again and again. His angry hand descended on her poor behind at an unpredictable rate and pattern. Three, four, five slaps to a single burning buttock, then alternating back and forth, then several in a row to the opposite hemisphere.

At first she was humbled, humiliated. To be held across someone's knees like a child. And spanked! She was the Chief Executive of a huge company and she was being disciplined like a naughty child! And, she realized, she was reacting like a spanked child! Pleading, crying, flashing her beautiful legs up and down on the sofa, pounding her free fist against the cushions. And the tears! At first they welled in her eyes, but as the spanking continued, as the fire in her bottom grew higher and higher, they burst forth running down her cheeks, spilling onto the sofa.

She was thankful it was after hours, that the tenth floor was probably empty. Even through a closed door and the outer office she wondered if the sounds of her chastisement carried to the corridor outside. What would senior managers think if they knew their beautiful boss was being disciplined for her impulsive, inappropriate business decisions?

But as John's hand continued to rise and fall, Jennifer no longer was concerned with the embarrassment, the humiliation of her punishment. She could only focus on the white heat in her bottom. Oh, how her buttocks burned! God, how they stung! She was way past the point of being spanked "like a little girl", she was being punished like a grown woman.

SPANK! "Aieee!"...SPANK!.."Ouch..Please, I'll be..." SPANK!!..."Owwww!! I can't..." SPANK!! "Nooo!"..SPANK!!.."Oooo, it hurts!"..SPANK!! SPANK!! SPANK!!..."Aieeee!!" SPANK!!

She twisted and lurched violently across his lap unable to break his grip, her posterior on fire. Desperately she tried to reach back to avoid the slaps, to rub her stinging bottom, but he prevented her from doing so. Oh, how a spanking hurt! Oh, how she wanted him to stop! And then, suddenly, he did.

He drew her into a sitting position, then placed her on her feet. Instantly her hands flew to her throbbing behind. Both hands clutched her buttocks, massaging them beneath her skirt while she stared fiercely at her disciplinarian, tears streaming down her face. She was the company CEO, but right then all that mattered was that she was a very thoroughly spanked young lady.

"That hurt!" she sputtered through her tears.

He reached out, pulling her toward him wrapping his arms around her. "I know. I intended it to. And I'm not finished!"

"John!! Noooo!!" she pushed back, starring at him in disbelief. "Please!! I can't take.. "

"You'll take what I decide", he interrupted sternly. "If we stop now you will forget, but if we go a little further, if I give you a taste of your ruler, you'll remember for a long time."

They both glanced at the thick wooden ruler that lay on her desk. He had spotted it several minutes earlier, knew it would be the perfect conclusion to her punishment. She looked at it in horror, silently cursed herself for leaving it lay atop the desk. Instantly she envisioned the sting its application to her already smarting buttocks would impart.

But first, John advised, they would talk about the details of their new working relationship. He instructed her to assume her proper position in the executive leather chair behind her desk while he sat opposite her. And for nearly an hour they talked about running SAW Industries over the next few years. All major decisions would be cleared through him, but they would be announced to the rest of the company or the public by Jennifer. She would lead the Executive Committee and Board meetings, but he would always be close at hand. They would be a team! But she would know what would happen if she violated the spirit of their agreement, or made foolish decisions without consulting him. Once again she would find herself in that classic position across his knees and her bottom would pay the price!

"And now, so you will be sure to remember, I think it's time for our session with the ruler!" John concluded.

He led her to the chair he had been occupying, instructing her to bend over it gripping the seat on the opposite side. Then he prepared her, once again raising her skirt and lowering her nylons and panties. Retrieving the ruler, he stepped to her side, slightly behind her and admired the exquisite, unreal scene before him. There she was, the stunningly beautiful 32 year-old Chief Executive of his company, her already spanked bare-bottom high over the chair. No longer so independent and spoiled, but contritely and obediently awaiting the application of the ruler to her still throbbing seat. He decided there would be a dozen.

"Your father was a great, great man" he commented. "An absolute business genius, so in command of every aspect of his life." Davis paused. "Except with you, Jennifer! It's a shame he never saw the need to bring discipline to his daughter. So now it has become my duty."

"PL..please! Do what you will, just don't lecture me!"

It had been an hour since his palm had landed on her posterior and, once again, humiliation became her dominant emotion. The upthrust position of her shapely buttocks, the position she presented to him was even more embarrassing than being across his knees.

THWACK!! "Ooooo!!!" The ruler flattened against the curves of both buttocks, delivering a precise, stinging effect. Unlike his hand which had warmed an entire bottom globe, the ruler penetrated deep along a narrow channel of her spank-spot.

"When you're in this position, young lady, I will lecture you any way I wish! And before I've finished this ruler will teach you quite a lesson!" Again he drew back the ruler and brought it forcefully forward.

SMACK! The wooden instrument cracked a crimson imprints the ruler had left. Fiery markings atop an already spanked seat! SMACK!! "Aieeee!!' hurts! Nooooo!!"

The ruler resumed its balanced assault, exploding evenly across both mounds of girlflesh. Tears second time across both buttocks just below the first application. THWACK!! "Oooo... pi. .please!"

She shifted, raising one foot, then the other, yet obediently keeping both hands on the chair. Why had she agreed to do this?

SMACK! SMACK! Now the ruler landed in rapid order, no longer distributing its wrath equally across her quivering buttocks. With a slight adjustment of the instrument's angle, John had stung just the summit of Jennifer's magnificent right globe. "Aieeee!!" And then, from a different angle, her left hillock. "Ooooo!!" Intense, stinging assaulted the woman's posterior, and she sobbed in anguish. She heard him speaking, slowly his words registered. It was over, there would be no more this time...

Suddenly, Jennifer thought of her dear, strong-willed father and wished he had raised her with a firmer hand, not spoiled her so. Her little girl and teen-aged bottom would have been warmed from time to time, but her beautiful "grown-up" backside might not be in this position right now. Oh, how it stung! And she could only imagine the glowing shade of red she presented to her spanker!

The glow of the shapely female buttocks before him did fascinate John Davis. As his lady boss shifted uneasily before him he noticed the crimson imprints the ruler had left. Fiery markings atop an alreday spanked seat!

SMACK!! "Aieeee!! hurts! Nooooo!!"

The ruler resumed its balanced assault, exploding evenly across both mounds of girlflesh. Tears welled, her hands let go of the chair, flying to her punished seat.

"Now Jennifer" he warned, "put them back. I don't want you touching your bottom again until I'm finished. Is that clear?" Obediently she nodded. Everything had gone mad! She was now obeying him!

SMACK!! SMACK!! "Oh...Oooooh Pl..please! I'm sorry... I..I won't do it again... Pl-please!!"

Lights flashed in her head as the searing sting of the ruler landed low across individual buttocks. The full fire in her bottom had returned, it burned out of control! Once again tears ran down her cheeks.

Four strokes to go. But there was no place the ruler could land on her bottom where it had not already done so. No place where her behind was not already red from the descent of the thick wooden instrument. There would be stinging strokes upon already stinging flesh. John pressed down easily on Jennifer's back, further accentuating the elevation of her bottom. He drew back the ruler.

THWACK!! THWACK!! "Oh oh...ooooo.....Aieeee!!"

Fresh stroke marks appeared across the peaks of both full bottom globes. Scarlet upon red! She gripped the chair as her head swirled, the flame in her bottom burned. Tears clouded her eyes, she could not really see, she could only feel, she must not let go of the chair, she must...

SMACK!! SMACK!! "Aieeee!! Aggghhh!! Noooooo!!"

The ruler landed in the same spots as the previous two strokes. Intense, stinging assaulted the woman's posterior, and she sobbed in anguish. She heard him speaking, slowly his words registered. It was over, there would be no more this time, she could let go of the chair. Slowly Jennifer Wakefield, the beautiful Chief Executive Officer of SAW Industries released her grip on the chair and slid to the carpeted floor on her knees. She rocked forward until her forehead touched the carpet, both hands clutching her bare, blazing bottom. And she sobbed, tears running onto the carpet. What a position for the leader of a company to find herself in! What a sight she presented to her subordinate!

But she didn't care, her mind could only focus on the fire in her rear end! And to think she had invited this upon herself! By her actions earlier in the day. How foolish! And yet as she sobbed, rubbing her smarting behind, there came a rush of relief, a release. No longer, at least with John, did she feel the need to impress him or intimidate him. No longer would she have to present the image of always being in command, in control, even when its achievement was beyond her skill and experience. She could rely on John, submit to his knowledge and ability, let him be on her side. It was such a relief!

As for John Davis, he too sensed that a barrier had been broken, a new turn in their relationship had been taken. It would be so much better! For him, for Jennifer, and for the company.

There was Jennifer's kneeling on the floor, her beautiful bottom pointed high in the air, full globes of girlflesh now spanked red. And even over the redness of the punished flesh the imprint of the final four ruler strokes appeared, horizontal stripes across the crest of each magnificent buttock. It had been a stunning spanking, well-deserved and effectively administered. But now it was time to leave, to let Jennifer be alone, give her some emotional space.

"I'm going to leave now, Jennifer. I'll see you in the morning. Remember, we have a nine o'clock Executive Committee meeting."

"Okay" she sniffled, "I'll be there."

He walked to the door, then turned and looked back. She was still in the position she'd assumed since she'd let go of the chair. Crying softly now, oblivious to the fact that her spanked, stinging, 32 year-old bottom was on full display. He turned and walked back to her, reaching down, gently touching her hair, then her shaking shoulders.

"Jenny" he said, using her girlhood name, "Listen to me. I know it hurts. I know it was embarrassing. But it's going to work out. Do you believe that?"

Tearfully, she nodded her agreement, but otherwise remained in position. Still holding her smarting buttocks she listened to him leave. Shortly before nine o'clock the following morning the Executive Committee assembled. They were all there, including Executive Vice President John Davis, waiting for their Chief Executive Officer. And then she entered the room, beautiful Jennifer Wakefield in a striking outfit, confident, composed, in command of her environment. She led the meeting efficiently, hearing reports, assigning duties, several times turning to John for his viewpoint.

A couple of times their eyes met and they both smiled. Only the two of them knew that, as she sat at the head of the conference table, her bottom was still red and tingling from her spanking of the night before.

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