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This is the second story we have featured written by John Feer. Once again, John had to answer the question: how can you spank the Girl of Steel without breaking your hand? You could bring in a super-spanker, like Mon-El - but he did that last time. You could send her to Kandor, where because the conditions on Krypton are duplicated, Supergirl has no super-powers - but Kandor is awfully dull this time of year. You could turn on a hi-wattage red sun lamp - but that's sure going to raise your electric bill this month, not to mention giving Al Gore a fit. Or, you could do what John did here, and bring her into contact with the younger brother of a really bad guy who bedeviled her cousin Superboy years earlier...

Let's meet our Silver-Age cast of characters (most of 'em, anyway - © DC Comics Inc.)

Supergirl drawn by Jim Mooney brainiac drawn by al plastino kryptonite kid drawn by george papp
Supergirl - our heroine! The Villainous Brainiac - Boo! Hiss! Kryptonite Kid - as green and as vile as Brainiac!
Batman, by Infantino and Anderson Robin, by Infantino and Anderson batgirl by heck and giordano
Batman - this guy you should already know Robin - ditto Batgirl

Supergirl versus the Kryptonite Kid - by John Feer


The Silver Age Girl of Steel is up against an Old Foe of Her Cousin's - Rated R


Brainiac had a migraine and her name was Supergirl.

There was nothing in the universe for sheer humiliation than to lose to Superman's perky teenaged cousin.


Still the evil android scanned the heavens from the confines of his space ship looking for an organic source of kryptonite...the one combination he felt sure could kill the Girl of Steel.

A scanner beeped insistently Brainiac checked the data and as far as a computer in human form could, he smiled.


Meanwhile back on Earth, Linda Lee was bored!

Bad enough her cousin Superman had decreed that she must conceal her powers and Supergirl identity until she'd been fully trained, NOW Mrs. Hart the Matron of Midvale Orphanage had assigned her to the nursery.

So hour after hour Supergirl in her guise as meek pigtailed Linda Lee kept watch over the cooing infants...it was truly ennui made flesh.

Not that Linda didn't like baby's or get an oddest fluttery feeling in her belly when she had to change a diaper...but she WAS fifteen and would rather be out diverting tidal waves and breaking up bank robberies.

Cousin Clark had the life she thought.

The nursery felt a bit close, so Linda decided to open a window and let in a nice cooling breeze.

Of course she didn't feel any heat but the babies were sensitive to such things...Supergirl was proud of this idle notion. She was assimilating nicely into Earth Society; maybe Superman would relent soon and allow her to be adopted.

With the window open Linda turned around to an astonishing sight...two then THREE of the babies rose in the air and FLOATED!

A weird whiffling sound filled the air...the infants took in their status with equanimity even giggling slightly.

Linda's mouth opened in a comical "o" of sheer surprise, she could see each baby had a teensy pair of wings affixed to their shoulders, this is what had borne them aloft.

One by one with a soft baby-titter each one gently flew out the window and disappeared!

Linda shook her head and looked around, the nursery was EMPTY!

Realizing she was alone the heroine doffed her drab Linda Lee clothes and quickly stood revealed as Supergirl, the Princess of Power...since her existence was still a secret Supergirl flew out the window in pursuit at a speed the human eye could not follow.

"Heavens I've got to get those babies back and find out the source of their amazing transformation!" thought the heroine.

"Times like this" she thought "this whole secrecy thing is a pain!"

Up above the clouds flew the Girl of Steel, the whole time her super-hearing homed in on that delicate angelic flutter...try as she might though she couldn't SEE the little darlings.

Supergirl was getting miffed "This is all too poetic" she remarked to no-one "Tiny cherubs flying out of the Midvale Nursery??"

Just then, the heroine heard a telltale baby-giggle from a nearby cloud...with a look of determination she dove in and found all three infants hovering in the air. They had soft guiless smiles and wings beating on their backs.

Supergirl looked at them, they looked at her-"Now what?" asked The Maid of Might.

Something was strange though, the cherubs now sported teensy little lockets around their chubby adorable necks...with the cutest green stones inlaid therein.

Supergirl floated closer a familiar feeling of weakness overwhelmed her, the sky started to spin, her head felt heavy...her arms felt unaccountably heavy....

The babies giggled and drew closer.

"GASP! Kryptonite! I feel weak!" moaned the heroine.

The cherubs for their part now had Supergirl surrounded.

Her hand few to her forehead in an ineffectual warding-off gesture her body suddenly felt soft and unresponsive.

"Buh-babies..." gasped Kara "Y-you've got to keep a-way!"

As if mere logic has ever worked on a newborn!

No, the cherubs hummed and swooped around Supergirl piteously draining her powers to the point where she could barely stay aloft!

The wind tossed at Kara's abbreviated blue skirt...it was so quiet and yet she was so horribly weak...underneath the heroine the earth spun crazily.

Finally gravity took hold of that slim teenage form and Supergirl plummeted downward.

And spun around and around, yet the whole time the cherubs descended with her bathing the Girl of Steel in the bright green glow of kryptonite! Supergirl had NEVER felt so helpless before in her life...

"No-nooo babies puh-puh-puh-lease keep away" she begged.

The ground rushed up closer and closer...Kara's hand took on a bright green coloration..."Oh No!" wept the Blonde Blockbuster "k-kryptonite poisoning has set in-g-got to get away"

The cherubs though merely giggled at Supergirl agony.

The earth spun around even harder as Kara dropped and everything grew black..."can't escape" She wailed "What a finish for me!"

And then nothing.

Well, no not nothing per se whatever it was it was soft and wet and licking her forehead.

What were those cherubs doing now!

Supergirl opened her eyes.

She was in bed, in her own spacious bedroom in Danvers' home in Midvale.

Streaky her tabby cat was earnestly licking Linda's forehead.

"Streaky!" Linda cried out joyously, "IT WAS ALL A DREAM!"

It was indeed yet another weekday in the Danvers household where Linda lived in her secret identity as the adored foster daughter of Fred and Edna a well-to-do yet sadly childless couple.

Linda slid out of bed and looked at the volume of William Blake's poetry sitting on her night stand.

She patted the heavy volume and remarked, "Gosh this stuff is giving me the weirdest dreams"...

"Li-in-da! You'll be late for school" called out her mother's voice from the kitchen below.

"Coming Mom!"

The lovely schoolgirl covered her white lace baby doll with a big bathrobe and padded happily to the Danver's spacious privy.


Time and tide wait for no man, but time stands still for a teenaged girl even a superhuman teenaged girl at her vanity table.

Or so Fred Danvers reflected at the breakfast table as he gazed at his darling foster daughter's vacant seat.

"She can juggle a planet-a planet I tell you but if she doesn't have the right shade of lipstick" he muttered.

"Hush Fred Danvers, that nice Dick Malverne is picking Linda up today-think about the future please!" admonished his wife Edna.

"I AM thinking about the future that is the problem...meanwhile time stands still for your daughter as she primps up there!"

"Oh let her primp! At least she's not creeping around with eyeglasses with her shoulders slumped!"

"Who is creeping?" trilled Linda who had at last arrived in the kitchen resplendent in pale frosted lipstick, a short plaid skirt and her trademark matching knee socks.

"Never mind dear eat your pancakes, deal with the miscreants of the world AFTER breakfast" indulged her Mother.

"Oh boy! PANCAKES my favorite!" exulted the disguised heroine she tucked into the plate like a starving sumo wrestler.

"Darling?" inquired her father.

"Msh Mddy" grunted Linda who was devouring her meal with abandon.

"Um...don't forget your napkin" Fred handed her the cloth.

"Oh thank you Daddy!" piped Linda who delicately touched the napkin to her lips having virtually inhaled her breakfast without missing a crumb.

Fred stared stupefied he'd never get over his super-daughter's undainty appetite.

A horn sounded on the street...

"Oh that sounds like Dick Malverne, such a polite honk" muttered Fred.

"OH DADDY" wailed Linda with mock exasperation "We don't wanna be late for school!"

She kissed her father with due reverence on the cheek.

Fred smiled in spite of himself "Yes you don't want to be late for your next go-round with a giant kryptonite radiating chimpanzee either!" [Referring to Titano, the giant ape with kryptonite vision - Web-Ed]

"Oh not today I have a French test!" and with that Linda dashed out the door all skirts and knees as usual.

"Well that went well...all of five minutes of family time at the table and not a doomsday comet to interrupt us either" murmured Fred who rose with mock gravity and headed for his basement lab.

"You knew the job was dangerous when you took it Fred" rejoined his wife with an airy smile. [John may have intended an allusion here to the old Super-Chicken cartoon theme song: "Fred, if you're afraid you'll have to overlook it/ Besides you knew the job was dangerous when you took it" - Web-Ed]


Dick Malverne was in love.

With a lot of things, his car, the undefeated Metropolis Marvels Baseball Team, AIP Horror flicks.

But he LIKED Linda Danvers and sometimes liking someone was potent stuff as well.

Linda was cute, a little naive, brisk, funny...smart and so far as Dick could tell, she didn't know a pair of pants from Adam.

Those legs were driving him quietly crazy they went for miles it seems always shapely, always smooth, always with the adorable knee socks unless it was a very special occasion.

Dick unselfconsciously stared at Linda as she glided down the front walk...he half believed Linda was floating sometimes she was so graceful.

The only thing all of Midvale High knew about Linda Danvers was that she was the only girl in living memory to turn down a spot on the cheerleading squad...that made her all the more special to Dick who feared that she'd become all stuck up as a pom-pom tosser.

Linda let herself into the car and put on her seatbelt.

Dick still stared...a quizzical smile came over his face.

"Do you even OWN a pair of slacks?!"

"Dick what are slacks?" with the oddest little grin she favored him with a quick peck on the cheek.

"Praise the great Jehovah and the Continental Congress, exclaimed Dick as they drove off to school.

"Dick who is this Jehovah person?" asked Linda.


Meanwhile out in space...

"This kid has the table manners of a porcine quadruped, thought Brainiac.

He did indeed; green from his bald teenaged head down to his bright pink boots he was gorging himself on food provided by the humanoid computer.

"So tell me," asked Brainiac "How did you become a living source of kryptonite radiation?"

"Aw...I was in reform school on the Planet Blor, I volunteered for the space program my capsule passed through the same cloud as my big brothers so now I'm a green and mean!"

"Your big brother?"

"Yeah you've heard of him the Kryptonite Kid! -Except now he's the Kryptonite Man. He's tangled with Superman a few times. Now I'M the NEW kryptonite kid!"

"Reform School...Blor sends youthful criminals into outer space?"

"Oh yeah all the time...I got lucky they use us for medical experiments clear minefields...lotsa stuff. The planet is run by a Junta of generals, wealthy landowners and celebrity journalists so it's small government with a big impact!"

"Indeed, you are lucky I found your capsule adrift in space".

The green skinned teen looked up from the ruins of his meal the light of servile hero worship came to his eyes.

"Brainiac you're my hero! Is there anything I can do for you!?

"Blorians are telepathic-correct?"

"YUP!"‚€®‚€®And your kryptonite powers, you can turn anything into green kryptonite correct?"

"Well yeah but with certain restrictions..."

The kid looked sheepish.

"And they are?"

"Um I can turn anything to kryptonite, but the larger the object or the greater the distance puts a time limit on the transformation. So f'r instance I could turn your ship to kryptonite, but the size of it means it'd only last a few minutes as green kryptonite".


"Yeah it beats ditch digging or volunteering for vivisection..."

"Come with me", said Brainiac, "I want to show you something..."

The Kid still stuffing his face with food, walked with Brainiac over to a huge 3-D Telejector display.

Brainiac threw a switch and a life-sized simulacra of a lovely blonde teenaged girl wafted before them. She was clad in a short blue mini dress with a red S-icon on her pert chest.

The short skirt helped...so did the red go-go boots.

"Great Snahrk" breathed the K-Kid in sheer awe "She-she's beautiful".

In truth the Alien Teen had never seen a girl like this before, he'd never really seen a girl his own age in ANY social setting! Following the election of the socially conservative son of a corrupt landowner to the planetary presidency, civil rights for females were revoked on Blor...after a century of this retrograde nonsense women were bred on Blorian farms like cattle.

The Kryptonite Kid had hardly seen a woman in his entire seventeen years...the price of a well bred female was astronomical on Blor these days.

Like a half-dense child he was smitten at the mere sight of Supergirl, proud, confident sexy...her smile alone made his heart beat faster-and those LEGS!

Fatally Brainiac being an allegedly emotionless computer did not pick up on his young charge's obvious crush on the hated Kryptonian.

"Her name is Supergirl, and I want her dead!" intoned the evil android.

His guest was incredulous Kill such fine fine trim it's crazy!

"Kill her why?"

"She and her cousin Superman have too often thwarted my plans for galactic supremacy that must end. Do this for me, and I will make you my trusted lieutenant, partner to my labors-Brainiac Junior if you will!"

"Brainiac Junior eh...?" The Kid took on a crafty tempted look.

"There is much you and I could do together planets to loot, galaxies to conquer...but only when Supergirl is dead!"

"Ah won't that bring Superman down on us?"

"Yes it will, he loves his cousin for some odd reason no doubt her death will drive him to a berserker fury-easily tricked into a kryptonite death trap I would think-Do we have a deal?"

"Y-yes yes we do, replied the vile boy.

"Once on earth I'll ditch Brainiac make Supergirl mine, all mine those lips those eyes!" exulted the teen villain to himself.

"I have refueled your space craft and programmed the guidance system to make a soft landing near a township the Girl of Steel frequents for some reason...."

"The Who of What?"

"Girl of Steel...it's a neologism for Supergirl that her human worshippers use."


"Now when you've landed just pull a nice spectacular crime of some type your green skin and odd clothes will no doubt attract Supergirl's attention...after that your kryptonite-powers will make it easy-once she'd dead I'll intervene and pick you up before the population can rise and take reprisals on you".

"Fine" agreed the emerald delinquent but to himself he thought "First I'll lay low and use my Blorian telepathy to invade her dreams then I'll confront her with my powers she'll swoon, she'll faint...and when she comes to, she'll say I-DO!"

The Kryptonite Kid fairly danced his way back to his space capsule...Brainiac hardly noticed his new partner's glee.

Meanwhile back on earth....

"Okay Kara, now cock your fist back and when you throw the punch, thrust your thigh into it!"

Supergirl was out of uniform!

Kara Zor-El was clad in un-super sweat pants, a tee shirt and sneakers.

Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail.

Standing in front of her crouched in a mock-adversarial pose was a similarly garbed red haired girl...they were otherwise alone in a rooftop gym owned by Bruce "Batman" Wayne and available for use only by members of his "franchise".

Dutifully Supergirl threw the punch directly at her opponent's chin...and was rewarded with a satisfying thwack!

Down went the redhead who sprawled nicely on the wrestling mats under their feet-Supergirl looked appalled her hands few to her mouth in fright.

"Barbara oh Barbara did I hurt you??""

Flat on her back, Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon smiled..."Okay that was good! But remember you won't be pulling your punches!"

Kara threw out a hand and helped her fellow heroine to her feet.

"Thanks I'll remember that..."

"Just remember what we saw in that Cassius Clay fight film...keep your defense tight, put your thigh into it, and aim for the button!"

"The chin...right"

"Kara sweetie why do you want martial arts tips? I mean you can push the moon out of its orbit with one hand!"

"Um uh this is kinda embarrassing but if I ever lose my powers from red solar radiation I might have to defend myself!"

"Well every girl should know a few fighting tricks I guess even a


They threw sisterly arms around each other's shoulders and adjourned to the showers.


Steam the most alluring of lingerie wreathed Supergirl's lithesome body...beautiful though she was the kryptonian teenager stared with well-concealed envy at Batgirl's generous curves and womanly demeanor.

Batgirl was just so...mature and Kara thought that in a good way.

She had tight backside, big round breasts with healthy brown aureoles and long dancer's legs. Supergirl felt like a flatchested twelve year old around the Darknight Damsel.

Barbara had just stepped out of the shower wrapped in a tight towel with her hair piled up under a terry cloth turban.

Kara soaped herself vigorously and felt distinctly petite.

The Dark Angel had found a full-length mirror and was absently applying a think coat of cherry red lipstick to her near-perfect lips.

After that Barbara turned around sat on a bench and gave her red hair a thorough brushing.

Supergirl washed off the soap and sighed; Barbara was gorgeous. As Gotham City's favorite heroine she was beloved by millions, and she was a member of the fabulous "Batman" family of crimefighters.

Barbara Gordon had it all as far as Supergirl was concerned.

Wrapped in her own white towel, Kara joined her friend on the bench.

"Here turn around I'll brush your hair..." murmured Batgirl.

Dutifully the Kryptonian Kutie turn as her hair got a lustrous brushing.

"S-so...you must have a boyfriend" began Supergirl tentatively.

"Um...no not at the moment, Batgirl doesn't have much of a social life I'm afraid".

"Wow...I mean with a body like that..."

"You SHOULD talk! C'mon you've got some special guy at school admit it!" taunted Barbara.

Supergirl blushed and stammered "W-well there is this boy...he took me to the prom last spring..."

"Wow how did that stay out of the papers? 'LOCAL BOY DATES SUPERGIRL' WHITE HOUSE REFUSES COMMENT'"

"Bar-bara!" wailed the Girl of Steel with mock vexation "I didn't go as Supergirl, I was you-know Linda!"

"This guy likes Linda?"

"Um I guess so but we're not really serious or anything."

"Let me guess, he drives you to school every day in his nondescript convertible?"


"Honks when he pulls up and then your father mumbles about it under his breath?"

"Gee Babs are you clairvoyant or something?"

"NO!! I just dreamed of having a boyfriend like that in High School!"

"Oh c'mon Barbara, you must've had tons of dates in High School".

The Dominoed Daredoll looked down at her bosom self-consciously "uh no I was a late bloomer, I-went to the prom with the Chess Team's Captain".

"Did he have a nondescript convertible at least?"

"N-no-it was a VW Beetle!" Batgirl gave a mock sob.

Both girls laughed heartily.

Supergirl stood up and padded over to the mirror, her hair looked great-was there anything Batgirl couldn't do?

"Um Babs thanks-can I do your hair?"

"No need Kara, I like the natural look, easier to pin up for that demure-librarian thing".

Supergirl smiled and stepped into her dressing room, stripping off her towel she gently donned her matching blue briefs "lollipop pants" is what the cheerleaders at Midvale High called them.

After that the young heroine deftly slipped into her white lace brassiere, a cunning garment that gave her B-cup breasts a slight womanly push.

Supergirl finally slipped her blue minidress over her head carefully buckling her gold belt and tugging at her skirt til it was just scandalous enough for crimefighting.

"Thats it Kara" thought the Kryptonian Kutie "WORK those legs!"

Batgirl exited her dressing room looking resplendent in her tights, high heeled boots and cowl...Supergirl had yet another twinge of envy as the older voluptuous heroine checked her lipstick one last time in the mirror.

She seemed to read Kara's thoughts "what no makeup?" queried the Dark Angel with a smile.

"Oh never as Supergirl, don't want to tip people off..." offered the Girl of Steel.

"Good idea, besides it's Linda Danvers who has to beat them off with a stick!" jibed Batgirl.

"Awww Batgirl" moaned Kara as both heroines left the locker room with a laugh.

Out on the gym floor Robin the Boy Wonder could be seen hanging by his feet from some exercise rings and aiming with a bow and arrow at an apple atop a clothes mannequin's head.

"Hey Robin-is the Green Arrow hiring?" opined Batgirl.

The Boy Wonder didn't break his concentration a bit..."Hey Babs, nope this a little hand to eye co-ordination exercise I dreamed up".

Kara was fairly staring at Batman's dreamy young associate he was all muscle all speed unconsciously she licked her lips.

ALL the girls at Midvale High had a thing for Robin, and Supergirl was certainly no exception. "Maybe it's the mask?" thought the Maid of Might.

Batgirl smiled and nudged her young companion in the ribs; she noticed the faraway look in Supergirl's eyes.

A cunning look crept over Kara's face she took a step forward to the mannequin and boldly put the apple atop her own head.

"Hey Robin how about a live target?" sang out the Maid of Might.

"Suit yourself" replied Robin.

"Great Rao he's soo cool and unflappable" gushed Supergirl inwardly.

"Just as long as the arrow isn't made of kryptonite or anything?" needled Batgirl. The barbed shaft whizzed through the air as if in response, neatly bisecting the apple, Supergirl caught both halves with one eye blurring hand.

"Nope again Batgirl...carved and fletched the arrow myself it's real Bat-sycamore all the way".

The Boy Wonder expertly dismantled the bow and replaced it in his utility belt.

"Handy thing..." remarked Kara.

"Designed it myself, grinned the Teen Titan.

"Rao he's SMART too!" exulted Supergirl to herself.

Robin slung himself still upside down over to a long rope and shimmied down headfirst before righting himself and landing like the acrobat he was.

Supergirl was breathless watching the whole scene...finally she found her voice "B-babs? want a apple half?" she quavered.

"No had a big lunch..."

"How about you Robin?"

"Don't mind if I do" said the Boy Wonder.

Supergirl tossed the half apple to him and they munched the delicious fruit without once taking eyes off one another.

"How does he do it?" thought Batgirl "he shows up yells Holy-this or Holy that and the teenyboppers just swoon!"

Supergirl finally shook her head and blushed "I've got to go on patrol" she said in a small voice.

"Yeah" said Robin in a resigned tone.

"What would Dick Malverne say me making mooney-eyes at Robin like this!" thought Kara.

Supergirl took a deep breath, "gotta go, she said with forced bonhomie.

"Kara call me, said the Darknight Damsel.

"Yeah don't be a stranger" noted Robin who applied a considerable draft of willpower not to stare with hanging tongue at the Girl of Steel's perfect legs.

"DON'T BE A STRANGER!!!???" raged Robin inwardly, "What kind of a line is that!?"

The Teen Titan gazed on hopelessly as the Maiden of Steel walked over to the window opened it up took a running start and flew off into the Gotham Afternoon.

Robin gazed at the fast flying Girl of Steel with a contemplative look.

"See something you like?" smirked Batgirl.

Dick Grayson, AKA Robin the Boy Wonder...blushed beet red.

Supergirl flew high over Gotham as she made her way back to Midvale.

"Great Rao...I don't have a crush on Robin!"

Great Rao please don't let me have a crush on Robin!"

"Oh Rao I think I've got a crush on Robin"

Wailed the heroine inwardly.

What was infinitely worse, she couldn't tell anyone of her chance encounter with the Boy Wonder, it wasn't like she had dozens of super-girl friends and they all got together for slumber parties or anything.

Supergirl involuntarily giggled as she pictured the imperious WONDER WOMAN in a fluffy pink nightie, painting her toenails and rattling on about how "like suave-oh" Steve Trevor was.


Meanwhile back in Midvale:

The Kryptonite Kid was having the time of his life. He'd made a safe landing outside town and was now skulking around by night stealing half-eaten food out of trashcans and living in a crude lean-to hidden in the park as he waited for his true love to come flying in blue-skirt all a flutter.

Compared to conditions on his home-world Blor, cold beans and half eaten pizza made this planet a paradise!

The kid had staked out a huge bronze Statue of Supergirl that stood watch on a hill in the park.

He was reasonably sure the Girl of Steel would show up at some point to accept the plaudits of her worshippers.

And when she did he'd have a big surprise for her!


"Okay so maybe flying over Midvale Memorial Park wasn't the same as patrolling Suicide Slum thought Supergirl "But there was the occasional fight or what-have you" and Kara was a thoughtful ground-up type of heroine.

That statue dedicated to her though, was just a bit embarrassing. The town had erected it in her honor six months after her world debut' ostensibly because she'd saved Midvale from a ruinous flood, but in fact it was a calculated bid for tourist dollars.

Privately Supergirl thought the statue made her legs look chubby.

Supergirl alighted in front of the statue and sighed, hero-wise it's been a lackluster day. She foiled a carjacking and busted up a mugging in Metro Central Park. Midvale on the other hand was blissfully quiet still one last scan with her super-vision couldn't hurt.

Out in the bushes Kryptonite Kid stirred his blood was fairly boiling his absolute true love had at last arrived to receive her acolytes.

Slowly he raised his index fingers to his temple and screwed his face up in a parody on intense concentration.

"This will give her something to think about" he snickered.


"Nope, all is quiet in Midvale, murmured the Girl of Steel.

It was getting dark anyway and Supergirl was savoring the thick gooey lasagna her foster mother had promised for dinner. If she closed her eyes she could smell from three miles away.

Suddenly a familiar feeling of pain crawled throughout Kara's curvaceous body.

Her snapped open in shocked recognition she spun around jerkily, the whole night sky was lit up in sickening green..."k-k-kryptonite! ‚€ b-but how??" groaned the heroine.

Yes indeed the statue Supergirl had disparaged had somehow turned to green kryptonite! Kara took a feeble step back but the enervating rays had already sapped her strength to an appalling degree she stumbled and sprawled on the ground her legs spread.

A short ways away the Kryptonite Kid sweated, writhed and smiled at The Maid of Steel's predicament.

"Ugh this is tough work but it's worth it" he grated.

A wavering hand raised half open to her fevered brow as if to ward off the harmful radiation.

"Uhf I-I'm so-o-oo weak m-must crawl away kryptonite...poisoning me!" wailed the Maid of Might. Alas she was too sluggish to do more than rise up on her elbows the vile green radiance bathed her body...her very skin was imbued with a deadly emerald hue.

Tears of raw agony leaped to the eyes of the Blonde Blockbuster. Still she struggled "Can't give up...got to got to..."

But it was too late the relentless kryptonite caused Supergirl to faint dead away she slumped prettily on the ground the very picture of feminine distress.

Over in the bushes the Kryptonite Kid gave a heartfelt groan as he fell over in a driving sweat the statue immediately reverted to it's original bronze composition..."Great Snahrk that was a tough transformation...I'd better rest up before I got to phase two of my plan".

The vile boy snuck away after first ascertaining that Supergirl was still breathing and would soon revive.

"She looks very pretty when she's unconscious by the end of the week she'll mine and she'll drowse any time I want"...the Kryptonite Kid giggled with glee at his prospects.


Little Allura was SO hungry today!

Supergirl had her costume blouse hiked up and was copiously breastfeeding her infant daughter out in the kitchen.

Krypton lacked such elemental niceties as "nursery rhymes" so Kara contented with crooning "Hush little Baby" to her tiny blonde progeny.

"Krypton lagged in many departments" thought the heroine. Breastfeeding for example died eons before that planet's destruction.

"What a shame" thought Kara, "this is the supreme feeling of my life" she exulted.

Deftly she used her pinky finger to break her daughter's contact on her milk swollen breast...Her baby was so sated with rich nourishing mother's milk she hardly peeped as she was drawn away from Kara's bosom. With practiced skill she raised the baby to her shoulder and briskly burped her.

Supergirl held the cooing infant out at arm's length "Is it Allura's nap time? Is it?" she trilled happily.

The baby giggled.

Kara laughed and rubbed noises with her precious darling.

There was a very familiar footfall behind Supergirl; so familiar in fact she declined to even turn around.

"How was your day honey?"

"Bagged Harley Quinn in just two hours sweetie".

Robin the "boy" Wonder strode over to his wife and daughter.

The mask and vest was familiar but shortly before their nuptials, Supergirl had prevailed on her fiancee' to change his costume. He now sported a black cape that gave him excellent concealment in the dark along with matching spandex leggings and boots.

In fact Supergirl had whipped the new costume up herself as a wedding present.

"Oh that is great I think that might beat your own record!" said Kara.

"Yeah I'll have to check that-how's my girl!" he kissed his bride avidly and tousled his daughter's hair for good measure.

"MMMMMmmmm" moaned the Girl of Steel it was GOOD to have Dick back home.

Suddenly Supergirl threw head back and sniffed, loudly.

Robin who was still nuzzling her neck muttered, "Aw does the baby need a change-let me do it sweetie..."

"Er-No..." replied the Maid of Might, "its sulfur"


"No in Italy, Great Krypton Mount Etna is about to erupt again, Dick could you..."

Thoughtfully her husband picked up the baby as Supergirl re-arranged her nursing bra and pulled her blouse down.

Opening a nearby window she called out "I'll have this wrapped up in a jiffy...meatballs for dinner!"

Supergirl flew off into a beautiful sunset.

"Gosh my wife can do ANYTHING!" yelped Robin.

It was a beautiful sunset blue orange purple the colors fairly swirled around The Girl of Steel the wind whistled and just for a moment she closed her eyes in sheer ecstasy.

Wife, Mother, Heroine she truly had it all...Kara opened her eyes, the light wasn't right and she was not flying!

Supergirl stirred and looked around wildly...it was another dream!

"Oh why the baby-dream again?" she muttered.

"And with Robin too!" Kara blushed as she rolled over on the ground.

She was still sprawled in front of her statue, which had reverted to being a low grade of bronze. Utterly perplexed the heroine rose and scanned the edifice with her microscopic vision...

"Nope it's bronze, but it was kryptonite only a few minutes ago, a powerful isotope as well to make me faint like that..."

It was getting late this point the statue was clearly no danger down to the molecular level and the town was otherwise quiet.

With a soft step the Girl of Steel flew off and headed for home to ponder this new perplexing problem.


Supergirl was a classical teenage beauty. Long shapely legs, round well formed face, pert bosom, perfectly coifed blonde mane...Three sleazy men's magazine had furtively offered her huge money to pose undraped in their pages when she turned 21.

Women all over the world copied her hairstyle and blue miniskirts were all the rage on campus.

No doubt Supergirl was to die for.

But lost in all that appreciation were some of her finer points, like her innate gifts for logic.

This was no joke by common consent of the 30th Century Legion of Super Heroes as well as her earthly collaborators, Supergirl could think with the best of them.

She seemed to be always thinking and calculating trying to fit the facts in with a good deductive framework.

The only surprise here is that The Maid of Might did her deepest thinking in a hot tub up to her dainty nose in bubble bath.

Which is where Kara was at the moment, her blonde hair piled up under a white terry clothe turban...she luxuriated pensively amidst the bubbles and warm water.

"Darling? Are you sure it wasn't a red-k hallucination?" called her mother through the bathroom door.

"Um yeah, it was the first thing I checked for when I got back here..."

"And you are sure it was kryptonite?"

"Oh yes the sensation is unmistakable..."

"Well then there has to be some new super menace in Town, said Edna with a note of concern in her voice.

"Yes but how did they change the statue into kryptonite and why didn't they finish me off when they had a chance?"

Edna silently pondered that tidbit ; a wet rising sound came from out the bathroom followed by water being let out of the tub.

The door open and her sweet teenaged foster daughter padded out wrapped tightly in a towel as always sweet, demure, feminine, and omnipotent.

Impulsively Edna took Linda in her arms "Be careful won't you?"-That kryptonite is dangerous stuff!"

"Mom I know they won't catch me unawares next time!"

Linda slipped into her room with a wave; thoughtfully Edna had laid out her white babydoll nightie on the bed.

Slowly disrobing Linda slipped into the frivolous garment reveling for the umpteenth time how wonderful real lace felt against her skin.

Linda then padded over to the pillow her cat Streaky slept on picking up her orange tabby she gave him a kiss on the nose and said "I've got to figure this now-you-see-kryptonite-now-you-don't mystery Streaky-any ideas?"

Streaky merely rubbed his clean soft fur against Supergirl's cheek. Kara giggled and set him down..."well if you have any brainstorms give me a call will you?"

Linda laughed at her silly jape turned the light off and hopped into bed.


Despite this mystery, Linda was never one to toss and turn in bed and soon curled up and fell sound asleep.


Deep in a Midvale sewer, the Kryptonite Kid stretched out amidst the filth and probed the whole town with his mind...soon her "heard" the slumbering thoughts of a certain cool blonde beauty. He smiled his moment had struck.

Like any other bride on her wedding day, Supergirl was nervous.

She checked and rechecked her make-up in her full-length mirror She wanted to look perfect for her man. A top her head was a shimmering white lace bridal veil that Edna had picked out. Otherwise she was normally costumed, her husband to be was insistent that EVERYONE must know he was marrying the mighty Supergirl.

"Mighty Supergirl indeed" thought Kara with a blush, "I get weak in the knees just thinking about him!"

As it was Supergirl's special day she made a saucy little gesture and slid a teensy pale pink lace garter up her left leg strategically positioning it just below her short blue skirt.

Kara gave herself one more once-over in the mirror and freshened her lipstick she wanted so badly to look ravishing for her husband.

"D-dear...are you ready?" quavered a voice outside her boudoir door.

"Sure Mum be right there," trilled Supergirl.

Kara turned and exited the frilly little chamber, and entered the great hall of Superman's Fortress of Solitude, it was a very special place for the Blonde Blockbuster and she had insisted as the site of the ceremony.

Her Foster Mother stepped forward her face a stricken mask, "D-Dear are you sure?"

"Of course Mother I-I love him" smiled Kara.

"But Dear...he is..."

I know Mom I know" condescended the heroine who kissed Edna affectionately on the cheek.

A huge video screen dominated one end of the hall as the weird atonal ceremonial music of Krypton filled the air Kara Zor-El walked smiling with tears in her eyes toward the great marriage crystal inset in the floor.

Standing next to it was a tall grinning muscular brute with glowing green skin and outlandish pink tights.

As Supergirl got closer she visibly weakened in the knees her brow was moist with perspiration still she walked lightly to the low dais.

She passed this green man practically in a walking faint he merely nodded and whispered "Good Kara" and patted her obnoxiously on the fanny.

The crowd snickered at the sight.

Supergirl almost staggered at his touch but she returned a shy winsome smile at her husband's big brother and best man.

Gallantly he stepped forward took Kara by the elbow and helped her up onto the dais an act that caused the Girl of Steel to gasp aloud.

Presently, Supergirl composed herself She stood pretty and alone atop the wedding crystal, although her knees shook in the most adorable way.

The groom's theme welled up and with a becoming shyness Kara turned around long enough to see her husband green, glowing, and grinning strutting down the aisle high fiving their few astonished guests and looking like he'd just won the lottery.

Supergirl smiled he was soo-o cute and boisterous!

Soon enough the Green Boy stood next to his bride on the crystal wearing a triumphal sneer on his face...Kara was fairly woozy by now and had to lean on her fiancée's arm for support.

As well she should, she was after all marrying the one and only Kryptonite Kid!

The very thought, as well as the enervating radiation, made the Girl of Steel lightheaded.

"Kara my love you look radiant on your wedding day" the evil teen leered.

It was true already Kara's skin was turning a faint shade of green but still she smiled and whispered "You bring it out in me lover!"

"Supergirl!" howled a voice from the back of the hall "Marrying the

Kryptonite Kid will destroy you!"

Kara gasped back " S-sorry Dad, I HAVE to go through with this ceremony besides I LOVE the Kryptonite Kid!!"

Fred subsided, beaten and agonized.

They both donned their ceremonial rings and soon the special video feed from the Bottled City of Kandor broadcast the Supreme Decider intoning "Now that the maiden Kara also known on Earth as Supergirl, has exchanged rings with the Kryptonite Kid of Blor, I declare them husband and wife for all eternity" Ecstatic, the Kryptonite Kid pulled Supergirl into his arms and planted a hot kiss on her parted eager lips.

The effect was immediate Supergirl collapsed helpless at his feet with a happy sigh "Oh I'm weak" she groaned.

"Not to worry my love, boasted the green groom who reached down and lifted the helpless Maid of Might in his arms.

In triumph the Kid carried his newlywed wife down the aisle, Kara kicked her ankles and wrapped her arms adoringly around his shoulders the crowd applauded wildly.

Just before they got to the great doors of the Fortress' Honeymoon suite, the Kid abruptly halted and gently dropped his bride to her feet.

"Darling" he said in a oily insinuating tone, "Before we repair to our

marital bed let us receive our guests!"

"Oh Gosh I suppose we should" agreed Supergirl she didn't want to seem uppity or recalcitrant on her special day.

But the Kid's mere proximity was making Kara weaker and weaker every second, her dimpled knees shook in the most adorable fashion she barely had the strength to shake hands with the guests really.

The wedding guests quickly resolved themselves into a long line and filed past the happy couple, the groom's side was a vast collection of the vilest crooks and low-lifes in the galaxy. Kara's guests were restricted to her embarrassed and monosyllabic foster-parents who could barely look at their beaming happy adopted daughter as she leaned on the arm of her green-glowing groom. The Kid tried to break the ice in boorish fashion clapping Fred on the back and promising in an insincere tone to be "the best damn son-in-law he'll ever have!"

The Danvers skulked away as soon as good manners permitted, the Kid was pleased to note Edna looked properly aghast.

Fred just wanted a drink.

Thereafter it was one intergalactic layabout after another congratulating the Kryptonite Kid in the crudest terms imaginable. Several of these worthies openly whacked Supergirl on the rear end for "good luck". Kara blushed furiously through these indignities but said nothing since her beloved new husband enjoyed them so much.

"She is such a good little sport" he leered to an infamous space pirate who spanked her particularly hard.

Supergirl rubbed her now sore rear end and thanked their guests with all due respect.

At the end of the line came a strange green skinned alien with a seemingly

look of triumph on his face-"Heavens it's BRAINIAC-How did HE get invited???" thought the Girl of Steel wildly. She felt especially vulnerable in her demure wedding veil and single garter.

Still Brainiac didn't seem to mind the spectacle of his former nemesis

married off -heck he and the K-Kid seemed to know each other quite well.

Kara stared in rank astonishment as the evil human computer pumped her husband's hand and congratulated him in effusive terms.

"Supergirl" sneered Brainiac "You should know I adopted this boy as my heir months ago! He is now officially BRAINIAC JUNIOR! That makes me your father-in-law!"

Father and Son grinned lecherously at the helpless heroine.

The Maid of Might fairly reeled at this revelation..."I-I'm Brainiac's


Supergirl looked like she might faint from the news.

"Oh Darling" condescended her husband horribly "You KNOW how thinking gives your pretty little noggin a headache let me make it all better!"

The K-Kid gestured and immediately poor Kara was enveloped in even more enervating kryptonite radiation her legs slowly

buckled and the once mighty maiden collapsed prettily to the floor.

She sprawled there looking dainty and delicious.

Brainaic coldly noted his daughter in law's lack of lingerie on her wedding day.

"Now Kara tell everyone how much you enjoy this" needled the Groom.

"Gasp! kryptonite stealing away my strength" whimpered Supergirl.

The guests <being brutes and lowlife> all applauded.

But she didn't look agonized there was a wicked spark of lust in her

formerly innocent blue eyes.

"Well then, if your are at last weak enough maybe we two can steal-away to our marriage bed" sang out the Kid.

And with that he picked his wife up off the floor with a flourish and

cradled her in his arms "Stay on your diet my love" he smirked.

He spun his bride around while Kara kicked her ankles helplessly.

At the end of the hall the Kid kicked a door open and turned to the crowd still carrying his powerless wife, and shouted "She got hers now I'll get mine" and ducked inside.

It was the bridal suite of the Fortress of Solitude with a huge four-poster bed for the occasion.

The Kid wasted no time heaving his wife onto the bed and struggling to peel out of his outlandish costume.

Supergirl wanted a little fun first though, she covered her loins and bustline with her arms and moaned, "B-but I'm a virgin" in a mocking tone.

The Kryptonite Kid stepped forward and willed a low-level kryptonite aura to surround his bride.

Her legs went weak, her hands fell away to her sides and Supergirl assumed her classic sprawl ...faintly giggling the whole time.

"Uhhh no! ...Take it away!" Kara wanted to put on a good show for her husband she knew how much he loved watching her writhe and moan from Kryptonite.

"I don't think so. Now lets take your costume off-such a pretty shade of blue, he whispered.

Completely weak now, Kara acquiesced as the Kid loosened her belt and pulled her costume off over her head. Being a saucy girl she had gone without her bra and blue briefs.

She was now panting and nude save for her red boots and bridal veil.

"Now, Supergirl,you are completely naked and in my power, I'm only radiating a low level of kryptonite not enough to do you any harm."

"However, it is enough to keep you weak as long as I stay close to you."

"And why wouldn't I stay close to you, you are my wife after all!

Slowly he brought his green hand down to Supergirl's pubic area and began to rub her vagina.

"Ohhhhn.... noooo...you.... ouuu... don't know what that does to me..." groaned the Kryptonian Kutie.

"Oh yes I do! It makes you very, very excited and wet. Ah, yes...see you are beginning to warm to my grasp already. Lets see what happens when I pinch your nipples, shall we?"

The Kryptonite Kids fingers pinched the tips of Kara's brown healthy aureoles and her dewy young breasts became instantly hardened.

Kara sighed with extreme arousal-her strength was gone and it was sheer paradise! She tried to stifle a low moan, as The Kryptonite Kid began to play with her clitoris.

She was Supergirl...she whimpered with ecstasy...

This was beyond her imagination; it was great! And what was the best part? - She was too enervated to stop it. Kryptonite, plus arousal, made for the supreme combination. The Kryptonite Kid gently sat her in an upright position against the edge of their garish marital bed. In this position she couldn't avoid looking at his huge green penis. He was very much aware that it was turning her on.

"Is this your first time? Answer me, I'm your husband now!" he said with gruesome arrogance.

"Ohhhh...yes...yes, it is. Ohhh, so weak. You've got to stop...." The Girl of Steel smiled as she said this, the Kid LOVED it when she begged.

"Now, now. You don't want me to stop just yet."

The smirking alien merely touched his finger to Kara's lovely lips. This made her swoon and fall backwards on the bed with her legs spread wide.

"I'd always dreamed of stripping that costume off you and making love to you...so many dreams realized today and best is yet to come!"

The Kryptonite Kid began to sidle up next to his bride, leering in ecstasy the whole time. Sliding his hand over her hot wet womanhood, he spread her legs and positioned himself atop the helpless heroine. Roughly He inserted his penis into her.... It was a heavenly tight fit.

For the first time in her life Supergirl screamed. Not in pain, but in sheer pleasure.

"N-nnnnuuhh...yes YES YES preg me up good you alien stallion!" grunted the Maid of Might.

The boy she had married was about to take her maidenhead. She was penetrated for the first time in her life. He began to move in and out and her wetness was uncontrollable. His green hands kneaded her breasts and kept her too weak and aroused to resist.

"Unnnn...oooohhh...moan.... Bay-bee...ssstop...I'm going to...uhh ...ahhh...I'm going tooooo...."

"Ah...cum, is the word you wanna use ...ahhh ...yes ...yes ...YES! "

He gave an all mighty thrust and easily sundered the Girl of Steel's hymen. She felt a slight stab of pain and then gushy enervating waves rolled up from her muff to go crashing in her head!

As The Kryptonite Kid exploded into Supergirl's vagina, she reached climax seconds later-it was like a 10 megaton pleasure bombs had gone off in her head. For the first time in her life she had come in second at something. She was totally spent. Supergirl's flesh was turning a light emerald shade....

The Kid rolled off her callously...""Hhhmmmm, well that is a good start on some nice chubby little green babies I guess-wait until my father-in-law sees them!"

Supergirl was having trouble breathing-her hand now a dark shade of green wavered in the air...the room was spinning..."Darling" she begged "I-I..."

Thing went black again.


Linda awoke with a start.

"What WAS that"" she thought staring wide-eyed at the ceiling.

"That wasn't the usual getting-chased-by-boys dream...great Rao I-I got deflowered in that one!"

Unconsciously her dainty hand strayed down to her warm womanly nook...the disguised heroine exhaled with a shudder.

Meanwhile Streaky the cat wandered across the covers and gave his mistress an inquiring stare.

Linda picked the feckless tabby up and rubbed noses with her favorite pet...Streaky purred contentedly which was just the tonic for the flustered and apprehensive superheroine.

"I'm not ready to get married yet Streaky...I'm too young and I'd never give it up for some creep with a kryptonite skin condition!" she whispered.

And with that she rolled over put her cat back on the floor and tried to go back to sleep, but that nightmare preyed on her terribly.

"Superboy had a Kryptonite Kid bedevil him back in Smallville, but that was decades ago. This Kryptonite Kid was my age.... ohhh I'm too worked up about this-it was just a dream!"


The next day Supergirl confined her patrol to Midvale and it environs as she was still mulling over the mystery of the statue that turned to Kryptonite.

The town seemed quiet...too quiet Kara's feminine intuition told her something was definitely "up".

A weird note sounded in the air, it was piercing, Supergirl winced although a quick scan of the streets revealed that no-one else was bothered by the bizarre wail.

"Hullo Supergirl remember me? Handsome green skinned blade, you dreamt about me last night!"

The Girl of Steel looked around wildly, this was a hypersonic signal distinguishable to her own super hearing!

"I've taken over the local radio station, D.J. Buck Quarrels is lying unconscious at my feet. Why don't you fly over here and we can have a nice chat? I'll even let you fly him to the hospital if you like!"

DJ Quarrels was Linda's favorite radio personality he played all her favorite rhythm and blues artists!

This was serious! A super scientific whacko had taken over KFX radio!

Supergirl spun around in mid-air and flew top speed to the station; she'd fix this jerk's red wagon for sure!


"Oh this is just perfect!" muttered the Maid of Might.

The Police surrounded the station and even a TV camera crew turns out DJ Quarrels abrupt departure from the air had attracted attention.

The Heroine had hoped to wrap this whole mystery up on the quiet-no such luck now.

Police Chief Macklin was fairly blubbering "Oh S-Supergirl we have reports of a weird green guy in the radio station who has taken DJ Quarrels hostage-we fear student riots if he isn't released unharmed!

Supergirl cocked an eyebrow quizzically "I didn't know Midvale was such a hotbed for delta-blues fans" she thought.

No matter time to turn on her authoritative heroine act "Don't worry chief," Blared Kara "I'll handle this you keep your men back a ways!"

'Oh thank you Supergirl we knew we could count on you" groveled the seasoned Law Enforcement Professional.

"This would never have happened if Richard Nixon had won!" he muttered to no one in particular.

The heroine strode with confidence towards the entrance of the station "Rao how does Cousin Kal put up with stuff like this?" she wondered.

The station was mostly abandoned Kara made her way down the hallway towards the broadcast studio her x-ray vision revealed a wretched looking teenaged boy with pink tights green skin and a gruesome little smirk standing nonchalantly over Quarrel's unconscious body.

"Clearly a loon" thought Supergirl "I wonder though, could he really be made of kryptonite? The chances of there being two of them seemed remote..."

The Blonde Blockbuster punched the door open and coolly sauntered in.

"Hey Baby remember me?" called out the Kryptonite Kid who with a single hand gesture turned the entire ROOM into kryptonite!

"Arrgh feel weak...pain" moaned Supergirl who fell to her hands and knees with the unexpected assault.

"I'm the new Kryptonite Kid in case you hadn't noticed-straight from the Planet Blor!"

Supergirl gasped and looked around wildly...her strength was ebbing away already she was no stronger than any ordinary girl!

The Kid slowly walked over with the nastiest little grin on his face.

"Sweetie it pains me to do you like this but...what other way could I get your attention?"

"Wh-what do you want?" gasped the Heroine her arms and legs felt soo-oo heavy she HAD to get out of that room!

The Kryptonite Kid would have none of that though he squatted down next to the agonized Girl of Steel and rolled her over into his embrace.

Kara winced and groaned his very skin glowed green with the deadly kryptonite radiation the pain was indescribable.

"Baby...I don't know how to say this but...MARRY ME!" he blurted.

"M-Marry you? don't make me l-laugh!"

"I mean it we'll have a little planet of our own plenty of room for our fat little kryptonite babies..."

"BABIES!?" Supergirl's eyes batted wide with horror.

"I'm too-too young, she quavered.

"Aw don't let Earth's socialist marriage nonsense get in the way-on Blor a woman can be bought for breeding purposes at age fourteen!" he smiled after this ghastly admission.

"Four-FOURTEEN?" wept the Girl of Steel she immediately started struggling despite her enervated condition.

"Wasn't that dream I sent you the most?" he bragged.

"All Blorian men are powerful telepaths you know...."

"What about the women? grunted the Girl of Steel, who was desperate to buy some time. "Oh I don't know I've never met one...they are just cattle after all-but YOU you are a true goddess!!!" he opined.

Hey was she getting sarcastic with him? thought the teen. This was none too submissive by Blorian standards-he'd teach her a lesson!

The Kid was angry now, a defiant attitude and the mighty heroine was still squirming like she had a choice in the matter! "Stop it Supergirl...now I mean it we are getting married whether YOU like it or not!"

Furious he sat down in a nearby chair and hauled a still struggling Kara over his knee.

"This is an old fashioned Blorian ritual for sealing impending nuptials my dear" he smirked.

"No NEVER" Howled Supergirl who kicked her long shapely legs in frustration and beat her fists with impotent fury "This nut is SERIOUS!" she thought.

"I know how to get her to love Me, thought the teenaged villain.

Firmly he caught one of Kara's flailing arms and imprisoned at the small of her back. The Heroine was by now so weakened by the ever present kryptonite she could not break his wrist grip.

Then she felt it, a cool breeze on her backside the kid had the temerity to lower the trim blue briefs Supergirl always wore under her mini skirt.

"Oh no you just stop tha-a-at!" she could feel her blue skirt being raised and bunched around his hips.

And then the kid stopped.

For a moment and indeed what man would not gaze at Supergirl's rear end in all its pink perfection.

"Not a hint of muscle" he murmured "soft to the touch..."

Kara winced with pain as the Kid's finger pressed on her right cheek.

"Please!" she begged.

"Oh you'll plead all right after we're married Darling, said the kid jovially.

Which is when he brought his hand down hard on Kara's ass-whack!

"OW!" yelped Kara she hadn't ever been spanked in her entire life a fiery pain shot through her backside.





Supergirl was crying quite openly now real tears of humiliation ran down her face as the Kryptonite Kid spanked her silly.

"Gonna say yes?" he taunted.

"N-No never!"


Supergirl's ass was turning the cutest shade of red imaginable.

And still her captor kept spanking her despite the Heroine's heartfelt pleas...kicking and yowling Kara was being thoroughly embarrassed!

"Still resisting?" queried the Kryptonite Kid to punctuate his question he unleashed a volley of agonizing blows at the lower end of Kara's tush. A most sensitive spot the pain was awful to the now weeping heroine.

"Mercy Please!" she cried.

"Not until you agree to marry me!" he howled.

"Okay I give in I'll-I'll marry you" said Supergirl in a defeated tone.

That brought the Kid up short.

"You will?" he said incredulously.

"Yes only please stop spanking me and-and...

"And what?" demanded the Kryptonite Kid suspiciously.

"Please th' kryp-ton-ite it's it's killing me!" groaned Supergirl who was now slumped over his lap completely paralyzed.

Her lovely alabaster skin was turning faintly green.

"Oh right" said the Kid densely.

Immediately the studio turned back to its normal composition although Supergirl was still weakened terribly by the ordeal she could do little except lie across her fiancée's lap bare-assed and helpless.

"And now my dear when do we celebrate our marriage?" demanded the villain.

Kara flipped herself over and with a supreme effort pulled her panties back up over her abused rear-end.

"Owwwww!" she groaned her rear felt like it was on fire, fresh tears fell from her eyes.

She effected a narrow eyed look and lovingly draped one arm around the neck of her "conqueror".

"Only one condition" she breathed. "We must get married in the approved Kryptonian fashion that means I have to wear special kryptonian wedding lingerie".

Supergirl invested this nonsense with all the sexiness she could muster it was so important now to lull the Kid into a state of false security.

"Special wedding lingerie?" he repeated.

"All lace edged so my husband to be knows that he's my m-master whispered the heroine.

Her captor stood up abruptly too abruptly in fact Supergirl was hurled to the floor with a grunt.

"I'll meet you in one hour at your statue in the park, you have that long to prepare" he said pretentiously.

Supergirl crawled over to his feet and planted a few melodramatic kisses on his white go-go boots.

"Y-yes master the more privacy the better, because I have to unveil myself to you so that you now own my winsome naked body...it's an old Kryptonian custom" added Supergirl with a demure blush.

There was a commotion outside...the cops had finally screwed up the courage to storm the building.

"I must go-one hour at the statue!" The Kid strode out like he was


"Yes Master I'll be there without fail" sniveled Supergirl.

Once the coast was clear Kara stood up and limped over to the still unconscious DJ Quarrels <her backside still hurt from that kryptonite spanking!> ...fortunately he stirred almost immediately and his injuries looked slight to Supergirl's practiced eye.

"Wha happened?" he groaned.

"You got mugged by a super villain, grinned Supergirl.

"Wow Superchick you look like some cat made with the double bad karma?"

Supergirl got at look at herself in the studio window; she looked a fright with teary bloodshot eyes and a disheveled hair.

Dutifully Kara propped DJ up in chair, "I've got to go, You'll be all right..."

"Sure Superchick thanks for doing the big lifesaver act for your boy DJ!"

Supergirl smiled again and ducked out the back just as the police rushed the Studio.


An hour later, the Delinquent from Space stood under Supergirl's statue alone, impatient and unmolested.

"Once we are married I won't stand for this tardiness" he thought.

"My little luv-monkey seems a bit skittish about getting married, she feel differently when I paint the whole Town green!" he said aloud.

"I will like heck you creep!"

The Kid spun around, there stood the Girl of Steel proud confident...how she snuck up on him he had no idea but let's face it, the Blorian teen was no genius.

"Su-per-girl my love...that is no way to talk to your husband to be...I'm afraid I'll have to turn this statue to kryptonite to teach you a lesson!"

"Go right ahead greenie...did I mention I've become immune to kryptonite in last hour?" Kara studied her fingernails with disinterest.

The Kid was mad; how dare this trollop mock him on their wedding day!

He gestured hard and the statue glowed a fatal shade of green.

None of which bothered Supergirl in the slightest, yet the proximity of the statue should have had her writhing on the ground in agony.

"Now listen up you twerp, I'm giving you just one chance to leave the planet and never return this kryptonite act of yours is getting tiresome. The heroine advanced on her foe with fists clenched in a reasonable boxer's stance she was up on her toes and had a determined look on her lovely face.

"Tough talk from a soft little breeder" sneered the obnoxious alien "lets see what happens when your boots turn to kryptonite!"

He gestured again and Supergirl's red boots turned a bright glowing green, which only seemed to make Kara even angrier.

"Oh that is just fine!" she snarled, "Now they clash with my dress!!"

The Kid panicked and lunged at his "bride to be" Supergirl neatly sidestepped and tripped the lumbering brute who went sprawling.

The Kid couldn't figure any of this out...she should be wailing and groaning by now...but then if she was immune how come she didn't flatten him with one blow?...what is with the boxing stances?

Like a fool though he leapt to his feet and rushed Supergirl, who for her part leaned forward cocked her dainty right fist and put all 120 pounds of weight behind an old fashioned smack in the Kid's jaw.

The Kid's glass jaw that is...like a rotten old tree in the forest, he fell with an embarrassing "plop" unconscious and sans dignity.

Supergirl stepped back, but it was over the Kid was out like the proverbial light-both her boots and the statue instantly reverted to normal. She drew an arm across her forehead and exhaled heavily...that was close.

And her hand hurt like blazes! "How does Jerry Quarry do it?" she muttered.

Winded but happy she ducked into some nearby bushes and returned with a weird heavy-looking ray pistol with no great regrets she fired this odd weapon at the still-unconscious Kid who, obligingly disappeared completely.

Looking around one last time to make sure she was unobserved Supergirl prepared to duck back into the bushes when she heard a loud whoosh from over head.

A tall female figure clad in patriotic satin tights and a tiara spun in the air before the Girl of Steel and alighted gracefully before her.

It was Wonder Woman, the crimefighting Amazon Princess from Paradise Island and cousin Kal's fellow Justice Leaguer.

"Hola Supergirl" cried the Amazon "I saw on the television that a strange green alien was bedeviling you here in Midvale and came to see if you needed help!"

Supergirl grinned, "You mean the Kryptonite Kid? I exiled him to the Phantom Zone just before you arrived."

"He was kryptonite irradiated! Merciful Minerva how you must have suffered!"

"Well at first but I formulated a plan..."

"And that was...?"

"Well I exposed myself to red kryptonite which robbed me of my powers and kryptonite vulnerability so that..."

Supergirl got nothing more out; Wonder Woman impulsively clasped the younger heroine to her magnificent bosom and wailed "Supergirl NO! RED KRYPTONITE! Doesn't that mean you've lost your powers forever!!??"

If there was thing Wonder Woman's fiancee Steve Trevor could never convince people of, it was the Amazon Princess's utter feminine sentimentality. For years she'd labored under the public misconception that she was a rough tough warrior-woman...nothing could be further from the truth.

Not a week ago she saw "Romeo and Juliet" for the first time at the Kennedy Center and the Mighty Amazon cried like a baby at the whole thing.

But this, Supergirl powerless, it was a tragedy, tears formed in Diana's eyes as she hugged her sister heroine tightly.

"Oh Baby...baby, crooned the Amazon sympathetically.

Stuffed hard against those impossibly large well-formed breasts Kara could only note that Princess of Paradise Island favored an expensive understated perfume for her crimefighting forays.

"No Diana...you don't understand..." Supergirl slowly disentangled herself from Wonder Woman's embrace..."Red Kryptonite has only temporary effects, forty-eight hours at the most in fact given the size and specific level radioactivity in the sample my powers will probably return before morning!"

Kara smiled she hoped Wonder Woman would get all this on the first bounce. Diana looked at the ground sheepishly "I guess I'm not up on all the latest extraterrestrial isotopes-but why take such a chance he might've hurt you even without your powers"

"This darn phantom zone projector has a really short range, it's a safety factor to prevent unauthorized egress...I had to get really close to use it".

"Um...sending him to the zone wasn't that a little extreme?" queried the Amazon gently.

"On Earth he'd be a danger to Kal and me, besides the Phantom Zone is the approved punishment f-for um...assault..." Supergirl trailed off a little nonplussed.

"Assault! Suffering Sappho you should've called me!"

"Well I don't like to bother the League with my problems...."

"Supergirl we heroines have to stick together-the next time some villain takes-takes liberties you call me!"

"Well all he did was spank me...it was more humiliating than anything else..." admitted Kara.

"A spanking? Like Steve Trevor does-I mean how AWFUL for you!!" the Amazon was looking a bit flustered for some odd reason.

Kara smiled she was warning to the beautiful Crimefightress...truth was she had few contacts with her fellow heroines other than Batgirl of course.

Wonder Woman for her part inwardly resolved to bring up the question of Supergirl's status at the next League meeting, if necessary she'd demand the Girl of Steel be granted "honorary" membership and hang Superman's qualms! It was ridiculous that she be left outside a team structure.... The truth was some of the other Justice Leaguers were still miffed with Kal El for keeping Supergirl's existence a secret when she first came to earth. Wonder Woman had read about it in the papers like everyone else for Hera's sake! Well that was no reason to give Kara the cold shoulder decided the Amazon.

"Say I've got to get changed...there is no one around here right?" asked Kara. Wonder Woman closed her eyes leaned her head back and sniffed hard..."no nothing nearby except squirrels and birds".

"Good I'll be late for dinner if I don't hustle along here!"

Supergirl ducked down a path where a book-bag hung from a low tree branch. The sun was beginning to set so that provided an additional layer of privacy for the temporarily powerless Blonde Blockbuster. Unselfconsciously she kicked off her boots and started donning some knee socks from out of the pack.

Supergirl loosened the belt to her costume and with a practiced gesture pulled it off over the top of her head.

She stood there blonde and unconcerned in her lace bra and panties fussing with her plaid skirt.

Wonder Woman marveled at how nonchalant the younger heroine was..."None of this bothers her, facing a sex crazed supervillain without her powers...I must put her in for League membership-if the J.L.A. can keep Snapper Carr around Supergirl ought to belong too!" resolved the Amazon. [Snapper Carr was the JLA's "mascot," an honorary member who was allowed to attend meetings back in the league's early days, although he had no super-abilities - Web-Ed]

By now Kara was trying to button up her blouse but was having problems in the gathering dark "Here let me help, muttered Diana. While the older heroine was buttoning the shirt, impulsively Linda fished out her compact and gave her lips a quick touch-up.

"Got a boy friend?" grinned Diana.

"MMmmm sorta ...we're not serious like you and Major Trevor though." blushed The Maid of Might.

"A girl your age ought to play the field" advised Wonder Woman "No need to get tied down yet...you probably get enough of that as Supergirl!"

The two women had a quiet laugh together.

Linda pulled on her wig and took a step back...the effect was startling to Wonder Woman; she really did look like a meek schoolgirl with the brown hair in place.

"Oh you look fine except for one thing!"

"What is that?"

"You forgot your skirt!"

The disguised Heroine emitted a pensive little "eek!" and pulled her plaid skirt off the tree branch she'd absent-mindedly hung it on...fumbling for a moment she buttoned herself in and breathed a sigh of relief.

It was embarrassing to pull such a secret-identity faux pas in front of a famous professional like Wonder Woman!

Linda blushed furiously gathered up her costume and stuffed it into her book-bag.

Diana for her part slipped a friendly arm around the Girl of Steel's shoulders.

"I'm envious of you, she said.

"Great Rao why?"

"Oh" sighed Diana "You wear such nice clothes in your civilian identity, I have to lumber around in an Army Uniform all day long wearing big glasses and pretending I'm ugly-it gets tiresome after a while".

The two heroines headed down the trail into the sunset towards the nearby Danvers home.

"Wow" opined Supergirl.

"You have no idea how lucky you are..." observed the Amazon.


A week later, Gotham City by night.

Robin was jazzed up!

"Okay Kara it's simple I zip over to the Diamond Exchange bag Clayface and then we fly back to Police Headquarters..."

Robin the Boy Wonder had sent the Girl of Steel a note via the mails care of the Daily Planet <Which took in a good part of Superman and Supergirl's correspondence as a public service> asking her to accompany him on a case in Gotham.

With great enthusiasm she accepted and now found herself overlooking an old deco style pile in East Gotham...it was all spooky and dark like in the movies!

"I've got proof that Clayface has disguised himself as a well known diamond broker. He plans to make his move tonight, all I have to do is catch him in the act!"

Kara was enthralled; Batman and Robin had the best and most eccentric villains to contend with, SHE was stuck with dreary witches like Zora or boring old creeps like Luthor.

"Okay so what do I do Robin?"

"Um provide back-up check to make sure none of Clayface's gang scatter after I catch him IF I catch him and could I trouble you for a quick flight to police headquarters afterwards?"

"Sure I'd be honored!"

"Good because if you are with me..."

"Y-yes?" queried Supergirl with a merry twinkle in her eyes.

"Well if you are there...the press will finally give one of my collars a little attention!"

Robin looked at the rooftop he was abashed to speak so frankly.

Supergirl grinned hugely "Robin that is so sweet! You want me to be your Ballyhoo-girl!"

"Um kinda yeah..."

"I'd love to...but I have a price, you have to assist ME in Metropolis the next time the Toyman goes on a rampage! Heck with Robin the Boy Wonder in the mix I'll finally get above the fold in the Daily Planet!"

"It's a deal, promised the Teen Titan.

"Gosh" thought Robin to himself "The Toyman he's big time all right! Supergirl sure has some wacky foes!"

"Oh this is so cute" thought Supergirl "he thinks I'm Batgirl and have to be protected from serious danger" the heroine had to bite her lower lip to keep from laughing.

The Boy Wonder turned to his zip-line and crouched down, "Just keep and x-ray eye on things and I'll signal you when I'm done!"

And with that the Boy Wonder went zooming down the line to the diamond exchange.

Which was a signal for the skies above to turn a garish shade of orange, the low hanging clouds parted and a huge flying saucer ominously hung over the city.

Robin twisted around in mid-ride and shot a look at Supergirl.

Kara shrugged and made a silent "keep going" gesture.

"Great Rao! Brainiac! Just when Robin and I were making time!" she snarled.

Supergirl launched herself into the air and towards the spacecraft.

She was NOT happy!


Brainiac had spent a week pondering the disappearance of the Kryptonite Kid; he no sooner landed on Earth than he went completely missing.

His spacecraft was intact so far as the evil Android could tell but there was no sign of him.

After considering the alternatives Brainiac elected to shrink down an Earth city and bottle it...with so many lives as hostages he was sure he could force Supergirl to ransom it back with her own life.

Or so his logic contended.

So as to give himself time to set the trap up properly Brainiac decided to steal not Metropolis but another city entirely-hence Gotham and hence his interruption of Supergirl's date with the cutest boy in the hero-business.


Nope Supergirl was good and miffed she'd sat at her vanity table for an hour before flying over to Gotham now busting up Brainiac's ship was sure to mess up her hair and make-up!

Supergirl flew up to the side of the saucer and gave it an almighty horizontal spin....sure enough the malevolent starship started rotating at high speed like a Frisbee.

The heroine then executed a graceful swooping dive, which allowed her to neatly detach Brainiac's force shield emitter from the underside of his ship with a blast of her heat vision.

Or at least Kara thought it was his force field emitter.

Catching the device with one hand the Girl of Steel tossed it into low earth orbit, she'd retrieve it after her "date" with Robin to study it's alien design. She had always harbored a secret hope that figuring out Brainiac's force field technology might lead to a safe method of enlarging the shrunken Kryptonian City of Kandor, which Superman kept stored in his Fortress of Solitude.

Meanwhile, inside the spacecraft, the Evil Android was pinned to the outer hull by the mighty centrifugal forces unleashed by Supergirl's superspin.

Panicked as only a computer in human form can be, Brainiac reached for his thruster array controls intent on arresting his ship's bizarre spin...alas Brainiac only managed to throw the poorly concealed switch that projected the ship into the deep vastness of the fourth dimension.

"Great Diodes I've..." bellowed Brainiac as his spacecraft took an impromptu trip to the 12th century AD.

The sudden disappearance of the ship didn't faze Supergirl in the least. The bright purple Doppler glow indicated that Brainiac had abruptly turned tail yet again and escaped into time. Typically such a humiliating retreat meant he wouldn't be back for several months.

"Well nothing I can do about Brainiac now, he's long gone, better see if Robin corralled Clayface".

The Maid of Might lightly drifted over the street like an improbable aerial ballerina alighting on the nearby rooftop where she found Robin grinning like a hyena next to a bulky figure mummified in what looked like a space age straitjacket.

"Got him on the first bounce!" exclaimed the Boy Wonder happily "He must've been working solo as his gang was nowhere to be seen! Say what was up with that flying saucer??"

""Oh I think Brainiac was planning to shrink Gotham City...he's fled the scene though and he won't be back tonight I assure you" Kara folded her arms over his schoolgirlish bosom and gave Robin a narrow eyed appraising look.

"Brainiac-wow! This has been a big night!!"

"All in a day's work for Supergirl" said the heroine airily.

"Gosh we make a great team!" exulted the Boy Wonder.

"Yes assuming you really ARE Robin" the faintest smile played over Supergirl's lips.

"What do you mean?" the Teen Titan was nonplussed.

"It occurs to me that I lost sight to Robin while dealing with the flying saucer, Clayface is a master of disguise, he could've captured Robin, assumed his identity and be trying to spoof me right now!" Kara forcibly repressed a giggle.

In fact her reasoning was flawless but any one of a number of tip-offs available to someone with super-senses already confirmed that she was dealing with the real Robin.

His clean masculine smell for one thing.

And those perfect biceps "Great Rao" thought Supergirl "Those arms of his make me weak in the knees like kryptonite!"

The Boy Wonder flashed his famous heart-melting teeth as he had caught on quickly.

Robin ran a green-gloved hand over the back of his neck in mock confusion..."Gee Supergirl I don't know...how can I prove it to you?"

Kara took a step closer if she had to be a ballyhoo girl tonight she wanted a little something from the get-go.

Robin snapped his fingers and asked enigmatically "Hey I know...how many apples?"


"How many apples!" The Boy Wonder waited it was so simple he hoped she'd get the reference.

"That is a trick question Boy Wonder it was one apple your arrow bisected into two equal halves when it sat on my head!" cried the blonde blockbuster in triumph.

Impulsively Robin stepped in closer, he swept Supergirl into his arms and planted an almighty kiss on her astonished but willing lips.

And oh the Boy Wonder knew what a girl especially a Supergirl liked...a little tiny bit of teasing with his tongue and a lot of upper lip-Supergirl's heart did a classic flip-flop.

The Kryptonian Kutie melted completely and totally...her eyes gently closed and her heart spun away from the world for a few short minutes.

His hands were even in the right place!

Clayface trussed up as he was could only fume incoherently...bad enough he was caught by Robin, now he's smooching Supergirl right in front of him!

Eventually they broke the kiss...Robin still held the Girl of Steel tightly in his arms...into her ear he whispered "Um after we get Clayface squared away I was wondering..."

"Yes?!", breathed Supergirl with excitement

"Would you ever want to come out on Gotham Harbor in the Bat-boat with me...? It's a full moon and there are these dolphins that play in the outer harbor...it's kinda..."

"Romantic!" Supergirl finished his sentence firmly.

The Boy Wonder blushed slightly...no doubt Batman would read him the riot act tomorrow but tonight!

"Robin I- I'd love too! Kara looked at her red boots in fleeting embarrassment.


And with that the mighty Girl of Steel tucked Robin the Boy Wonder under one arm and the still mortified Clayface under the other and flew off to Police Headquarters.

The night was still young, and thankfully Supergirl and Robin were young enough to handle it.


The Gotham Towers Ballroom six blocks away.

In the topmost function room of the city's swankiest nightspot and tall handsome and strangely haunted man watches a scene through a pair of tiny opera glasses.

Opera glasses whose magnifying powers were on an order that would be useful only to a real superhero...like the Batman!

A beautiful woman with jet black hair sidles up to him...she is wearing a skintight black evening gown, she all but purrs and rubs herself against this man.

"Oh Bruce, come away from that window...you know he came through it all right...you've been stealing looks at the whole thing all night".

Millionaire Bruce Wayne <Alias the Batman> lowers his trick glasses and stares impassively at the panoply of Gotham-by-Night.

"He rarely works alone..." noted the Disguised Darknight

"How many times has he saved your life? ...Is it ten times this year alone?" needled the beauty.

"I saw a space vehicle..." he began

"Oh Supergirl took care of it, I heard her..." said the woman before she realized her error.

"Oh YOU HEARD her!" mocked Bruce "Selina Kyle did you slip a voice activated tracking device into his utility belt?"

"I did, responded the former feline felon in a strained tone.

"You'd think you were his mother or something..." smiled the hero.

"I'm only engaged to his legal guardian, one thing at a time" Catwoman had recovered her famed poise and straightened Wayne's perfectly knotted bow tie.

"Well at least I realized this is the boy's idea of a date...it's not like he gets to socialize with heroines his own age every night!" blazed Selina. "With her along he'll finally get some decent press, theorized the Caped Crusader.

"Yup and they are going out on the harbor in the Bat boat afterwards"

Selina brought an admonishing finger up to Bruce Wayne's nose "DON'T you dare call him out on that Bruce Wayne! If we can trust our lives to that boy I think we can trust him on the harbor with the strongest girl in the universe!"

Bruce WAS going to say something, instead he deftly caught Selina's still raised hand and kissed it with perfect gallantry.

"There are these schools of dolphins out there ..., he noted.

"Sure there are big guy-just the thing an eighteen year old superheroine wants to see in Gotham..." said the ex-villainess.

He ran an arm around Selina's supple waist and guided out of the secluded alcove and onto the dance floor.

A spirited tango was about to play ... and as only Catwoman knew; Batman loved the tango.

And in so many ways the night was still young for other heroes as well.

The End.

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