The Responsible Party

By Valorie

Web-Ed's note: Here is another story by Valorie, who has published on a number of other sites as well.

Marissa stood gazing intensely out the window.  Her long, deep brown hair hung down her back and she held her hands to her chest as though praying for a miracle.  And,perhaps as she stood there she really was looking for angelic intervention.  At the moment, still dressed in her loose, white, silky robe she looked the part of an angel but was lost in thoughts of extremely non angelic behavior.  Unfortunately she knew Eric would totally agree with this assessment.


When she woke up this morning he had already left for work.  Yesterday there had been a great deal of tension between them due to discussions of their financial situation.  He had made it very clear that they both were guilty of overspending during the holidays.  And he was also clear that it was his fault as much as hers. He told her she really was not deserving of punishment in any way since they had both created the situation together.  This was extremely unusual for Eric but they had wanted to really have a spectacular Christmas and also provide one for all their family and friends.  While everything had certainly turned out beautifully the bills that were going to show up would become a true stress in their life.   She tried to downplay the problem while he was intent on helping her understand the bind they were in at the moment.  Marissa insisted that it wouldn't be as bad as Eric thought.  However, he had sat down with her, producing all the recipts from both cash and credit payments, pointing out what it would do to them over the next year.


In fact Marissa had been surprised at how anxious Eric had been to really go all out this Christmas.  He was always a generous and giving man but usually was extremely careful with finances.  As she stared out the window some of it started to make some sense.  Eric's sister was very ill and might not be with them by next Christmas.  At this point she was seeing that as a possibility for his need to truly make this a fairy tale Christmas for the whole family.


They had not only bought lovely presents but new decorations for the house and the tree.  Marissa had been in her elements since she was very artisitic and had put together a lovely yet light hearted look to their house.  Eric had totally loved it and thanked her many times for doing such a fantastic job.  Family members had also been very complimentary and Eric's sister, with tears in her eyes, had hugged Marissa and thanked her for what she considered her best Christmas ever.


Unfortunately her spending spree, encouraged by Eric had not stopped at Christmas this year.  Guilt consumed her since he did not yet know about the purchases she had made the day after Christmas without even consulting him.  The sales were just too good to pass up.  As she gazed out the window,realization set in that she has to tell him tonight.  Waiting for the bills to come was  just not an option, they had to plan how to handle this.  They already had a budget in place for dealing with the holiday spending and now she had to tell Eric that it was worse than they initially thought.  And, of course, all the items she had bought at 50-75% off could not be returned.


She was not looking forward to the undoubtedly severe spanking she would  receive,  but there was a part of her that needed it badly and the forgiveness it would bring.  Although they would really have to work to figure out a  solution to the problem she was hoping with all her heart he could forgive her foolishness. 


Marissa sighed and began removing the coffee cups left on the kitchen table wishing the day would pass more quickly so they can get past what is going to be a most unpleasant discussion and then reconnect as lovers.  She made up her mind to tell Eric as soon as he got home.  There was no point in waiting, it would only increase her anxiety.


The day passed slowly, almost an agonizing duration as she waited for the inevitable.  She worked for several hours on the computer at both her online job and her writing.  Laundry also occupied her time as did straightening an already straightened house.


Finally she decided to take a shower, and just put her robe back on.  It was nearly time for Eric to come home and her brown eyes sparkled with tears as she dreaded the disappointment in his face and the tone of his voice when he realized she had pushed them right out of an already burning frying pan into the actual fire itself.


Once again she found herself standing at the window, her hands before her as in supplication.  Eric pulled into the driveway and her stomach began fluttering nervously.


She greeted him at the door with a huge hug.  'Hey now this is great, I could stand this every day.  Wonder what I did to deserve such loving attention.'  There was a teasing tone in his voice and a smile that lit up his blue eyes, until he saw Marissa's face.  'Oh baby what's wrong, you look like it's the end of the world, what happened''


'Oh Eric''Marissa began and then burst into tears.


He pulled her to the rocking chair, sat down and held her on his lap, rubbing her back and soothing her.  'Ok love, what's going on.  I know its not truly serious or you would have called me at work.  Tell me what's happened.  You know we can work out anything together.'


At that moment Marissa needed to hear those words more than anything else in the world.  She blurted out what had happened after Christmas, all the shopping she had done for next year and the money she had spent that they did not have.  Tears poured down her lovely face as she confessed.  Eric continued to stroke her back, although he did start to look very serious and concerned at what his wife was saying.


She laid her head on his shoulder when she finished her confession, still quietly crying.  Eric sighed deeply, he was torn several ways.  He knew Marissa should not have done this yet he felt part of it was his fault.  Their before Christmas shopping expeditions had certainly given her the idea that all this was just fine.  And he was beginning to realize that although he was the head of their household, Marissa had to start working on the finances with him.  Treating her as a child and keeping all that information to himself was just not appropriate in a relationship, even one based on domestic discipline.  She was his wife after all.


'Ok Marissa, let's go over this one step at a time.  Do you still have all your receipts''  She nodded immediately, Eric always insisted she keep receipts and note checks written.  'Good, then later this evening we will add them to the payments we already have on the charge cards and refigure what we are going to have to do to avoid paying as many finance charges as possible.'


Marissa looked at him feeling totally ashamed of herself, 'Eric I am so sorry, you have no idea how badly I feel.  It did't occur to me until we talked that we were in deep financial trouble.  I should have thought about it but I didn't.'  She hung her head.


Lifting her chin with his finger Eric looked into her beautiful eyes, 'Marissa this is just as much my fault as yours.  I am going to spank you but it is for buying without checking it out with me first as we have agreed.  However, not knowing about the situation is my fault since I have pretty much left you in the dark where our finances are concerned.  Sometimes I get way too deep into this head of household routine and try and protect you from the truth.  That has to stop.  From now on we face everything together.  Understand''


Hugging Eric hard she agreed and, in fact, felt quite relieved.  She wanted to be part of their marriage, a partner and help to Eric.  It was clear to her that certain aspects wouldn't change.  She would still be accountable for making the wrong decision and her backside would pay, but she wanted to be the helpmate Eric deserved.


With a serious look he asked her if she felt she deserved to be spanked.  Although her stomach fluttered as it always did, she quietly agreed that she did.  She admitted that she had gone shopping without discussing it with him and bought much more than she had intended.


'Alright then young lady, let's get the unpleasantness over with'.  Marissa understood what that meant and with shaky legs and teary eyes she stood and then laid over Eric's lap.  He pulled her white gauzy robe up over her back, baring her bottom.  'Marissa you are not being spanked for what the two of us did at Christmas, but you are being spanked for going shopping and spending a great deal of money on unnecessary items without discussing it with me first.'


In a quivering voice she answered, 'Yes Eric Idid and I am truly sorry, especially since I added to an already serious financial problem.'


There was no response from Eric except for the first spank on her backside.  The first one was always just a hot sting but she knew the fire would most certainly build.  The spanks were soundly given as he alternated from one side to the other.  Marissa soon went from quiet tears to howling and promising to never overspend again.  Finally ten solid spanks fell on each side of the sit spot and then the spanking stopped.  Marissa waited sniffing and sobbing for Eric to pick up a hairbrush or paddle and continue but he did'nt.  He rubbed her backside gently and kissed the back of her neck.  'Sweetheart I don't really believe you deserve more than you just got.  Not unless we find someone to spank me too.  I helped create this whole mess and I can't hold just you accountable.  However, from this point on my love you will be fully aware of our financial situation and I expect you to act accordingly.


Eric helped Marissa off his lap and then stood up to hold her in his arms.  Through her tears she thanked him but said she wasn't sure he really punished her enough.


He shook his head, 'My love discipline is to help you learn, and this time we both needed to learn.  You may get spanked but I have to accept responsibility too.'  He took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.  'But for now you need to have your bottom cared for and to be honest I could use some care too.'  He grinned and wiped away her tears, 'Think you could provide some care for your naughty husband''


Marissa smiled that gorgeous smile that always took Eric's breath away, 'Well love, I will give it my best effort.  Oh and Eric'.


He turned and looked back at her


'Thank you for understanding and for sharing the responsibility, you really are an amazing man.'


He hugged her, kissed her and led her into the bedroom.  Neither one had any difficulty providing care for the other.


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