Unfair Fare-Two Tales With One Ending

By Valorie

Web-Ed's note: Here is a story told from two different perspectives. Valorie, who has published her stories on a number of other sites, has kindly agreed to let us present this one here.

Part 1-Joe's Tale

The rain fell steadily in a miserable gray downpour. The whole day had been one soggy mess. Joe's cab had been constantly filled and emptied by wet, impatient people whose lives had been disrupted by the constant rain. He really couldn't blame them for being agitated. He was lucky enough to stay dry and warm inside his motorized office all day.

As his shift drew to an end, he rolled his head from side to side to loosen the knots in his neck. Tips had been great, Joe had a way of bringing a smile to the grouchiest of customers. His sense of humor and kind demeanor were always appreciated. But there had barely even been a break for lunch and he was worn out.

Joe sighed as he heard another rumble of thunder and knew there was no end in sight. He thought back to happier rainy days he had spent with the woman in his life. Rainy days spent cuddled under a comforter in their four poster bed.

Lianne had been the love he had always dreamed of. They understood each other perfectly. Sometimes he felt she could read his mind. They shared many of the same interests, books, and favorite music. She totally understood his need to be the dominant member of their partnering. He understood her need to relinquish control to someone else and be held accountable when she broke the rules they had set up. They both understood their need and desire for spanking as a sensual, intimate activity. Nothing was as erotic as watching her lovely skin turn pink under his hand as she moaned softly in growing desire.

The first time Joe had spanked Lianne in a disciplinary form for rude and sarcastic behavior she had resisted the whole experience until her submissive nature finally got the best of her and she broke down. They had held each other and discussed what had happened, what it meant, and whether she was willing to have it happen again. She was more than willing, she had admitted through tear filled eyes that she needed the correction and his control.

Lianne had yielded to Joe's authority more willingly at sometimes than at others. She was a strong and very determined woman. At times it was a matter of discovering what would wear out first....his hand or her determination. Her determination never quite made it. Joe was very set on the idea that bad girls get spanked.

But she was always sorry for doing wrong, always thanked him for caring enough to set her straight(even if she couldn't sit for a day or two). And he always rediscovered how much he loved her when he comforted and reassured her after each spanking. Sometimes it felt as if those moments after discipline was concluded and their two hearts reconnected were some of the most amazing times in their relationship.

Tears clouded Joe's vision. Lianne had been gone for two years now, taken suddenly by a stroke. It still hurt like hell to think about it, as though it had happened yesterday. And since that time there had really not been anyone else. When he did go out on a rare date all he could see in his mind were Lianne's warm brown eyes and slightly crooked smile. He saw the light brown hair he loved to run his hands through.

The women he dated were always interested in going out again. Joe was good natured, kind, and always a gentleman. He was also tall, broad shouldered, with curly dark hair, and very dark brown eyes that were quite beautiful. When he laughed it was impossible not to at least smile. His laugh sounded like it came all the way from his toes. And though he was very sweet and kind in turning them down he never had the heart for a second date.

Joe shook off his reverie and swiped impatiently at his eyes as he drove down he wet, city street. Up ahead a well dressed woman was signaling frantically to get his attention. Though she held an umbrella her feet were wet past her ankles from standing in the rain trying to get a cab. He looked down and realized he had forgotten to flip his off duty switch. Well, he was fair game and besides one more fare wouldn't kill him. It just wouldn't be right to leave the lady standing there.

He pulled over and opened the back door for her. His smile was warm and engaging, "Sure is a nasty day isn't it". She got in, shook her umbrella outside the cab, and slammed the door shut. Before Joe could say another word the woman blasted him with, "Well its about time, I have never seen a ruder, more inconsiderate group than cab drivers."

Joe sat there open mouthed with shock. Her lovely face was set in angry lines and what he was sure was beautiful auburn hair was straggling into her face. Despite her lovely appearance he wasn't sure whether to ask where she was going or tell her to get out of his cab.

Part two-Corinne's Tale

The rain fell steadily in a miserable gray downpour. The day had been one soggy mess. And it wasn't just the rain. Corinne sat in her office chair scowling out the window watching as water sluiced down the glass obscuring the view. Not that she cared about the view right now. It had been one more tension filled, holding her breath, right up to the deadline day.

Corinne was the team leader of her group at the advertising agency and was constantly watching over progress on all their projects. If anything came in late or displeased a client she was smart enough to know where the buck would stop.

She stood up sighing, pulling her tailored burgundy jacket into place. Though she was only 5'4" her demeanor and bearing made her appear much taller and more stately. She had lovely, wavy, auburn hair currently pulled back in a clip, and clear green eyes. Truly she had no idea of how attractive she really was. And away from work she could allow her sense of humor and gentler side to show, so Corinne never lacked for male companionship.

However, she never stayed in any relationship for long. There was always something....missing. Without realizing it her relationships always slipped into a mode where she was the one making all the decisions, taking care of all the details. It was just like being back at work. A deep, secret part of her always longed for a strong, secure man. A man who would occasionally take control and lift the pressure from her shoulders. Corinne often wondered what it would be like to let someone else be the "boss" for a change. What would it be like to have someone say no and mean it? She leaned her forehead on the window and closed her eyes. It would be heavenly.

A slow smile spread across her face. If any of the men on her team knew what she was thinking they would die of shock. All of them had felt her sarcastic tongue slice to ribbons. They were well aware of her responses to shoddy work or missed deadlines. And while she knew they respected her abilities and appreciated how highly regarded their team was, she was also aware of a few of the names they used behind her back.

After more than a few stormy meetings she had marched back to her office, shut the door, leaned back against it and let tears slide down her face. They had all worked so hard to get where they were, couldn't they see she was just trying to keep their standards high? She was afraid of showing her softer side and though she always praised success, Corinne knew that "she dragon" was one of the nicer titles she bore.

She began to gather up the work she was taking home for the evening. Her group's presentation had been very well received and she had very little to do tonight. As she set her office to rights she wished she were going home to two strong arms that would hold her, stroke her hair, and let her pour out the story of her day. And as her fantasy deepened she moved into the most secret part of her soul, the part she shared with no one. Not just a strong man, not just one who would say no, but a man who would not put up with her attitude and would put her over his knee if her behavior warranted it. The thought made her stomach clench and she caught her breath sharply. She did not understand this part of herself. She had never been spanked in her life and was sure she wouldn't like it. But, oh, how she longed for it. It was the most erotic fantasy she had, and it took her a moment to get her breathing back under control.

God, I'm weird, she thought ruefully. She shrugged on her trench coat, grabbed her umbrella, briefcase, and black shoulder bag and headed out of the office. It was 5:30 and the place was fairly empty but she got and returned a few good nights and see you tomorrows. She also smiled weakly as she passed her supervisor's office and heard a hearty, "Great work today Taylor". He always called her Taylor never Corinne.

Her conflicting thoughts and images of the man she wanted continued to tumble around in her mind as she rode down in the elevator. She stared glumly out the lobby door. "Just great, still pouring". There was another rumble of thunder in the distance. Getting a cab was going to be a miserable experience. Usually Corinne walked to the train station and took the train to her home in the 'burbs, but today she decided getting soaked just wasn't in the game plan. She stepped out, opened her umbrella under the canopy and walked gingerly to the curb searching for a cab. When the fourth one passed obviously occupied she could feel her impatience rising. And then it happened. She stepped closer to the curb to signal the next cab but not only did he not stop but he hit the puddle next to the curb totally soaking Corinne.

"Hey you jerk", she sputtered furiously. Her hair was wet, her pantyhose were soaked almost to her knees and her burgundy shoes were now black with wet slime from the puddle. "What an ass", she muttered angrily as she stepped up to signal again. Corinne saw a cab in the distance and began waving her hand frantically. Relief spread through her as the care slowed down and pulled up carefully to the curb. The back door swung open and a friendly voice said, "Nasty day isn't it?".

Without even looking at the owner of the voice, Corinne plopped down angrily on the back seat and barked out, "Well its about time, I have never seen a ruder more inconsiderate group than cab drivers." It was then that she looked up and saw the shocked expression on the driver's face. She felt a small stab of embarrassment. "Never mind", she said with a touch less animosity. "Just get me home", she looked at his picture and license, "Joe". She gave him the address and sat back fuming. What a day!

An Unfair Fare Part 3 - A Spark and a Burn

Joe sighed as he heard her address. It would be a long ride on a miserable day with a thoroughly agitated woman. Not only that but she seemed determined to take it out on any one within firing range. He figured in this case his best option was silence.

It really was a shame, he thought looking in his rear view mirror. Such a lovely face, he just knew a smile would light it up. Kind of like Lianne with that funny crooked little smile on her face. He frowned, where had that thought come from? This woman was nothing like his sweet Lianne.

Corinne sat impatiently tapping her hand on her knee. The cab was completely silent except for the rain tapping on the roof and the windshield wipers swishing. She folded her arms, " I thought all cab drivers talked constantly. Why are you so quiet? Cat got your tongue", her voice was acid.

"No ma'am", said Joe startled out of his reverie. "You certainly didn't seem to be interested in a conversation".

"Oh really, and just how would you know that"?

Joe could feel the grin wanting to spread across his face, " Well you did seem a bit upset when you got in the cab ma'am."

Corinne snorted impatiently, "What would you know about it, you're just a cab driver. And don't call me ma'am."

"OK", said Joe agreeably, "You seemed a bit upset when you got in the cab lady."

Oh God, that was worse, thought Corinne. She smiled inside, besides, after all those ruminations on being spanked she didn't feel very much like a lady right now. "My name is Corinne Taylor, you can call me Ms. Taylor", she said as she leaned forward to open her briefcase. She caught sight of a book on the front seat. The Fledgling...she had just finished reading that herself. She sat forward, "You're reading that", she gestured to the book.

"Well yes Ms. Taylor. Most cab drivers do know how to read. Have to read signs, maps you know how it is. And hey", he turned around briefly, "Why isn't your seat belt on?" Corinne caught the frown on his face and sat back obediently buckling her seat belt. "That's better", Joe remarked settling back into place. "Guess you think I ought to be reading 101 Dumb Blond Jokes or some equally intellectual masterpiece." As he watched her in the rear view mirror he noticed she at least had the grace to blush.

Corinne sat dumbfounded. She couldn't think of a single sarcastic remark. Joe's face softened, he hadn't meant to shut her up, maybe she wasn't as rude as he thought. "Hey are you cold, would you like me to turn the heater on in the back so you can dry up a bit?"

Corinne looked up as the opportunity presented itself, "No I think its much better to let paying customers sit soaked and shivering." She smiled at her triumph.

Joe caught the smile. OK she was as rude as he thought. He flipped on the rear heater waiting for a thank you that never came. He shook his head slightly, what a brat, just like Lianne had been in the beginning. He frowned yet again, why did Lianne keep popping into his head. Suddenly Corinne spoke up, "You seem to have good taste in reading Joe. I think she's a great author."

This time Joe couldn't hold back the smile or the laugh. "Well thank you Ms. Taylor. I appreciate your acknowledgment of my intelligence."

Corinne smiled, she had that coming and my God what a laugh the man had. Suddenly a very naughty voice in her brain spoke up, so how are you going to get to him? Corinne sat back scheming without even considering why she wanted to get to him. The silence in the cab had Joe checking the mirror. He saw the dreamy expression on Corinne's face and his jaw dropped. She was indeed beautiful.

Suddenly Corinne sat up and giggled into her hand. She had it! A great plan! She could hardly wait! She was surprised at how excited she was about playing a joke on this man she didn't even know.

Joe heard the giggle and was shocked. The woman knew how to laugh? "You OK Ms. Taylor"?

"Yes I am just fine", Corinne replied lightheartedly. The rest of the ride passed in silence except for an occasional chuckle from the back seat. Joe finally pulled up in front of Corinne's house and breathed a sigh of relief. The day was over. He turned around, "That will be $45.00 Ms. Taylor."

Corinne bent her head over her purse to hide her smile. "Oh well Joe, it seems I don't have quite that much cash on me. I will just have to write you a check for the rest." She pulled out her checkbook.

She loved the look of astonishment on his face, "Uh no Ms Taylor I can't accept a check, do you possibly have the rest in the house"?

Corinne kept writing the check. "No I don't", she said loftily, "I don't keep cash in the house." This was going just as she planned.

Joe took a deep breath, "OK I can take you to your bank drive through or an ATM to get cash." Corinne sat up startled, this was not part of her plan. "No" she stammered, "You would probably just charge me extra for driving me there and back".

"Well yes", said Joe through almost gritted teeth, "I would have to Ms Taylor."

"Ha so not only do you insult my ability to honor payment with a check, you want to rip me off even further with an unnecessary ride." Corinne spoke in her haughtiest and most arrogant voice.

"THAT'S IT" said Joe picking up the cell phone, "Fine, I'll just call the police".

Corinne sat up, shock and arrogance gone. "What, the police, why?"

"Because Ms Taylor I am having you arrested for theft of services. You are refusing to pay me for what you have already had me do."

Corinne almost shouted, "No don't do that", she could just picture her neighbors as she was led away in handcuffs. "There must be some other alternative," she announced still unwilling to give up the game.

Suddenly an extremely appealing idea occurred to Joe. "Fine Ms Taylor, you don't have enough cash, you won't go to an ATM and you don't want the police. So here is my final offer. I will give you exactly what you deserve for this ridiculous behavior. A good spanking." Corinne sat up startled. Her stomach lurched and felt like a 1000 butterflies had just started fluttering.

She gulped, "You can't do that' "You're right Ms. Taylor, without your permission I can't and never would do that." He grinned wickedly figuring the next words would be take me to an ATM.

Corinne however, was determined to call his bluff. "OK fine, its better than being ripped off". She opened the door, gathered her things and stepped out of the car. She totally missed Joe's jaw dropping. His mind raced for a moment. Then his jaw set and his face grew stern. He got out of the cab and slammed the door. Corinne's eyes widened at his height and the look on his face. Lianne would have recognized that look immediately.

"Alright young lady, a spanking you want, and may I add deserve, so a spanking you shall get." Corinne gasped. She didn't know what to do.

"I thought I told you to call me Ms Taylor."

Joe walked up until he towered over her. " Young lady" he drew out each syllable, "Are we going in the house or shall I just toss you over the car fender and give your neighbors a show?"

Corinne was in shock, "Nooo we'll go in the house".

"And", asked Joe sternly, "why are we going in the house"? She looked at him i n amazement, "You know why".

"Yes I do but you are going to say it, right now or the police get a call." He walked towards the cab.

"Alright, alright,"Corinne spoke through clenched teeth, "We are going in the house so you can spank me."

"Fine young lady, now move it", and he delivered a stinging smack to her bottom. Corinne moved quickly then to the door, fumbled nervously with her keys and opened the door, stepping aside so Joe could enter. Joe looked around the tastefully and comfortably furnished living room. He pointed to the over stuffed sofa, "That will work just fine but for now...." he took her briefcase, purse, and umbrella and dropped them next to a chair. Then came her coat which was deposited on the arm. "Now young lady you get your nose in that corner", he pointed," and stay there until I call you."

"What", shrieked Corinne, " but that's ....

Joe swatted her hard, "That's exactly what you will do" She couldn't believe the sting of his hand through her skirt. Suddenly she felt she was in over her head.

"I think I've changed my mind", she said unconvincingly.

Joe heard the indecision in her voice. "In that corner now,". He took her arm firmly and swatted her with each step that led her to the corner. She gasped at each sting but stayed where he put her. Joe walked off. Her mind was racing like crazy and her hands were as cold as ice. No one had ever talked to her this way. She had been yelled at but this quiet, stern, insistent voice... and where was he?

Joe found the bathroom and located some lotion he knew he would need afterward. He walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa. "Young lady", he said softly, "come over here". As Corinne walked towards him she saw him unbutton his sleeves and roll them up. She tried to gulp down the lump in her throat. He pulled her between his knees. "Corinne you have asked for this spanking instead of any other alternative I offered. So you are going to get what you asked for and what you deserve for being a mouthy brat and lacking respect for the feelings of others." Corinne suddenly felt very small indeed. She dropped her head in confusion.

"So I am going to put you over my knee, bare your bottom, and spank you until your backside is on fire."

"Bare my bottom", Corinne almost wailed, "Oh no don't do that!"

"This is no longer your decision, once you agreed it became my choice to provide the discipline you so richly deserve." Without further discussion Joe pulled her easily across his lap. She struggled briefly until a sharp swat put an end to that. Fear gripped her and she found herself in a whirlpool of conflicting emotions. He lifted her skirt up over her back, pulled her pantyhose down to her knees, and then she felt his fingers on her bottom on their way up to the elastic band of her panties. Her eyes filled with panicky tears. What in the world had she gotten herself into? As promised, down came the panties to her knees and she felt cool air on her bottom. It didn't last long.

Joe gripped her waist firmly with one hand. For a moment his eyes looked longingly on the lovely sight of her white buttocks and beautifully shaped legs. His reverie didn't last long.

The first crack that landed on her backside had her eyes flying wide open in shock. This stung much more than she expected. She wondered if howling loud and long would cut things short. The first smack was followed by a rain of spanks falling on her bare skin. His hand moved from cheek to cheek and the howling soon began in earnest. It had no effect on him whatsoever. As the spanking continued Corinne started to beg, "Oh please please stop, I won't be rude again, I have the money, I'll give it to you....oh please stop.

But Joe was relentless and continued spanking sharply as he scolded her, " So you were just playing games with me. Well, now you know how funny I consider your behavior. You, young lady, need an attitude adjustment." It ran through his mind that he had said these same words to Lianne. Corinne's bottom was turning deep red and she was beginning to sob incoherently. He focused the last twelve swats on the tender division between cheek and thigh. Corinne screamed with each smack and went limp over his lap. When the smacks stopped all that could be heard was the sound of Corinne's sobs. But Joe wasn't quite finished. He gently helped her to stand on unsteady feet. She bent to lift her panties. He stayed her hand, "No Corinne we are not quite finished yet." "Oh please Joe," she pleaded.

"Corinne", Joe began, " You have paid for your horrible attitude and rude behavior." She looked relieved. "But young lady," he continued, " rather than go to an ATM, risk the small embarrassment of police, or go inside to get the money I now know is here," this was accompanied by another sharp smack which made Corinne yelp, "you let a veritable stranger into your house and gave him total access to your body. You don't know me. You don't know that I didn't mean to rape, beat, or kill you. And that foolishness you will pay for now."

Corinne took one step back, "You're scaring me" she whimpered.

"Good I'm glad you have some sense", he unbuckled his belt and drew it out of his jean loops.

"Oh no", Corinne whispered hoarsely, "I can't take it".

"If it gets too far over the top you just say the word "red" and I will stop immediately", Joe took her arm, led her to the end of the couch and pushed her head down over the arm of it. Corinne found herself with her bottom in the air and her feet dangling off the floor. She began crying anticipating the pain her already sore and swollen bottom was going to experience. Joe wrapped the belt around his hand until only a short lash of leather remained. He had no intention of injuring her, just teaching her. He held her back firmly down so she could not move out of position. "You need to understand the importance of safety over playing smart ass pranks." The first snap of leather on her bottom was far worse than anything Corinne had expected. She screamed. Joe winced but continued. He strapped her bottom twelve times taking care to move to a new spot each time. Every time the strap landed Corinne let out another scream. When Joe stopped he waited a moment for her to catch her breath. He took took time to admire her red skin now adorned with strap marks, a very deep shade of red. "Corinne are you ever going to take such a stupid chance again?"

"No no sir I swear I won't. Oh please be done." she wailed.

"I am done sweetheart," said Joe smiling at the sir that came automatically. He helped her up and laid her down on the couch on her stomach. She was still crying steadily and softly. He sat on the floor next to her and poured some of the lotion onto his hands.

"What are you doing?" sobbed Corinne.

"I am going to take care of you", said Joe gently. For some reason this made Corinne cry even harder. Joe smiled and gently rubbed the lotion into her very dark red, very sore bottom. He was especially careful of the strap marks. As he tenderly rubbed the lotion into her skin Corrine felt a different kind of heat than what currently was lighting up her backside. Her bottom arched towards his hand. Joe noticed immediately and it took his breath away.

He finished and carefully pulled her panties back up. She winced as they made contact with her bottom. He took off her pantyhose assuring her she wouldn't want them at all. He then sat on the couch and lifted her onto his lap assuring that her bottom was just off his leg so there was no contact with her sore spots. Her head immediately went down on his shoulder. He rubbed her back. "Its OK Corinne, its all over now....Shh....", he pushed her hair out of her eyes.

Corinne's backside was on fire but her soul was at peace. She spoke into Joe's neck, "I'm so sorry for the way I behaved, I was awful, And thank you Joe for caring what happens to me." The words tumbled out of her mouth automatically and she meant them totally. Ah, the words he had been waiting to hear. He looked into her eyes and realized he certainly did care what happened to her.

"That's OK Corinne but don't ever let this ignorant cab driver catch you doing anything like that again."

Her face turned beet red and she shook her head, "I won't "

"OK baby", he kissed her forehead and held her tight rocking her gently. Her arms slipped around his neck. This is what she had been waiting for.

She whispered gently, "And Joe what happens now?"

He surprised her with his huge laugh, "Well Corinne honey, I don't know, depends on how you liked our first date." He patted her bottom gently. She jumped. "Sorry baby".

"No" she said with a very small smile, "I like feeling it, its what bad girls should feel." Corinne snuggled down into his shoulder smiling to herself as she could feel her bottom burning. "Our first date was wonderful Joe, just wonderful".

And my friends obviously this tale has ended but by no means come to an end!

Chicago, September 2007

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