When Kryptonians Clash: A Revised Climax

By John Feer


When Supergirl goes temporarily crazy and tries to kill Cousin Superman, the tables get turned in an unexpected way.



This story is based on "When Kryptonians Clash" by Cary Bates which ran in Superman No 365 November 1981. Fans will recall The Superman Revenge Squad infected Supergirl with sleep-deprivation radiation, which Superman mistook for a Kryptonian Virux X infection. Driven temporarily insane Supergirl traps Superman in the Fortress of Solitude and attempts to shrink The Man of Steel out of existence with a minimizer ray. Suffice to say Superman manages to evade destruction and save his pretty cousin from grief and insanity.

I however have a slightly different end to the story in mind.


If you are under 18 or easily offended by literary portrayals of sexuality, then please leave post-haste. This story is intended for mature adults with a patient and open-minded mindset. Superman, Supergirl and all the rest are owned by Warner Brothers Communications. This story is a parody thereof.

cover of superman #365

Cover of Superman #365 (Web-Ed's collection). Art by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano. © DC Comics, INC.

Web-Ed's notes:

This is the third story of John's we're pleased to present. Once again, Supergirl gets spanked - this time, by her cousin Superman, probably the most-desired pairing in the annals of superhero spanking! The spanking itself is of rather short duration, but we think you'll find the rest of the story holds your interest. At left is the cover of Superman #365, in which the original version of "When Kryptonians Clash" appeared, to help the reader visualize the events that are described.

This story originally appeared on Superstories.net, and is reprinted by permission of the author. Minimal copy-editing has been done - only certain special characters, which apparently were not encoded properly by whatever software created the original web page, have been altered or replaced (characters that appeared in the original as something like €“).

As usual, Superman was in the worst jam of his heroic life. Cousin Supergirl had been infected with a weird radiation that mimicked all the symptoms of extended sleep deprivation, which Superman (himself a bit groggy from a week of uninterrupted super heroics) mistook for the dread Kryptonian Virus X.

Now Cousin Kara was in a psychotic fugue state and was chasing him through his own Fortress of Solitude trying to shrink him down to absolute subatomic nothingness with Superman's own micro-wave minimizer beam. And what was worse, Supergirl's demented plan was working...exposure to the beam had reduced Superman to the size of bird...frantically he flew through the Fortress trying to evade his temporarily demented cousin.

Here Supergirl had an unintentional advantage. She was crazed and willing to do anything to harm her otherwise beloved cousin, while poor Superman had to save himself without harming Supergirl and figure out some way to cure the Maid of Might.

The two cousins flew through the Fortress in a bizarre sort of a dogfight "Give it up you big blue boy scout!" howled Supergirl "One you are reduced to the size of an electron I will be Earth's Super Heroine Number One!!"

She cackled insanely at the thought.

Superman ducked and dodged and flew toward the Fortress' medical lab-his last hope was there!

"Why?!" he thought "Does everyone lay that boy scout line on me? It was Clark Kent who was the Eagle Scout...he helped all those little old ladies across the street without the use of any super powers!"

Crackling energy beams kept flashing before him though-closer and closer! Cousin Supergirl was a crack shot-even for all his evasion tricks!

He'd never make it to the lab at this rate, a change in tactics was in order!

"I'll show you who is the Boy Scout!" gritted the Man of Steel and with that the Action Ace actually turned around and flew down his Cousin's v-necked blue super blouse!

"HEY!" raged a surprised Supergirl "C-come out of there!"

Superman was small enough now to fit down there quite snuggly. And he was nicely lodged between his cousin's two c-cupped breasts.

Supergirl dropped the micro-wave beamer in vexation and reached a hand awkwardly down her blouse.

"Hey! HEY! Get out of there you little freak!" she shouted.

Superman snickered and gave his pretty blonde cousin a friendly pinch.

"Ohhh just let me get my hands on you!" she grated.

Superman was too quick for her and drove down and gave her belly-button a ticklish little tweak!

"YEEEP!" squealed Supergirl, for though she was the mightiest woman on Earth, she was also hopelessly ticklish!

Superman grinned lecherously she turned around, artfully evaded his cousin's clutching hand and started tickling the undersides of her big breasts with his tiny insistent little hands.

The effect on Kara was magical she withdrew her arm and doubled over gigging helplessly.


"Oh ticklish are we!?' sneered Superman who, quick as lightning undid his Cousin's lacy bra (Fortunately Supergirl favored the newfangled front hooking bra style) a gentle snap and her fabulous Superbreasts were hanging free!

"WOOOOO!" cried the heroine she could feel the cool cool air on her nipples.

Superman stretched out with both arms and started gently tickling both engorged puffy nipples.

Kara obligingly toppled over and assumed the fetal position on the floor giggling and clutching her sides in lunatic superlaughter.

"AHAHAHAHAHAAAHA HEEHEEHEE-HEE-HEE !! N-No Fair I'm ticklish!!!" she whined.

Superman however was for once having the time of his life! He'd always wondered along with the rest of the male population of Earth, if Supergirl was ticklish and now he knew!

Sporting a rock hard little erection the tiny Man on Steel unmercifully tickled cousin Supergirl's vulnerable titties!

Supergirl thrashed on the floor a giggling pleading wreck...for the moment her homicidal scheme was forgotten as her shrunken cousin tickled and tickled her curvy feminine self!

"AHAHAA!" Kara's guffaws were taking on a deep sensual quality Superman could detect the unmistakable heat and sweet womanly moisture issuing from out her supercoochee!

"I wish I had time to get her boots off, a foot tickling would really send her over the edge!" observed the Man of Steel.

Still he tickled those mighty breasts.

Supergirl was crying and giggling all at the same time!

"Rao poor Kara!" he thought "you'd think a man hadn't paid the slightest attention to her in years!"

His cousin's moribund love life would have to wait though, Supergirl was thoroughly weakened by his tickling, now was his chance!

Quick as a wink, Superman flew out of his cousin's blue blouse and took off like a shot for the medical lab.

Supergirl sat up, still chuckling, horny and disheveled from her Cousin's clever tickle attack.

Kara didn't even notice she was bra-less now, the chesty superheroine fumbled distractedly around looking for the dropped micro wave ray gun.

Seizing it in her well manicured hand ,"Come back here you patronizing little rat!" cursed the Maid of Steel raggedly. She was starting to sound worn out...the tickling had depleted the enraged heroine. Superman was deathly afraid that if he didn't do something soon his lovely cousin would end up permanently insane!

Of course, tickling a madwoman doesn't help, but a Superman must do what a Superman must do!

Into the med lab flew the diminished Man of Tomorrow he still had one card left to play!

Right behind him though was Supergirl angry and brandishing the micro-wave shrinking gun!

For a moment though, he was out of sight around the corner, Supergirl was too disturbed to be tracking him with her super vision.

"Come out and take your medicine like a Superman!" taunted the Girl of Steel.

"Where is that little bastard!?" she thought...her head hurt - as soon as Cousin Kal was disposed of she'd rest or do something to someone!

But Cousin Superman had gone to ground.

Supergirl looked befuddled and swayed a little on her feet, her eyes normally sparkling blue actually had unsightly rings under them her hair, normally very precisely arranged was a frazzled mess.

Still for all that, some of Supergirl's homicidal resolve was dissipating...what was she doing here?

She raised a shaking hand up to her forehead, she was sweating...her a Superwoman!

"Ah..." she gasped "I-I think...sumpin's w-wrong with m-me".

The room was buzzing faintly. Supergirl looked confused tired and miserable.

"over here you little pipsqueak!" barked Superman's slightly tinny voice from the operating theater.

Supergirl's rage suddenly boiled over "Kal El! I swear by Rao's Paradise I will KILL YOU!!".

And so heedless and once again not using her supervision Supergirl plunged into the operating suite of the Fortress intent on destroying her cousin.

But something was wrong, the operating table, the computer hook up, the instruments, all were in their proper place but there was this weird red glow everywhere...sorta soothing.

The buzzing in Kara's head was replaced by a gently breezy feeling.

"Over here you Bimbo!" called out Superman from behind the heroine (Superman hated calling his modest hardworking cousin a Bimbo, but desperate times required desperate measures!)

Supergirl spun around and was confronted by a huge wheel shaped device on which a soothing red and grey spiral the whole room was bathed in those soothing colors...faintly music played in the background.

Supergirl stared helplessly at the huge spiral she wavered slightly on her feet her hands fell to her sides.

"W-where are you?" she said with no conviction.

"Here I am!" called out Superman seemingly from everywhere "Right in the middle of the spiral...keep looking you can see me can't you?"

"Uhhhhh nnnoooo" sighed Supergirl who was now utterly captivated by the spiral.

"I'm close by...relax relax breath out and look right into the center that's where I am" sang out Kal El.

Cousin Kara sighed and smiled the spiral seemed to wash right over her...it all felt so good!

"Mmmmmm still can't see you.." she muttered.

"You must be too...tired to see me" said the Man of Steel in a soft gentle voice.

"Yes...tired" droned Supergirl, suddenly a very pleasant feeling of weakness stole over her.

"Your arms and legs feel heavy.... that ray gun is so heavy you just can't hold onto it can you? Said the Action Ace.

"CLUCK!" Supergirl dropped the microwave beamer as a placid half lidded look of contentment stole over her lovely face.

"Re-lax and watch...re-lax and watch" chanted Superman.

"Yes must watch..." responded the Maid of Might robotically.

"You are a very sleepy Supergirl aren't you?" coaxed Superman.

"Yes so sleepy!" breathed Kara.

"Your eyelids want to shut but you must keep looking at the spiral Supergirl...just for a few more minutes!" wheedled Superman.

"Must...watch" gasped Supergirl.

"Now you feel a warm feeling coming up from your toes Supergirl....you are so tired such a tired little girl but you feel so good don't you?" asked The Man of Steel.

A lazy sexy grin stole over Kara's face..."Feel good!" she breathed.

Want to feel better? Then take a step back and then another; you will feel so much better if you do!" ordered Superman.

Kara now thoroughly entranced did as she was told and bumped gently up against operating table.

"Now Supergirl slowly climb up onto the table...don't take your eyes off the spiral...watch it! Isn't it pretty it goes around and around and around...you are going to rest soon rest and sleep...you are so tired now such a sleepy tired little Supergirl" whispered Superman.

Kara climbed onto the operating table, she lay on her side so she could watch that lovely hypnotic spiral do it's work.

She smiled lazily.

Now Superman's voice took on insistent tone "Now Kara you are so tired and sleepy, you are going rest now, rest and sleep finally...you will let go of all your problems and anger and do as I ask Kara. You are so sleepy such a sleepy girl and while you sleep Cousin Kal will fix everything...don't you want me to fix everything??"

Supergirl yawned prettily, the music and the spiral were wafting all her problems away on a bright pink cloud, she just wanted to rest now.

She raised her hands up in a prayer position and snuggled them under her head "Yes Kal fix everything! Me...sleepy ...take nap!" she whispered in a helpless breathy little voice.

"That's my Supergirl" said Superman "That's my sleepy girl, rest and sleep now rest and sleep and when you wake up you will feel wonderfully refreshed!"

"Me...sleep!" groaned Supergirl who promptly shut her lovely blue eyes and fell into the deepest most refreshing slumber of her entire adventuresome life.

The red spiral abruptly shut off and from behind the wall flew a still miniscule Superman - his plan had WORKED!

In the operating theater of the Fortress he'd been working for several months on a hypnotic array powerful enough to anesthetize either him or his cousin in a medical emergency, he'd experimented with powerful red solar lanterns to give the mesmerizing spiral extra potency €“ and it WORKED! The red solar radiation depleted his cousin's powers just enough to put her in a trance...as soon as he was restored to normal size, he could cure Supergirl of her weird exhaustion malady.

Superman quickly retrieved the beamer and reconfigured it to restore his size...he was glad Supergirl would suffer no permanent damage from her encounter with the Revenge Squad.

Damn! But Supergirl looked very pretty when she was asleep!

The Next Day...

Deep at the bottom of the fabulous Fortress of Solitude, there is a grotto containing what amounts to a spring fed natural hot tub.

Both the cousins loved the kiss of hot steamy water on their skin and made good use of it for relaxation purposes.

Right now though, Superman sat there in his swim trunks dangling his feet in the water with an abashed look on his face.

Cousin Supergirl was awake, cured and on the warpath!

He could hear her quite well as she raged behind an ornate nearby privacy screen. One by one her cape and blouse, bra, white lace panties were hung off the top of the screen as she denounced her super cousin in graphic terms.

She was changing into her bathing suit, on average this took her ten minutes, she was after all a SuperGIRL.

"Oh and THEN!" she raged "You have the nerve to fly down my blouse and tickle me you PERVERT!"

Superman stared at his feet and restrained the urge to smile "I'm glad you have thrown off the effects of the radiation" he said uncertainly.

"I'll just bet you ARE!" snarled the heroine Her boots came over the top of the screen, she was going to come out soon and come out swinging.

Superman merely stared into the water.

"OOOOHHHH you are IMPOSSIBLE!" howled the Maid of Steel "I don't know why a women's libber like me puts up with YOU!!"

"Ah you were trying to obliterate me. I needed a nonviolent solution..." offered Superman in a small voice.

Kara didn't hear a word of it, "And TICKLING ME!!!?? What am I some Smallville cheerleader??" barked the voice behind the screen.

Slowly, quietly the Action Ace eased himself into the hot inviting water he tilted his head up and closed his eyes.

"No...not you never you" said Superman in a faraway tone.

"Well! I should say not!" replied Supergirl in a vexed tone.

"I am sorry" said Superman contritely.

There was a lull in the conversation then Supergirl said "Oh Forget It!"

"Forget what?" replied the Man of Steel.

"Forget me coming out from behind this screen..." said the Maid of Might in a small voice.

"Why?" asked the Man of Tomorrow.

"Because this bathing suit makes me look FAT!!!" wailed the heroine.

Kal El, sighed "Nope not you my dear!" he offered bravely.

"Oh I guess you are right" joked the Girl of Steel who grandly stepped out from behind her (lead lined) privacy screen.

Kal El opened up his eyes gasped in awe...Supergirl was wearing a small French cut bikini in her trademark blue with their common "S-Shield" device sewn over her jigglesome right breast.

She struck a pose before him with a sarcastic look on her face...Supergirl looked magnificent, she was all womanly curves and bright blonde hair.

The Man of Steel gulped and managed to gasp "Yuh I think you are feeling better!"

"You bet I am!" she rapped as she splashed into the water and settled down with a triumphant smirk.

Superman continued to gape at his cousin's exquisite beauty, the Girl of Steel merely closed her eyes and smiled.

"Now!" she said "When are we going to clean out the Superman Revenge Squad??"

"WE cousin!?" said Superman with astonishment "I'll root them out I need you to guard the Earth while I am gone!"

"The hell with that Cousin!" grated Supergirl "This is personal, they USED me!"

"But Kara be reasonable!" whined Superman.

"Reasonable nothing, if you don't succeed against them they will only come after me, we are better off conducting a joint attack!" rejoined Supergirl.

The Man of Steel merely grumbled Supergirl was used to getting her own way either on looks, charm, or main strength.

Nonetheless, He was determined to leave her behind, it was too dangerous for a girl!

A coquettish expression though crept over Kara's lovely face-she abruptly decided to change her tactics!

Slowly she waded over towards her heroic cousin.

"Is there anything I can say to change your mind?" she said in a soft pleading voice. "Uurrmmmm" was Superman's only reply, he tilted his head up and closed his eyes.

"I guess I need to brush up my oral skills - normally no man can resist them!" giggled the heroine.

Like a submarine, the Girl of Steel suddenly submerged, two tiny hands grasped the waist of Superman's bathing trunks and deftly yanked them down to his ankles.

Kal El's eyes opened and he stared dreamily at the stalagmites in the grotto.

Supergirl, the most powerful female crime fighter the

world had ever seen, knelt down in front of her cousin and matter of factly wrapped her luscious red lips around his semi erect ten inch babymaker.

Superman sighed in contentment.

The Maid of Might took his hardness in his mouth slowly and methodically wrapping her tongue around that legendary penis, teasing the head and humming ever so slightly to stimulate Superman ever further.

"Oohhhhh" groaned Kal El in helpless pleasure...it's been a long while since his last blowjob.

As she ran her tongue over the bulbous head, Superman reflected that it was such a waste to use a mouth like hers for barking insults

"That...is...good" he gasped "Where DID she learn to use her tongue like that??" he wondered.

"Flutter that little tongue of yours right under the head, and get ready to swallow" he muttered.

The Man of Steel's hands by now rested atop Supergirl's head slowing caressing her floating blonde mane.

The great thing about this was, with her super metabolism, Kara could stay underwater all day...pleasuring him.

Alas though, the one thing Supergirl's irresistible blowjob technique couldn't control was the familiar heat was building up behind Superman's huge balls..."Ummmmmm" he sighed.

Supergirl responded by humming through his cock ever more urgently sending ways of pure pleasure up and down Superman's body.

The heat was building now, he couldn't hold back, Supergirl's talented tongue was just coaxing the spunk from him!

Throwing his head back and with a gladsome shout, the Man of Steel came like a Amtrak Metroliner.

For her part, Kara swallowed every drop of his virile ejaculate...she was after all, SuperGIRL!

Superman sprawled in the tub a spent and happy man.

Slowly, for she had no need to breath as ordinary humans do, Supergirl surfaced and paddled over to her cousin, parking her lithesome self right in his lap. With her lush legs demurely crossed and her arms around Superman she presented a pert picture of unstoppable superfemininity.

"Now can I go!??" she smiled.

Superman still sprawled and bowled over by the heroine's expert blow job, muttered "By Rao Yes!!"

The Following Friday:

Cleaning out the Superman Revenge Squad proved a daunting chore for the Super cousins. Supergirl's presence in the expedition proved a vital component of victory, she literally tore their space cruisers and Battlestars to pieces whilst Cousin Superman worked over the Squad's leadership cadres.

In the end they won a hard fought victory, the Squad was sent back to Intergalactic prison where they belonged.

Supergirl was so happy about the results, that she decided right then and there to break in a whole new costume, and give her stodgy older cousin a special fashion preview of the her new ensemble.

"But Kara" reasoned Superman "you've already got a dozen variations on your costume...why do you need another?"

The Man of Steel was now seated on a gilt inlaid chair in what passed for the Fortress' "throne room" a lead lined privacy screen stood in front of him behind which Supergirl dressed...slowly.

"Oh! I give up on you Kal-El," she laughed "You just don't understand women do you?"

"So you are gonna catch criminals in this outfit?" asked the Man of Steel recalling some of his cousin's less practical costumes...including her long formal ball gown.

"Oh...I'll catch something in it all right" said Kara who was just then brushing her luxurious blonde mane.

Superman crossed his legs and looked skeptical; ever since Cousin Supergirl's encounter with the sleep deprivation radiation it was taking her longer and longer to dress!

Finally, the Girl of Steel stepped out from behind the screen and sang out "TA DA!" she smiled hugely.

Superman was aghast and aroused; Supergirl was dressed in what amounted to a super-schoolgirl uniform!

"Well?" The Maid of Might delicately pirouetted, her skirt lifted up just enough to reveal white lace French cut panties.

Indeed she was wearing a blue plaid skirt that ended eight inches above the knee, a light blue blouse and matching weskit with the trademark "S" icon demurely stitched over her right breast, and the crowning touch, a pair of red knee socks and red ballet shoes.

"Y-you look like a SLUT!" gasped Superman.

"I know!" said Supergirl with a wanton wicked look in her eye.

The Action Ace half started out of his chair in stupefaction "A-are you going to wear THAT out to fight crime??" he stammered.

"Why don't you think I look nice?...I just want boys to like me!" pouted the Maid of Might.

In a flash, Superman dragged his sluttily dressed cousin over his knees "I'll show you nice young lady!" he roared.

And with that, the Man of Might, flipped up Supergirl's saucy little plaid skirt and dragged her frivolous lace panties down to her knees imprisoning those shapely legs in a skein of white silk.

"Aw you don't have the GUTS to stop me from wearing this you big Blue Boy Scout!" whined Supergirl who stared at the floor and licked her lips with erotic anticipation!

WHAP! Superman's hand spanked Kara's backside!

"OW!" whined the heroine who smiled in delicious triumph!


Fruitlessly the Maid of Might kicked her legs and even shoved her thumb in her mouth to get all the details right! "MMMmmmmpphhh! You're MEAN" she caterwauled.

WHAP! "OW!" sobbed the Earth's Mightiest Female who ground her hot sopping coochee all over Superman's crotch!


"Owwwww!" wailed the now penitent and sobbing Girl of Steel who carefully eased her left hand down Superman's short and wrapped her delicate fingers around the Man of Steel's ten inch penis.

So now every time Superman spanked Supergirl's red upturned bottom he was rewarded with a friendly jerk of the ole' chain.

"Ohhh!" groaned the hero, his dick was now as hard as a the Washington Monument.

Kara, for her part, kept saucily sucking her thumb whilst expertly rendering an all-time handjob to her superhuman mentor!

The result was a foregone conclusion, Superman came like an express train, he shoved his cousin casually off his lap as the waves of pleasure burst in his brain like fireworks.

"OUCH!" Supergirl landed on her slightly bruised backside thump still firmly in her mouth.

Superman rose to his feet he had a noticeable stain on the front of his shorts and a blissful expression on his face.

"Keep your panties down and go stand in the corner young lady!" he ordered.

Supergirl stood up and fixed Superman with a taunting grin, with blinding speed she kissed him on the cheek and growled "I LOVE IT when you take charge!!"

But she did as she was told.

Meanwhile Superman marched out of the throne room to give his stained costume a quick cleaning via heat vision.

Supergirl for her part, stayed in her corner, sucking her thumb and methodically frigged herself off mentally reliving what should have been a very humiliating spanking from her older cousin.

"R-RAO YES!" she gasped as her fingers massaged her own clit..."That Big Blue Boy scout never fails me!" she exulted as the Maid of Might came like an express train!

The Next Day...

There sat Superman in the seldom used kitchen of the Fortress eating a pan fried steak with mushrooms, baked potato, cream cheese and garden salad-cooked for him by his fretful cousin Supergirl who's decided he "wasn't eating right".

The Maid of Might's idea of proper kitchen attire though, as more than a little offbeat.

She was wearing a short frilly apron, blue as always and with S Icon stretched across her ample bra-lees chest. Supergirl was otherwise, naked neath' her apron, in bare feet and happily parading through one of her cousin's "barefoot and in the kitchen" fantasies.

He'd made a deal with her, she could dress as provocatively as she liked but only in the Fortress, outside the sanctum she had to wear her normal red-jogging shorts and blue blouse outfit or some other "practical" version of her costume.

Supergirl was happy she got to indulge her flair for fashion and in return Cousin Superman got to watch her naked jigglesome ass as she puttered around the kitchen in her tiny sexy super apron.

Finally she sat down and pecked away at her light nutritious salad...try as he might, Superman couldn't convince the Heroine to have some steak, she was "watching her figure".

"Speaking of Watching" thought Kal El, "Kara Darling" he asked sweetly "Could you get me the A-1 sauce like a good girl?"

Supergirl smiled lazily such a nice day they were having in the Fortress, everything was light breezy and it almost like she could hear music and everything.

Slowly she rose and padded over to one of the kitchen cabinets and bent over from the waist to get the sauce of the bottom-most drawer.

Superman got an eyeful to be sure.

Meanwhile Supergirl thought to herself "Why does he store these trivial items in such inaccessible spots? Oh this whole Fortress needs a woman's touch for sure!"

Then again the Following Friday

"Linda bay-bee! Its like you disappear on the weekends we needed to get the re-writes to you and you were like gonzo!" Greg, the head writer on "Secret Hearts" the hit daytime soap was berating his lead actress one Linda Lee Danvers AKA "Supergirl"!

Linda looked out over the Metropolis Skyline from her spacious office in the GBS Building.

"Oh Greg you know what a quick study I am!" she said brightily.

"Well yeah but we couldn't find you that's all whaddya DO all weekend?" he asked helplessly.

"Oh nothing much, save the world, battle Brainiac, corral Eclipso, blow my cousin" thought the disguised heroine who suddenly shook her head violently.

"Sorry Greg I've got this beastly headache can we continue some other time!?" asked Linda who maneuvered Greg right out the door with deft grace.

"Sure baybee...listen lemme buy you dinner sometime..." he offered.

"Oh Greg that sounds fabulous have your girl call my girl" said Linda who all but closed the door in the writer's face.

Alone now, Linda sat down vexed come to think of it, why WAS she blowing Kal El and dressing up like a slut in the Fortress?

"Its as if..." she thought "ever since I recovered from that sleep deprivation virus I've been acting differently".

Slowly the demure actress peeled off her brown wig and unbuttoned her shirt to reveal the red and blue costume of the mighty Supergirl!

"The answer is in the Fortress...somehow my cure DID something to me!" thought the Heroine as she flew out of the window at blinding speed.

Minutes later, the mighty Heroine arrived at the Fortress and used the special aircraft marker key to gain entry. Earlier in the week Superman had let slip he'd be taking some off to work on a safe means to enlarge the Bottled City of Kandor, last remnant of the people of their home planet Krypton.

The oddest feeling stole over the Girl of Steel once she entered the Fortress...her head felt light-wonderfully so...and she could almost hear soft relaxing music playing off far away.

Alone the Maid of Might stood in the huge throne room of the Fortress, almost without thinking she removed a small compact in the pouch of her cape and began fixing her lipstick.

"Oh all that flying in the cold arctic air, it ruins my makeup" she pouted inwardly.

Unconsciously Supergirl was swaying almost in with that odd phantom music.

She was actually powdering her pert little nose when Supergirl realized with a start that she was here on a mission!

"Kal ...he did something to me in the med-lab" thought The Girl of Steel, although at the moment she couldn't really work up any real fury about it.

Replacing the compact (after a last check in the mirror, Kara was as usual looking fine) The Maid of Steel set off for the long corridor to the lab wherein her super-vision revealed Superman was experimenting with Brainiac's shrinking ray.

But before she took ten steps, the heroine was confronted with a horror, a menace worse than any of the god-awful threats she'd bravely faced throughout her heroinely career.

A mouse.

A tiny grey mouse with long whiskers that was crawling about the Atrium like he owned the place.

Supergirl's eyes batted wide in sheer terror "EEEKKKKKK!!!! A MOUSE!!" she squealed.

And with that the Mightiest Girl in the World leapt atop Superman's so-called throne and crouched there, flailing her hands as if to ward off the harmless creature and whimpering in fear.

The mouse for his part, was attracted by the peeping noises emitted by the terrified heroine and crawled closer to the chair.

Oh Supergirl could've flow away but the sight of the tiny rodent had banished all rational thought from her mind.

"S-Stay away from me!" she stammered at the mouse.

The creature merely twitched his whiskers curiously and fixed his beady black eyes on the fearful super heroine.

"Great Rao!" moaned Supergirl "I-it looked right at mee!!" tears stung her eyes her head was spinning, she felt like she was going to faint!

In desperation Supergirl hooked back her long shapely leg and yanked off a red boot. Holding it awkwardly she threw it at the mouse and squealed "SCAT!" in a high sobbing voice.

Alas, the heroine's had trembled and she threw like a girl as well, the boot went well wide of it's mark.

The mouse for its part, went up on two legs and twitched its ears.

Supergirl gasped "Don't come any closer I'm warning you!" she begged.

Bereft of ideas, she hooked her other leg up and pulled her remaining boot off.

The mouse scampered ever closer, which frightened Supergirl so much she dropped her trademark red footgear accidentally.

The mouse sniffed at it cautiously.

Supergirl for her part climbed even higher on the throne and groaned in sheer terror.

"G-get away from meee-eee" she whined " Go away you awful BEAST!!!"

The mouse, thoroughly unfrightened, crawled up to the edge of the chair. The room seemed to spin around Kara there was a roaring now in her head... that awful thing might crawl up to her small bare feet and-and-and!!! The Maid of Might's head swam at the thought!

"S-Superman HELP! SAVE ME!!" begged Supergirl who was openly weeping now.

The Man of Steel for his part was watching this delicious scene from the lab with his x-ray vision. His pretty blonde cousin made a fetching image of feminine fear atop the throne!

Calmly, slowly, deliberately the Man of Steel walked to the Atrium and when he got there affected casual surprise at Supergirl's barefoot discomfiture.

"Cousin?" he asked sweetly "What is wrong?"

Supergirl could point in sheer terror "A M-M-MOUSE!" she squealed and shuddered.

"Oh that little guy?" Superman walked over and scooped up the tiny mouse "He used to be much bigger before I used the shrink ray on him!" Superman floated over to Supergirl, and dangled the mouse by his tail before her astonished teary eyes.

"Buh-Bigger Noooo!!???" stuttered the Heroine she swayed at the news looking all the world like she was going to faint.

Superman backed off slightly "Well its back to the lab for you Hercules" he told the mouse and with that he was gone in an instant.

Supergirl shook her head and climbed partway down from the throne thoroughly disgusted with her self.

She dried her eyes as best she could and sat down defeated and forlorn on the throne.

"Supergirl! Beaten by a mouse!" she said in a mocking tone.

Superman returned a moment later, "Cousin everything all right?" he asked.

"Oh yeah fine..." grumbled an abashed and humiliated Supergirl who slid off the throne and gestured for Superman to take the seat.

"are you sure you are okay?" asked a concerned Man of Steel.

"Yes Kal El" responded the Girl of Steel in a resigned tone "Please sit down though, it'll make me feel better".

She still had her mission to perform, mouse or no mouse!

Superman sat while Kara knelt down before and methodically began peeling down his costume trunks and leggings.

"Hey whats this about?" yelped an astonished Superman.

Exposing his now erect cock, Supergirl paused, licked her lips, said "My HERO!" and brought her lovely lips down to worship her cousin's manhood for what was the third time that week.

That was her mission, give Superman the blow-job of his life €“ why else would she brave a mouse and ruin her make up by flying to the arctic?

And yes, by now, Supergirl was an expert deep throating cocksucker.

Superman relaxed and leaned his head back as Kara's marvelous tongue danced around his turgid penis.

Maybe he shouldn't have implanted all those post hypnotic suggestions in her subconscious back in the medical lab... they were harmless inducements to play the concubine inside the Fortress and nowhere else nothing worse.

"Thanks to a diverse gene pool sex between first cousins was perfectly normal on Krypton" he reflected.

Supergirl working her lips up and down in a slow playful fashion...Kal El sighed with happiness.

"of course here on Earth its frowned upon hence the admonition for her to play the concubine in private" he thought

"Maybe I should deactivate the suggestions" thought Kal El, as his pretty blonde cousin started gently worrying the base of his super dick with her warm soft mouth.

"Mmmmmmm" she hummed sending waves of pleasure up his torso.

Ah but then it was punishment after all, Supergirl had gone and called him a big blue boy scout - he really hated that.

Really really hated that!

The End


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