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missed opportunities in TV and movies

Postby hugob00m » Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:16 am

We've had missed opportunities in comics, and missed opportunities in Humorama so far... so then, how about some missed opportunities in TV and movies?

One that was mentioned in Chross's forum was in a show called Meet Mona McClusckey. The premise of the show was pretty dumb, even for a twelve-year-old boy, which I was at the time the show aired. An actress was married to a soldier and had agreed to live on only his earnings. (I can understand a man wanting his wife to quit her job to be a full-time mother, but to keep her job and not use any of the money she makes? Ridiculous!) But the star was Juliet Prowse, a pretty dancer with long shapely legs, so I watched and enjoyed.

There was an episode in which the wife had secretly spent some of her money to get an expensive household item and told her husband that she had found it on sale cheap. Near the end of the show, she confessed her misdeed and placed herself across her husand's lap for him to spank her. I was so excited seeing her in that position! The husband raised his hand... and... decided not to go through with the spanking! What a disappointment!

I bet Denny Miller, who played the husband was even more frustrated than those of us in the audience, to have Juliet Prowse's cute little derriere right there in front of him and not be allowed to give it even one swat!

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Re: Missed Opportunities in Mona McCluskey

Postby web-ed » Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:55 am

Great topic, b00m! I don't remember this show at all, although I remember similar sitcoms based around women at around the same time like Julia and That Girl. Some quick research turned up Denny Miller's website, where he says he really enjoyed working on the show (so would any of us, if we had a chance to turn Juliet Prowse OTK!), but he doesn't mention the "spanking" scene specifically. [For the benefit of younger readers who may not recognize the name, the athletic Denny Miller was a familiar guest star on many TV series in the 60's and 70's].

And what a great scene that would be to see, even though the producers wimped out on us and didn't go through with the spanking, making themselves look completely gutless in a glorous era (1965) when women still got spanked on TV! I don't believe this series is available on DVD, but it may be archived somewhere, and I'll certainly look for it.
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