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How To Join This Board - PLEASE READ

Postby web-ed » Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:14 pm

I (and the other members) really want to see lots of participation on this board, but due to spambot activity you have to register before you can post. The procedure seems to have confused a lot of people, so I'm going to spell it out here as clearly as I can.

STEP 1: Go to the registration page and register in the ordinary way. If you couldn't read the "captcha," send me an email (see Step 2 below) and I will register you myself. Upon registering, you are an inactive member whose account must be activated by me.

STEP 2: You MUST send me an email letting me know that you're real and not a spambot. I will need your user name (the one you registered with) or your email address to pick you out of the pack. DO NOT DEPEND ON THE AUTOMATED REQUEST SENT TO ME BY THE BOARD - I IGNORE THESE.

Click Here to send me your activation request.

Please do this right after you register. Thursday is my day for activating new members who have sent me an email and deleting those who haven't (since I presume they're the spambots).

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