Archie spanks Veronica while Betty encourages him

characters © AP. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/04/2009.

This eighth entry in our "Riverdale Spankings" series is probably the most unusual because of the way it reverses our expectations regarding these characters. With these three, we would probably expect Betty to be the most submissive, Archie (as the only male) to be the most dominant, and Veronica to be somewhere in-between. Instead, we see that even though Archie is spanking a bound and gagged Veronica, Betty is clearly the one in charge, apparently directing the actions Archie is reluctantly carrying out. Archie here is rendered not in the familiar Dan DeCarlo style, but in the earlier style of creator Bob Montana, who seems to have based these characters on real-life people he knew during his high school days in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Apart from this reversal in hierarchy, there is the more general incongruity in seeing these characters, who epitomize American wholesomeness, engaging in BDSM activities. This incongruity is somewhat heightened by having Archie wearing his clothes from the strip's early days in the 1940's, when it was still drawn by Montana, and indicates the humorous intentions of this cartoon.

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