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Comics Gallery 1

Congolike drawing of Merryman spanking Dumb Bunny

Merryman and Dumb Bunny © DC Comics Inc.

On the left we have the first original superhero spanking work commissioned especially for this site. We wanted something different, something that hadn't been done before, and Congolike obliged us with more than we could have reasonably expected: not one but three drawings of Merryman spanking Dumb Bunny! Click on this one to see the full-size versions and our usual long-winded explanation of who these characters are.

We hope you enjoy our gallery below of independently produced original spanking art (sometimes inadequately called "fan art") featuring characters from comic books and comic strips. The newest additions will be found just below the Special Features Section. In May 2012, we moved spanking art taken from actual comic books and strips to Comics Gallery 2. There are still a few items in the "wrong" gallery, but going forward, that will be the difference between the two galleries. Note that this does not apply to the Special Features Section, which contains both original and "fan" art.

If you are looking for a particular spanking that came from an actual comic book or strip, it would probably be fastest to go to the Comic Spanking Data Base search page since all such spankings will be found there. After entering your search criteria (e.g. "Batman"), the result table will indicate whether the spanking can be found in this website, and if so, will provide a direct link. Alternatively, you can search the thumbnails in Comics Gallery 2, but remember: not everything in the DB is in the gallery (e.g. child spankings) even though everything in the gallery is in the DB. As we mentioned, independently produced work and special features will be found in this gallery, but are not in the Data Base.

For a more general search, you can use the Google Search function on the Home Page. This will turn up everything related to the search term in any CSR gallery as well as the Discussion Forum.

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Special Features
supergirl looking abashed lois lane in spanking position batman spanking poison ivy over the knee saturn girl bends over
Supergirl Spanking Search Lois Lane Spanking Letters Invidia's Superhero Spanking Month Spankable Superheroines
arkham-insanity's icon from anime otk cc's icon from anime otk jenna's layout with loki and sif spanka's avatar from anime otk
Interview with Arkham-Insanity Interview with Cc Interview with Jenna Interview with SP Anka
comics code circular skygirl by matt baker suzie about to get butted avoiding domestic discipline
Effects of the Comics Code on Spanking, Parts 1-4 Skygirl Bends Over Suzie Does Likewise Avoiding Domestic Discipline #1-16

wonder woman spanks raven raven bends over for batpaddle raven spanks redraven
Wonder Woman Spanks Raven Raven Gets the Bat-Paddle! Raven Spanks Red Raven Reserved for Teen Titans
falcon spanks nightshade mj spanks spider-girl power girl spanks ms. marvel
Falcon Spanks Nightshade MJ Spanks Spider-Girl Power Girl Spanks Ms. Marvel Thor Spanks Storm
green lantern spanks star sapphire tim's romance comic parody saturn girl spanks dream girl cheetah spanks mary marvel
Green Lantern Spanks Star Sapphire Fantasies are Made from This Saturn Girl Spanks Dream Girl Cheetah Spanks Mary Marvel
tarzan spanks lara croft mummy spanks lara croft mummy spanks lara croft Reserved for more Lara Croft
Tarzan Spanks Lara Croft Lara's Raid Goes Wrong! Mummy Spanks Lara Croft Reserved for more Lara Croft
she-hulk spanks hakufu sonsaku hulk spanks she-hulk invisible girl spanks crystal rhino spanks spider-woman
She-Hulk/Hakufu Sonsaku Hulk Spanks She-Hulk Invisible Girl Spanks Crystal Rhino Spanks Spider-Woman
elvira spanks lara croft vampirella spanks lady death razer spanks aya invisible girl & wasp spanked
Elvira Spanks Lara Croft Vampirella Spanks Lady Death Razer Spanks Dark Aya Invisible Girl & Wasp Spanked
black widow spanked hawkeye spanks mockingbird taskmaster spanks lady deadpool she-hulk spanks wasp ms marvel
Black Widow Spanked Hawkeye Spanks Mockingbird Taskmaster Spanks Lady Deadpool She-Hulk Spanks Wasp & Ms. Marvel
superman supergirl juggle spanking
Superman & Supergirl Juggle Spanking
superman spanks lois lane alley oop spanks ooola bianca spanked wonder woman spanks supergirl
Superman Spanks Lois #2 Alley Oop Spanks Oola Time-Travelling Thieves Wonder Woman Spanks Supergirl #6
spirit spanks wonder woman phantom spanks wonder woman cheetah spanks wonder woman spirit spanks wonder woman
Spirit Spanks Wonder Woman Phantom Spanks Wonder Woman Cheetah Flogs Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Spanks Wonder Woman
wonder woman spanks phantom lady naughty wonder woman with red bottom power girl spanks wonder woman joker spanks wonder woman
Wonder Woman Spanks Phantom Lady Naughty Wonder Woman! Power Girl Spanks Wonder Woman Joker Spanks Wonder Woman
superman spanks wonder woman hippolyta spanks wonder woman girl spanks wonder woman cheetah spanks wonder woman
Superman/Wonder Woman #6 Hippolyta/Wonder Woman #2 Girl Spanks Wonder Woman Cheetah Spanks Wonder Woman #3
superman spanks wonder woman superman spanks wonder woman superman spanks wonder woman superman spanks wonder woman
Superman/Wonder Woman #2 Superman/Wonder Woman #3 Superman/Wonder Woman #4 Superman/Wonder Woman #5
octavia spanks she-ra queen marlene spanks adora she-ra spanks scorpia she-ra spanks wonder woman
Octavia Spanks She-Ra Queen Marlena/Princess Adora (She-Ra) She-Ra Spanks Scorpia She-Ra Paddles Wonder Woman!
wonder girl bends over displaying red bottom wonder girl paddled by supergirl and mary marvel wonder girl spanked by wonder woman wonder girl spanked by wonder woman
Wonder Girl Bends Over Supergirl & Mary Marvel Paddle Wonder Girl Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl #3 Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl #4
wonder girl spanked by wonder woman wonder girl spanked by wonder woman wonder girl spanked by wonder woman endart wonder woman spanks batgirl
Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl #5 Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl #6 Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl #7 Wonder Woman/Batgirl #1
batman spanks catwoman captain britain spanks robin batman spanks batgirl joker spanks batgirl
Batman/Catwoman #7 Captain Britain Spanks Robin Batman Spanks Batgirl #5 Joker Spanks Batgirl #4
joker spanks batgirl with paddle Reserved for Joker spanks Batgirl #6 ivy spanks harley jmkoto poison ivy spanks harley quinn
Joker Spanks Batgirl #5 Joker Spanks Batgirl #6 Ivy Spanks Harley #2 Ivy Spanks Harley #3
poison ivy paddles harley quinn batgirl spanks harley quinn batgirl spanks harley quinn
Ivy Spanks Harley #4 Batgirl Spanks Heavy Harley Batgirl Spanks Harley #3 Batgirl Spanks Harley #4
harley quinn spanks poison ivy batwoman spanks harley quinn batman spanks poison ivy batgirl spanks catwoman
Harley Spanks Ivy Batwoman Spanks Harley Batman Spanks Ivy Batgirl Spanks Catwoman
joker spanks harley otk mr jer joker spanks harley otk mr jer joker spanks harley otk mr jer harley's fanny on fire
Joker/Harley #5 Joker/Harley #6 Joker/Harley #7 Joker/Harley #8
power girl spanks terra power girl spanks stargirl power girl spanks stargirl bare bottom terra whacks power girl
Power Girl Spanks Terra Power Girl Spanks Stargirl And Again - This Time on the Bare! Terra Turns the Tables
superman spanks power girl superman spanks power girl superman spanks supergirl superman spanks supergirl
Superman/Power Girl #1 Superman/Power Girl #2 Superman/Supergirl #5 Superman/Supergirl #6
superman spanks supergirl nanny spanks supergirl wonder woman spanks supergirl zani spanks supergirl batgirl
Superman/Supergirl #7 Nanny Spanks Supergirl! WW/Supergirl #5 Capt. Zani Spanks Supergirl & Batgirl
spider-man spanks black cat spider-woman spanks spider-girl black widow spanks spider-woman green goblin spanks
Spider-Man Spanks Black Cat Spider-Woman Spanks Spider-Girls Black Widow Spanks Spider-Woman Green Goblin Spanks Mary Jane
harley quinn spanks black canary gorilla grodd spanks huntress and black canary batman spanks harley quinn vampirella spanks batgirl
Harley Quinn Spanks Black Canary Grodd Spanks Huntress and Black Canary Batman Spanks Harley Quinn Vampirella Spanks Batgirl #2
black adam spanks mary marvel captain woodshed spanks superman spanks lois by tim jerry lewis spanks vampirella
Black Adam Spanks Mary Marvel Captain Woodshed Spanks O. T. Katie! Superman Spanks Lois Lane Jerry Lewis Spanks Vampirella!
ivy takes harley quinn otk harley quinn spanks batgirl batgirl spanks harley quinn nana harley spanks dee-dee twins
Ivy Spanks Harley - with Paddle! Harley Quinn Spanks Batgirl Batgirl Returns the Favor Nana Harley Spanks Dee-Dee Twins
catwoman spanks poison ivy harley quinn paddled by joker joker takes harley quinn otk joker spanks harley quinn
Catwoman Spanks Poison Ivy Harley Quinn Paddled by Joker Joker Takes Harley OTK Joker Spanks Harley
bane spanks scandal batman spanks catwoman zula batman spanks catwoman old costume batman spanks catwoman by tim
Bane Spanks Scandal Batman Spanks Catwoman #4 Batman Spanks Catwoman #5 Batman Spanks Catwoman #6
enchantress spanks valkyrie hawkeye spanks scarlet witch miss america spanks namora superhero spanking parody
Enchantress Spanks Valkyrie Hawkeye Spanks Scarlet Witch Miss America Spanks Namora Somewhere a Superhero Spanks
spanking from x-men darkholme spanks jean and kitty storm spanks shadowcat (kitty) wolverine spanks storm
X-Men Spanking X-Men Jean & Kitty Paddled X-Men Storm Spanks Shadowcat Wolverine Spanks Storm (1)
wolverine spanks storm wolverine spanks rogue jean spanks storm pepper spanks black widow by congolike
Wolverine Spanks Storm (2) Wolverine Spanks Rogue Jean Spanks Storm Pepper Spanks Black Widow
jean grey spanks emma frost storm spanks rogue congolike white queen spanks rogue storm spanks white queen
Jean Grey Spanks Emma Frost Storm Spanks Rogue White Queen Spanks Rogue Storm Spanks White Queen
black cat has been spanked by spider-man spider-man spanks MJ on the ceiling sable spanks black cat MJ spanks Spider-Girl
Black Cat Spanked Spidey Spanks Upside-Down! Black Cat Spanked Again MJ Spanks Spider-Girl
MJ and Gwen spanked by Spider-Man removed spider-man spanks mary jane spider-man spanks mary jane
Sting of the Spider-paddle! Spidey Finds a New Use for his Webbing Spider-Man/Mary Jane 1 Spider-Man/Mary Jane 2
wonder_woman spanks sue storm prof x spanks mystique wolverine spanks mystique storm ororo spanks mystique
Wonder Woman Spanks Sue Storm Professor X Spanks Mystique Wolverine Spanks Mystique Storm Spanks Mystique
removed removed storm gets the metal paddle kurt spanks kitty
Mystique takes the belt to Rogue Jean Grey spanks Phoenix Storm feels the paddle Kurt spanks Kitty
removed batgirl gives supergirl a hard paddle-swat krypto pulls down supergirl's shorts wonder woman spanks supergirl
Wonder Woman Wallops Supergirl Batgirl Paddles Supergirl! Krypto Reveals Supergirl's Spanking Wonder Woman Spanks Supergirl
superman spanks supergirl nik zula spanked supergirl by spanka supergirl spanks power girl wonder woman spanks supergirl
Superman Spanks Supergirl Spanked Supergirl Supergirl Spanks Power Girl Wonder Woman Spanks Supergirl
wonder woman spanks supergirl supergirl spanks supergirl superman spanks supergirl by dave wolfe power girl spanks supergirl by el manto negro
Wonder Woman/Supergirl Supergirl Spanks Supergirl Superman Spanks Supergirl Power Girl Spanks Supergirl
the emerald empress spanks supergirl lex luthor spanks supergirl Mary Marvel spanks supergirl Supergirl spanks Mary Marvel
Emerald Empress Spanks Supergirl Lex Luthor Spanks Supergirl Mary Marvel Spanks Supergirl Supergirl Spanks Mary Marvel!
wonder woman spanks supergirl power girls spanks supergirl superman spanks supergirl superman spanks supergirl (again)
Supergirl Spanked by Wonder Woman By Powergirl By Superman By Superman (again)
batman spanks harley quinn batman spanks catwoman batman spanks catwoman batman spanks catwoman
Batman Spanks Harley Quinn Batman Spanks Catwoman Batman Spanks Catwoman 2 Batman Spanks Catwoman 3
batgirl spanks robin removed batman spanks batgirl zula robin spanks batgirl
Batgirl Spanks Robin Catwoman Spanks Batgirl Batman Spanks Batgirl Robin Spanks Batgirl
batgirl spanks wonder woman batgirl spanks wonder woman batgirl spanks unknown woman batgirl spanked by catwoman
Batgirl Cracks the whip Batgirl Rides again Batgirl Spanks mystery woman Batgirl Spanked By Catwoman
batgirl spanked by robin Batgirl spanked by Vampirella Batgirl paddled by Harley Quinn removed
Batgirl assumes the position Batgirl spanked by Vampirella! Batgirl paddled by Harley Quinn Batgirl spanked by Papa Joker
Joker applies riding crop to Batgirl Batgirl spanked by Joker joker spanks harley otk harley whips batgirl's bottom
Batgirl gets the Riding Crop Batgirl spanked by Joker - again! Joker spanks Harley Quinn Harley Whups Batgirl
removed removed removed removed
Batgirl In Trouble #1 Batgirl In Trouble #2 Batgirl In Trouble #3 Batgirl In Trouble #4
removed removed supergirl spanks batgirl batman paddles batgirl by rafaele marinetti
Batgirl In Trouble #5 Batwoman Spanks Two Batgirls Supergirl Spanks Batgirl! Batman Swats Batgirl
wonder woman spanks another girl wonder woman spanks another girl wonder woman spanks poison ivy supergirl spanks wonder woman
Wonder Woman Spanks Cheetah Spanks Wonder Woman WW Spanks Poison Ivy Supergirl Spanks Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman paddled by the Cheetah a spanked wonder woman protests no fair! wonder woman spanked by animated hand wonder woman spanked with a paddle by hawkgirl
Wonder Woman Paddled by Cheetah Wonder Woman Protests WW Gets an Animated Hand Hawkgirl Spanks Wonder Woman
wonder woman quickspank animation zimmerman wonder woman paddling animation removed removed
WW Spanked Instantly WW Paddled Hard! WW Spanked By Mother WW Spanks Wonder Girl
removed removed wonder woman after spanking wonder woman spanked by superman
Storm Spanks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Spanks Wonder Girl Wonder Woman post-spanking Wonder Woman spanked by Superman!
tombraider spanked tarzan spanks jane Conan Spanks Red Sonja with a Red Bottom provided by Doctor Cylon
A Spanked Little Tomb Raider Tarzan Spanks Jane Conan Spanks #1 Red Sonja, Red Bottom
triplicate_girl_spanked teen titans martian spanking teen titans kid flash spanking teen titans paddling duela
Triplicate Girl Spanked 3 Times! Manhunter Spanks Miss (Martian) Kid Flash Spanks Jinx Teen Titans Spank Duela
catwoman after spanking batman beyond spanking teen titans raven spanked teen titans starfire spanked
Catwoman After Spanking Batman Beyond Spanking Teen Titans Raven Spanked Teen Titans Starfire Spanked
removed removed supergirl spanks unknown girl supergirl and batgirl spank catwoman
Zatanna Gets It from the Scarlet Witch DC Versus Marvel #102 Supergirl by Metric Pete Supergirl & Batgirl Spank Catwoman
popeye spanks olive superman spanks 5 bad girls cheerleader spanking cover unknown superheroine spanking
Popeye Spanks Olive Superman Gets Around Cheerleader Spanking Stories Unknown Villainess Spanked
Dagwood spanks Blondie Dagwood spanks Blondie Dagwood spanks Blondie Archie spanks Betty
Dagwood spanks Blondie #1 Dagwood spanks Blondie #2 Dagwood spanks Blondie #3 Archie Spanks Betty
Mr. Lodge spanks Veronica Miss Grundy paddles Betty veronica spanks betty by joe gravel Veronica paddles Betty
Mr. Lodge spanks Veronica again! Miss Grundy Paddles Betty Veronica Spanks Betty Veronica Paddles Betty!
removed Archie spanks Veronica as Betty encourages him Archie spanks a miscounting Betty Archie spanks Veronica and makes her say thank you
Mr. Weatherby Paddles Betty and Veronica! Archie Spanks Veronica Betty Counts the Spanks Veronica Gives Thanks

F/M Section

wonder woman spanks nerdy humorist Wonder Woman spanks Deadshot
Wonder Woman Spanks Joe Matt (F/M) Wonder Woman Spanks Deadshot (F/M)

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