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Batgirl Hits Bottom #7

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Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) plays a large role (ahem!) in this seventh entry in our series "Batgirl Hits Bottom." This example of CGI was inspired by a humorous Dave Wolfe cartoon of the Flash spanking Batgirl "by mistake", pretending to think she was "Bad girl" instead of "Batgirl." The Wolfe cartoon is not reproduced here, but you can find it at Chross' Forum).

batgirl paddled by harley

Batgirl and Harley Quinn are © DC Comics Inc. Art by The Blind Bat. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/11/2009

batgirl paddled by harley with web-ed's text added

As rewritten by the Web-Ed

Given her apparent willingness to voluntarily "assume the position," and considering the size of that paddle Harley Quinn is wielding, Batgirl might have been on firmer ground had her protest been "Harley! My butt's not that big!" For those who don't recognize her, Harley Quinn was originally created for the excellent cartoon, Batman The Animated Series in 1992, and later moved into the comic books. She is on the wrong side of the law, not to mention the wrong side of the paddle, from Batgirl's point of view. Actually, it's hard to see Harley as anything but a submissive (a subject about which we'll have more to say in the next entry), so a Harley/Batgirl paddling is almost like a comedy team with two straight men - er, women. Maybe they agreed to trade swats as a kind of mutual assertiveness training. Maybe Batgirl lost a bet. Maybe we've spent way too much time thinking about this.

We certainly like the central thrust of this work, but we would be remiss in our duty to promote spanking best practices were we not to point out a few things for the benefit of those who would like to use a paddle in real life:

- Batgirl is here positioned somewhere in between hands-on-knees and holding ankles, which is fine as they are both excellent positions, especially with a costume like hers that stretches tight over the target area, but the knees must be kept straight. Bent as they are here, you can see that BG's hips are angled downwards, making it extremely difficult for Harley to apply the paddle squarely without alignment problems. (For more about correct positioning, see the CSR articles General Spanking Information and How To Paddle).

- The paddle is round, and so large it almost looks like somebody borrowed a dining-room table and stuck a handle on it. Could Harley even lift something that size? And if she could - poor Batgirl! (And this time we're not talking about making her feel self-conscious about the size of her butt). Oval or rectangular paddles are best, for the simple reason that they best fit the contours of the derriere. A round paddle invariably has too much height in proportion to its width. (For more about paddles, see the article All About Paddles).

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