Batgirl standing in front of blackboard after being spanked

Young super-heroes and heroines, before they're ready to catch dastardly criminals on their own, must first learn their craft by serving an apprenticeship with an older, established costumed hero. Both classroom instruction and on-the-job training are required, and as with any type of schooling, discipline must be maintained. In this fourth entry in our "Batgirl in Trouble" series, Batgirl finds out what happens when your instructor is Batman and you forget to behave with proper decorum: you're made to write "I will behave like a proper little superhero" on the blackboard 100 times and given a good paddling!

Once again, [redacted] demonstrates why he is the master of the super-hero spanking. Apart from the evident drawing skill, look at the clever and humorous details: the lines on the board, alongside which we see [redacted]'s signature; the paddle hanging on the wall, ready for use; and a caricature of Batman himself, drawn by Batgirl in a fit of childish rebellion (and which is going to earn her another 50 swats, if we know Batman!).

We think we first spotted this one years ago on The Spanking Blog (try the direct link here ), so a tip of the hat to Spank Boss.

Batgirl is © DC Comics INC. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/06/2008
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