Batgirl spanked by Batman

For some time we had been searching for an artist to do another commission for CSR. We looked over the work of dozens of artists, seeking someone who both accepts commission work (not all artists do) and who was comfortable with superhero spanking. We found the art of Rafaele Marinetti on his blog here, loved it, and asked him to do this commission for us.

We're very pleased with the result: Batgirl is nicely positioned for the application of the Dark Knight's Bat-Paddle, on her toes with her back arched, and will surely be the better for it afterwards. Marinetti's coloring is always distinctive, usually bright, but here he employs darker tones more consistent with these characters.

We're going to have to give up being a patron of the arts for a while until the economy improves, but we hope to be able to commission some further drawings from Raf in the future.

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