Batgirl takes a hard swat for flashing

We come at last to the fifth and final entry in our "Batgirl in Trouble" series. This is the first time we have featured an animation in this gallery. What's going on is easy enough to understand: Batgirl, who is not wearing anything underneath her costume, "accidentally" lifts her skirt, flashing the unsuspecting residents of Gotham City! She thinks it's a great joke: "Whoopsie! Ha-Haaaa!" Fortunately, there is a public-spirited citizen nearby, concerned enough with community moral standards to quickly apply a paddle to the bottom Batgirl so unwisely bared: Kee-rack! Her bottom reddening, Batgirl quickly changes her tune: "Wahaaaaa!" No doubt she'll think twice before pulling a stunt like this again.

The original drawing appears to be the work of [redacted], although his signature is lacking, but we have no idea whom to credit with the imaginative and satisfying animation. We can only say, "Good work, men!" [Note: we recently learned (Feb. 2009) the animation was an early effort of Doctor Cylon. We will be posting more of his work in the future. ]

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