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dagwood spanking blondie

Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/25/2010.

The most obvious spanking pairing from Blondie would be Dagwood spanking Blondie. This may never have happened in the strip, but we have three examples of artists who couldn't resist the temptation of rendering this scene in Chic Young's distinct style. Unfortunately we don't know which artist to credit with this dead-on impression of Young's drawing. The hairbrush is a nice touch, and we like Dagwood's implication that this performance will be repeated if necessary.

Jan. 2011 update: We now know the artist is b00m, of O.T. Katie fame (and if you've never seen Katie, take a look at some of the samples b00m has posted on the Comics Forum). Brushing aside his authorship, here is what he had to say about it:

"The important thing is 'how'. In order to make it look as much like an original Blondie comic as possible, I scanned the characters from a newspaper. Then I did some "copy and paste" on the computer, keeping as many of the original penstrokes as I could, especially on the heads of the characters. Of course, in the O.T.K. panel, I had to redraw the torsos of the charaters to put them in that position. I also shortened Blondie's skirt in all the panels. After I finished the composite, done in two-color, I then made the blacks a little lighter and the white a little darker and slightly grainy, so that it would look like a scan again."

So there you have the technical details on how b00m pulled this one off - a lot of effort, but well worth it in our view.

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