removed Batgirl and Catwoman © DC Comics, Inc.

Fans of DC Heroine-spanking who grew up in the 60's or 70's would probably rank the characters in this order of spankability: (1) Wonder Woman; (2) Supergirl; (3) Batgirl. This seems to be reflected in the relative quantities of spanking drawings involving each character that we have been able to find. But there's nothing wrong with coming in 3rd, as [redacted] makes clear in this piece, which rounds out our Batgirl spanking collection and features Catwoman doing the honors. Although Catwoman never used a hairbrush in the comics (seen here on the bed behind her), she did carry a cat o'nine tails, which was a logical kind of accessory, but which also made her the kinkiest super-villainess around!

Speaking of kinkiness, Marvel couldn't hope to compete with DC in this regard - try to imagine any two of their female characters in this picture (Hela and the Black Widow?) - and it just doesn't work! Although someone really should have given the haughty Scarlet Witch a scarlet bottom.

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