superman spanks supergirl Well, well, what have we here? Yes, it's DC vs Marvel #102 (#101 was Storm spanking Wonder Woman - see it elsewhere in the Comics Gallery). After Wonder Woman has applied the hairbrush (look closely - there it is just under WW's right hand), Supergirl stamps Phoenix with the DC Seal of Approval right where it will do the most good. Now that's what we call corporate rivalry - imprinting your corporate logo on the other side's fanny! Of course, the effect is somewhat assymetrical - the one on the right really needs something on the left cheek to balance it out. It looks like Supergirl is planning to swat Phoenix again, this time on the left side, or maybe Wonder Woman (with her government contacts) is going to borrow the "USDA Choice" symbol from the Agriculture Dept. and stamp it on there in bright purple ink.

We love the facial expressions here: Phoenix's dismay, Supergirl's fun-loving joy, and Wonder Woman's wicked grin - she just lives for this kind of moment!

But girls - you know it isn't very sporting for the two of you to gang up on poor Phoenix that way. For violating the rules of superheroine sportsmanship, I'm afraid you will have to be punished. (Can anyone here guess how?)

payback time - phoenix gets to swat supergirl and wonder woman You guessed! Now the tables are turned, and this time it's Phoenix who has turned Supergirl's and WW's behinds into walking billboards for their rival company - Marvel. She looks pretty satisfied about it too, while Supergirl and Wonder Woman seem rather chastened by the experience. Superheroines giving each other paddle swats - sweet! The only thing better would be Wonder Woman getting paddled by the entire Justice League.

Benchmark quality from [redacted] - our hero!

Wonder Woman and Supergirl are © DC Comics Inc.; Phoenix is © Marvel Comics Inc.
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