supergirl spanks mary marvel

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In almost all the spanking drawings we've seen involving Supergirl, she is on the receiving end (suits us just fine), but we do have several examples where she shows she can give as well as get. Here she turns the tables on Mary Marvel, although we wonder how she can still sit down after Mary spanked the daylights out of her in our previous selection. Supergirl applies one swat after another every time Mary tries to say her magic word, "Shazam", making it come out "Sha-ouch! Sha-ouch! Sha-ouch!". Supergirl seems to be really enjoying herself as she lays on the swats with gusto: "Magic words won't help, Mary! You're getting a super-spanking!" (Side note: what exactly is a "super-spanking"? Super-hard? Super-fast? As we will see, this term surfaces again later). Nice drawing by Adam Walters.

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