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The Black Widow and Pepper Potts Spank Each Other

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pepper spanks the black widow

Art by Congolike. Characters © Marvel Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/29/2011.

We enter a new phase of Super-Spanking Summer now as we turn to some recent works by Congolike, who has graciously given us permission to reprint them here, and who did the centerpiece for the index page of this gallery. First we have The Black Widow and Pepper Potts, two characters involved in Iron Man/Avengers stories back in the 60's comic books. We missed the Iron Man film (2008) but understand they used Pepper as a character, which may have inspired this commission even though Black Widow did not appear in the film. This is the second BW spanking at CSR, the first being administered by Daredevil.

the black widow spanks pepper

Characters © Marvel Comics Inc.

In viewing this animation, the first thing that strikes us is that Pepper's sure got one hell of a spanking arm! Black Widow's beautiful bottom reddens quickly and deeply beneath about two dozen extremely rapid strokes of the ruler. But turnabout is fair play, and soon it's Black Widow taking the belt to Pepper's posterior! In comparing these two, we'd have to say BW's got the better butt while Pepper has the peppier arm, despite not being a superheroine.

Congolike shows us that he knows how to combine a shapely bottom, vigorous strokes, vivid coloring, and an uncanny ability to find suitable real-life backgrounds for his characters into one satisfying spanking animation.

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