popeye spanking his girlfriend olive Popeye the Sailor became known to many of us through the cartoon medium, but in fact made his first appearance in the Thimble Theatre comic strip almost exactly eighty years ago on January 17, 1929. Created by Elzie (E.C.) Segar, Thimble Theatre had already been around for years, featuring a character named Ham Gravy and his girlfriend Olive Oyl. Popeye was brought into the strip in what was intended to be a temporary supporting role, but became so popular with the readers that he took over the lead and replaced Ham Gravy in Olive's heart. Perhaps to remind Olive that he himself isn't about to be replaced as easily as Ham was, Popeye gives her a good, spinach-powered spanking here.

We can't remember where we found this one, so its date, origin, and artist are unknown.

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posted on 01/23/2009

popeye and his cast of characters
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