scarlet witch spanks zatanna (Removed) For the second entry in our our latest series, we present DC vs Marvel #103 - the Scarlet Witch spanks Zatanna! As we mentioned recently here , we always regarded Zatanna as highly spankable, but none of her comic-book appearances obliged us with a spanking panel, and there have been relatively few drawings featuring her on the net. This one by [redacted] is the best we've seen, with Marvel's Scarlet Witch doing the honors, and apparently for good cause: "Shame on you, Zatanna! This is what happens to bad magicians that 'Mindwipe' people!" Having one "magical" character spanking another was a good idea, and [redacted] builds on it by adding his characteristic special touches, such as the bunny rabbit fresh from Zatanna's hat who contemplates the scene with bemused interest.

We've used the term "spankable" a couple of times without really explaining what it means. To us, it denotes someone likely to display those uniquely feminine reactions to being spanked (obvious embarassment, yelping, wriggling, and general carrying-on). In other words, it's what makes spanking girls so fun! We also said once that the Scarlet Witch deserved a scarlet bottom herself. In her case, though, it's not because of spankability, but because she was always a bit stuck up and hard to deal with (more than a few wags have dubbed her "The Scarlet Bitch"). If we ever manage to track [redacted] down, maybe we'll try to commission a work with the roles seen here reversed, although what we'd really like to see is either of these two spanked by a male character.

Scarlet Witch is © Marvel Comics Inc; Zatanna is © DC Comics Inc

(Better-quality scan provided by Doctor Cylon July 2009)

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