Spider-Man spanks Mary Jane (Web of Spank by Oscar Lozano)

Web of Spank by Oscar Lozano. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/27/2009

For the second entry in our Spider-Spanking series, we have Spider-Man spanking Mary Jane - upside-down! Standing on the ceiling is no trouble for Spidey, but don't try this position at home - it leaves marks (on the ceiling, that is), and it takes a great deal of webbing to hold your girlfriend up there. The artist of this interestingly-composed work is unknown.

03/03/2010 Update: Artist revealed! It's Oscar Lozano of Mexico, whose best-known work in this country is probably Mari (available on the Artastic Forum), which features some very cute spankings of the angelic Mari. The style is so different from "Web of Spank" we didn't recognize it. Oscar also has a folder over at AOTK with a considerable quantity of his work, which often features cute characters, religious themes, and paddles! As a matter of fact, "Web of Spank" is out there too, but we somehow missed it (having already found it elsewhere on the web).

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