Silver Sable spanking the Black Cat

posted by the Web-Ed on 08/12/2009

The third entry in our Spider-Spanking series features two of Spidey's supporting cast, with Silver Sable spanking the Black Cat. "This is what happens to bad little thieves who rob my embassy!" F/F spanking doesn't get any cuter or sexier than this!

This work was commissioned by someone we'll call "Mysterio" from a very capable artist known as "bbmbbf" over at Palcomix . We've known about "bbmbbf" and Palcomix, which has a spanking thread but is not an exclusively spanking-themed site, for a long time, but have not reprinted any of their art until now. Thanks to Mysterio for granting us permission to reprint this work and the one which follows (here).

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